Morbid Wednesday

Is it just me, or is Daily Prompt becoming more and more morbid?

Nightmare job, waking up as a 12-yo self, something I can’t remember and now this:

500 years from now, an archaeologist accidentally stumbles on the ruins of your home, long buried underground. What will she learn about early-21st-century humans by going through (what remains of) your stuff?



No, Daily Prompt, I do not like this and I will have nightmares thank you. And to answer your future Prompts;



OMG No, who thought of that?!


Do you need help with these Prompts?

I don’t feel hungry anymore.


No, I would like to be cremated.

I hope they remember me by good stuff.

No I don’t prefer hanging out in cemeteries.

I don’t watch horror movies.

A witch.

I choose eaten by a shark.



I am done for two weeks.


Author: ivyon

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60 thoughts on “Morbid Wednesday”

      1. Uugh stupid tiring exams, thats what was up with me…yeah its been long. Was away for 3 months but yeah now I’m back to blogging. Already posted new stuff though! so excited 😀

      2. That is exciting! 😀
        I hope you passed your exams 🙂 Most of people were not regularly blogging, myself included due to summer break… But with fall coming I think we will be back in our blogging mode, rain makes for a lot of inspiration 😀
        (even though I kinda hate the rain now, we had sucky rainy summer)

      3. Oh now I’m waiting for the results, another form of torture !lol
        And I noticed the exact same thing, so many bloggers I knew are on hiatus, Hope all of them will be back soon! Can’t wait to be back to my blogging mojo.
        You are so right about the rain, Though rains have already started here..And I love it!!! *_*

      4. I know that feeling :/
        Fingers crossed!

        Ugh…. It never stopped raining here, just for a few days/weeks… Maybe I can put together three weeks of nice sunny weather this summer and spring… Today was warm and sunny and I got my hopes up for the weekend, but forecast brought me to the ground. -.-

    1. Hehe, thank you 🙂
      I appreciate the follow and I don’t say this enough, I do appreciate all of my followers 🙂
      i am wondering what would tomorrow’s Prompt be, I am really curious now…

      1. I bought a coconut today, I have never had a whole “like straight from the tree” coconut and I saw my opportunity 😀
        I had few issues opening it and at one point it became a family activity 😀 But we got it open, bf cut everything from inside and I peeled it. Then I was contemplating what to do with it since we would probably not munch on the whole coconut and it has to be in the water the whole time …
        E, btw, when I drilled the hole and let out the water I drank it and imagined like I was on a lonely island and I have just found my source of water and food XD

        Anyway, I decided to shred it by hand and put into boiling water to sit for 10 minutes and then filtrate in bowl through a piece of fabric, and squeeze out the water. So, now I have about 100grams of coconut flour, and we will see how much of coconut oil, because that’s for tomorrow. OK, I wrote a lot! 🙂

      2. Coconut flour? Oh dear, what is it good for? I wouldn’t know what to do with an actual coconut! Was the coconut water good? I never tasted it! Is it very sweet? Sorry for so many questions, but your culinary efforts are intriguing 🙂

      3. Hahahaha, the last sentence got me laughing 😀
        Well I went from no, I don’t like kitchen that is a stupid room to ohhh, I wonder what I can do with this…. I can 90% blame this on Fiesta Friday’s, it is a participating fun event every friday (whenever you see food on my blog – it for that 😀 )
        And by watching what other bloggers do, drooling over the photos week in and week out, and seeing REAL food blogs, I was like Oh My Gosh! 🙂

        And now I like it 😀
        Coconut flour is awesome for making all sorts of cakes, it goes into anything coconuty and I know you can even make bread from it. I don’t know how that tastes, but you can… The water was awesome, sweet and refreshing, tasted like coconut. I have made coconut oil from the rest of my “thing” and I got about third of a small glass, a silly small amount but I wanted to try it 🙂
        I think I will use explanations I wrote here for you and make a post about it 🙂

      4. Oh yes, Fiesta Friday, I know this challenge and I always salivate over what other bloggers cook! I still insist on not going to the kitchen unless to make myself coffee. My husband is the one who does the cooking, and he’s doing fine. Thanks for describing your coconut experience, it is definitely a great material for a post! Now I have a terrible craving for something coconuty…

      5. Heh, a good tip! Unluckily, there’s just one shop in the village where I live and it’s closed most of the time, so I’m done. However, I discovered a popsickle stashed away in the freezer — I made sure I won’t get spoilt by eating it 😀 Not coconut, but Magnum isn’t that bad either…

      6. Uuuuu ice cream 😀 Yumm yumm…

        I didn’t know you live in a more rural area… I am in suburban but I am running in more nature anytime I can 🙂

      7. Yep, I live in the middle of a corn field. Scary. Very inconvenient (you have to drive to the nearest town if you want a coconut); I’m more of a city girl. But blogging and talking with other bloggers has taught me to appreciate some of the more pleasant aspects of my home. (I can’t think of any at the moment though!)

