Bohemian house in Croatia


Hi! 🙂 Welcome to all new readers. ❤ Have a seat, make yourself comfortable and enjoy. Ask if anything interest you, comment if it doesn’t. 😉


I actually had to do a little bit of research for this week’s Photo Challenge. I spotted this “La bohème” house in the center of a small city near Zagreb. It immediately caught my attention. When I read the theme of Challenge – Fray, I had to ask myself a few questions.

First of all, and I am not ashamed to admit it, I had to Google meaning of “Fray”. And then I had to Google some more… And when I thought I got it, some of the entries confused me, so… I Googled some more. 😀 If I got this terribly wrong, you know who to blame. 😉

Fray; conflict, clash, wear out.


That’s when I remembered the house I took photo of last week. I thought the sign “La bohème” was so strange to be placed there and yet it is so perfect. It is in Dugo Selo, on the main road. It is obvious that something was there, a shop maybe? Now, there is nothing and on the right side you can see the coffee place. On the left side however there seems to be some kind of private entrance. I have no idea, I wish I payed more attention to it when I was there, to check out what is the deal with this house. Bohemian house. 🙂

I did a research on the phrase “La bohème”. I knew roughly what it meant and that it was French, but here is the complete explanation; A four-act opera by Giacomo Puccini, detailing the life of eight friends living in Paris in 1830-1831 under the struggle of poverty.

Bohemian on the other hand is; A person with artistic or literary interests who disregards conventional standards of behavior.

I knew that one. The only question is, why is that here? Is it a tribute for the opera in the middle of a small city whose name literary means “Long Village”? Highly doubt it.

I think it is a imprint of times gone by, was there a shop or something else. Now it is just a sign which meaning suits the tenement house so well.


The other thing that says “Fray” to me is this photo. I took it in the park of nature Maksimir (which translates into “Maxi peace”) in Zagreb, by the 4th and 5th lake. It is actually this hill that divides the lakes who are divided only on the ground. Underground the water flows from one lake to other. Very lovely sight if I may add. 🙂 I will post some photos soon, it was cloudy the day I took photos and perfect to capture the color of the lakes.


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20 thoughts on “Bohemian house in Croatia”

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment 🙂 I was drawn to it also… We were just passing by in a somewhat fast pace and i just looked at it and said, I have to take a photo. 🙂

  1. Wow! You did some research for this post 🙂 I too was at first unsure what “fray” is and even when I checked with the dictionary, I couldn’t quite imagine. I like it that you went for the meaning of “brawl” rather than for the meaning of “torn and worn”. And I love the photos!

    1. Yes, I had to. (goes to check out what brawl means). I actually did otherwise did you make a mistake? 😀

      Thank you for compliments! ❤ As my head hurts these days I can go on my blog in the evening, so I use the time I "have" to make a post, write, answer, check my mail etc. I am happy with this one because I think it fits the theme. I still don't quite know if it is what I think it is 😉

      1. Sorry to hear about your headaches.

        As you say, I’m still not quite sure either what precisely fray is! But it’s good to learn a new word 🙂

        Feel better soon!

      2. Thank you very much, yeah, I get them when the weather is suddenly changing or when I watch in the screen for too long. So I limit my time on technology to evenings… For the weather part, it’s insane. I have took a photo of a clear sky with white fluffy clouds and then just 20 minutes later huge black clouds covered the whole sky. And now it’s raining. -.-

        I really do not like this “summer”, I am sitting here in a vest…

      3. Ah, I see. That’s too bad. On the other hand, it’s good that body signals to you when you spend too much time staring at the screen.

        The weather is weird this summer! It would be very similar here. July had a spell of nice summery weather, but the entire August is rainy and very, very cold. We’re even heating!

        Hopefully there will be an Indian summer, it’s my favourite season!

      4. Uhhh, tell me about it… I was heating the other day. It was a sad moment lol

        I said that also, the whole country is messed up because of bad weather since tourism is our big income through the summer… Two artists cancelled their concerts :/ I mean, I care foremost about myself and loved ones, and I would really like some hot days (weeks) to go swimming somewhere… Do you hear me universe??? 😀

        Yes it is good but kinda annoying… I know I know…my body is saving me from myself 😀 As I would spend every free second on internet.

        I didn’t ask you, how was Greece? I apologize if you have wrote about it on your blog, then just direct me, I am on a limited time here 😉

      5. Yes, I see that your country is heavily dependent on tourism. It’s actually traditionally the most popular country for Czechs to go on holiday 🙂 It’s a shame I haven’t been there yet.

        Today we’re having some sun here, hopefully there will at least a few nice summer days yet! It was a cold homecoming from Crete for me though! I’ll be posting a long post about my holiday this Sunday, but if you like, you can meanwhile check out my Instagram for dozens of holiday photos 🙂

        Here’s to summer!

      6. Yay I’m looking forward to the post! 😀
        It is aaaand now I realized that in fact we do have a lot of Czech tourists XD The thing typical for one Czech tourist is that they take a loooooot of stuff from home – like food and everything you can, so we joke about that. By we, I don’t mean me, because I have never seen a Czech on a holiday, people from south Croatia do… Is that true? Is there some truth about that? 🙂

        Yes, I am enjoying in the sun yesterday and today… Lovely, lovely!

      7. Haha, yes, you are very right to make fun of Czech tourists, it’s totally true! Not so much the younger generation (my age), but the generation of my parents only go to Croatia by their own car (it’s the cheapest option) and they pack all their food to cook on the spot.

        To me it seems an awful way to spend one’s holiday — to cook food from tins and try to spend as little as possible. But it was and still is practised for economic reasons of course. We’re not a rich nation and I think we also don’t like spending on holidays.

        So maybe I was lucky to marry a partner who doesn’t mind paying for a nice holiday and have enough money set aside to spend on the spot too 🙂

        It’s so much fun to have met you and to be able to talk! I’m learning lots of interesting things 😀

      8. Hahaha I am glad that I didn’t come of as offensive, because really it was like what I described when I saw Czech tourist. I think I might somewhere said that I didn’t see them, but I think I must of have during all the years I went on vacation on the shore…. I just don’t specifically remember the scene of tourists eating from plates they brought on the beach 😀

        I do not sugar-coat our service either. It is unreasonable expensive at the summer, it is best to come here at the beginning or at the end of summer, the prices are significantly different. 🙂

        I agree with you that the difference between us and for e. our parents is big, they have their own ways. 🙂
        It is great to met you too! I love chatting and getting to know something different 🙂

      9. Haha, ok, I will, but I feel kinda bad… 😀

        And you should deff come here on vacation, without the plates and bowls of course 😀

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