Out in the field, farmers grew bread….

Now THAT is a Prompt for me. Ivy the Jukebox. 

I have a song in my head all day every day. This was the song I was singing yesterday all day, I have a clue why is that. 😀

I drove a tractor yesterday. Yes, you read it. My life now got a fuller meaning. I also don’t have a drivers license. Just to give you the full perspective of how did the whole thing look. That considered, the opening line is perfect for yesterday and today, since I’m still at rural area near the capital. And I’m writing a post. So much dedication from this blogger. 😉

I still don’t know if I should grace you with a photo of me on a tractor hahahaha, but I think I might regret posting that one. 😀

Enjoy in your life and you never know when great stuff will happen! (fyi; driving a tractor was my wish for over a year hahaha)

p.s. The song is from Kelly Family, my beloved band from when I was 12-13 years-old. ❤

24 thoughts on “Out in the field, farmers grew bread….

  1. Accidentally, the Kellys were my favourite band when I was a young teenager too! Sadly, all their songs that I have are on cassette tapes and I have no more a cassette player to play them. Congrats on driving a tractor (I’d love to try that one too!) and thanks for bringing back the music memories 😀

    1. Heheheh The Kelly Family were a big thing… I wrote about them awhile ago in a Prompt about Teenage Idol, Paddy Kelly was my sweetie 😀 ❤
      I have their CD, unbelievable it survived… I had the cassette with this song particularity but I think it got lost during time…

      Thank you thank you! 🙂 *bows* It maybe sounds silly but I really laughed so hard while riding on it going 20km/h, slower than on bike… I had a blast 😀

      1. Ahhhh.. Paddy and his hair 😀
        I have admitted to my bf that I still somewhere have a photo of me holding the box on which the photo of Paddy was and posing for the camera looking gently and in love at Paddy XD
        I was 12 😀

      2. Hahahaa awesome! I was at their concert too! It was my first one 😀
        They probably had a tour all over Europe…
        I do not have photos from that 😦 But I do remember the level of excitement haha 😀

  2. Thanks for posting the video, it brought back those great old memories of my childhood 😀 I’m listening to “An Angel” right now, can’t believe I was 9 when it came out, I feel so old! Very jealous about the tractor. I’ve always wanted to drive one, I think my license even allows it. But no tractor to drive in Dublin city! 😉

    1. You are welcome, I am so glad so many people remembers them and loved them 😀
      Uh… I will have to search that one, isn’t the name of the one of the singers Angel?

      Hahahaha, I can’t believe other people also have that in their “wishes”. 😀 You should go a bit outside of it, like I did. away from city, more tractors appear XD
      I wanted to ride in a carriage also, that happened sort of 2 years ago when I rode with my bf on a old-fashioned wagon with horses. But I still want to ride in a real carriage, it is awesome to me. And I also want to learn how to ride a horse… True city girl here! 😉

      1. Yep, it’s Angelo Kelly. I googled him and seriously, he looks so old and kind of fat. I would have never thought that because he was such a cute little child in that video of “An Angel”! Have a look for Paddy Kelly though, what a hunk since he’s shaved off his hair 😀
        At the moment I’m quite happy in the city but give me another few years and I’ll be riding that tractor!! I’m already yearning for a big garden where I can grow fruit and veg, perhaps have chickens.. and riding a horse is one of my dreams, too! But I don’t want to actually have horses.. too lazy to clean :p

      2. For real?? I have to Google them 😀
        I think I saw Paddy, he has a song from few years ago, he is yumm! 😉
        Hahahahaha, uh, city life exhausted me… On the public transport, off, wait, wait some more, again public transport, crowd, noise… Baaah… I do not like it, sometimes I had to do a route home-city-home three times a day! I went to school and college and work when I was working and now I am searching for a different lifestyle because the city hype does not make me happy… at all. It makes me miserable.
        Uh, I would love to have my garden, nothing to big, I would probably grow just flowers, maybe tomatoes since they are my favorite… And about horses… I have found a place near by me, and I didn’t mind the smell or nothing.. I don’t think cleaning them and after them would be a huge trouble for me, but I guess we’re gonna find out that. 😀 About having a horse, you know how expensive they are? Super expensive! If I had the money for horse I would instead buy a house and a car….

      3. oh yeah i can imagine the vet bills must be super high, too! so no horse for me. i’d rather have a motorbike or something 😉 i know what you mean with city life being exhausting.. i hardly party these days and i’m craving a more rural life but then I don’t want to give up all the city amenities like hundreds of restaurants or pubs to choose from. i’d miss that and the fact that i walk 5 minutes down the street and have everything at my door step including large super markets. but give me another 5 years and i’m there 😉 plus the rents are loads cheaper and it’s quiet. i hate noise and my neighbours make a lot of that sometimes! 😦

      4. yeah… I am not a fan of noise and crowds definitely! That is why is best to combine… I have large malls here and the nature at my bf house… But, I am also not a fan of large malls XD I like to go shopping at the last hour when there is no people… And I don’t like eating in restaurants hehe… It’s too expensive here and I don’t like people staring at me while I eat… I guess I imagine that, but sometimes I am not imagining!

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      1. Ahhahahaah noooooooo, that photo is for family eyes only 😀
        you see, maybe these type of comments are the reason you end up in spam folder! 😛

      2. Okay.

        Heck ! Do you think that that’s the reason. I may have to put my holier than thou comments into practice ! 😉

        Bless you, my daughter 😉

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