      8. Lets switch! 😀
        I was in the city yesterday had to get something done. Blergh, yuck.
        All the people, noise, cars… I am not a city girl. 🙂 I got sick of it.
        I know how it is when you live somewhere far, so I wouldn’t want to live in a corn field haha, but a nice place away from the city is nice. Specially if everything is at 10-20 minutes by car, all the shops and stuff you need to function 🙂

      9. That’s what I’m talking about, I meet a lot of people in the blogosphere who would probably like it where I live, which is what makes me appreciate it a bit more. Just a little bit!

        I hate the commuting though and the fact that nothing is in a walking distance — or within reach of public city transport. We do have a train stop in the village, but it’s different when you miss a tram and when you a miss a train: the trains are, obviously, far less frequent. But enough complaining already! 🙂

      10. Haha, you’re too good! But I’m not going to spam your blog with my rants (too much) 😀 It’s funny, though, autumn is my favourite season in fact, as long as it’s warm, at least. I’m looking forward to the coloured leaves 🙂

      11. My blog doesn’t mind 😉 Specially since I have tons of ideas for posts but just can’t find the time to make them, this is a sweet moment when I get to at least have a conversation with you 🙂
        Yeah everyone is talking about colored leaves.. Well they are not that colored! And they fall off soon! (I am totally hatin’)

      12. Your blog is a very welcoming place indeed 🙂 Have you got lots of post ideas? That’s great! Do remember them and they’ll surely come in handy. I must admit I’m sometimes running out of ideas to write about — luckily, the drama queen that I am, I can take a random little incident that happens to me and write about it in some length… But chatting with you is even more pleasant than writing! Also, don’t you like autumn leaves? I mean, I hate pretty much everything but I love the autumn colours! Go on hating on autumn though, I love a good rant 🙂

      13. I won’t say anything, but just 😀 Can’t wait to real your posts, and can’t wait to make mine. I have some ideas that require time to make a post…

        Autumn leaves, yes they are beautiful, if you find something dying beautiful xd
        Plus there WAS NO summer to say goodbye too -.-

      14. Oh well, you’re right about the leaves, of course… That’s the reason I’m not too fond of cut flowers, actually, it seems strange to get a dead plant, put it in a vase and watch it wilt.

        Maybe we should move to Australia, where, I hear, the summer is just beginning 🙂 It’s true that there was not much of a summer this year. Whatever…

        Looking forward so much to your posts! Will there be a coconut Fiesta Friday?

      15. It was supposed to beeeeeeeeee 😦
        I will try my best to make it happen (coconut FF)

        Yes! I was talking about same thing yesterday, that southern hemisphere is now close to spring, so jealous!!! But I have checked out weather in LA and San Francisco, it’s sunny and over 30 degrees. Let’s roll! 😀
        And I agree about cut flowers, but I still like to get them. It’s better if they are in the soil, but I won’t say no to a bouquet 😀

      16. No pressure, I can wait for your posts whenever you have the time and mood 🙂

        I am indeed jealous of countries that are about to start summer now, though I’m now giving up the idea of Indian Summer yet!

        Well, I’ll remember to bring you flowers if we should ever chance to meet 🙂 I’d prefer to get pot flowers, but I know I’d kill them anyway, so I usually just tell people to get me chocolates instead of flowers if they feel like presenting me with something!

      17. Hahahah on the last sentence 😀 Turns out my headache is gone and I made a post, such joy! 😀

        I love to get flowers in pot, somehow I manage to save them and keep them to the point people ask me, Wait, is that?…From few years ago? Still? hahahaha I have very few plants because of my cat, the monster, so I treasure them… And I am not giving up on summer yet either, although right now it seems a bit naive. But i don’t care!!

      18. I’ve seen your coconut post! I have again a strong craving for a coconut and no home-made Bounty to be had… I think I’ll have to eat the last Magnum popsicle remaining in the freezer — the last what remained of the summer!

        So, you have green fingers? Good for you! I stopped even trying to have any plants, they die on me whatever I do. And your cat is a monster?! What did you do to her/him? Mine are a bit spoilt, but never monsters 😀

      19. Oh noooo, not what’s left of summer! 😮
        Then I suggest not reading my next post since it will be either about home made Bounty, or different kinds of rakija – talking with you inspired that 😀
        Btw I had just made myself a late dinner – wheat semolina, do you know what it is? I had to translate it…

        No, I don’t take real care of them, just water them and bring them enough sun and put them in larger pot when they grow…yeah I kinda do take care of them 😀
        You have cats AND plants? That is not possible… 🙂 Any cat loves to ruin a plant, and mine is no exception… you can see how she looks under my category Animals, I had her photo as avatar when I started this blog hehe…

      20. I’d never believe I’d talk about someone with food — I prefer eating food, not talking about it 🙂 Still no coconuts in the house here, but I’ve found a coconut shower lotion and started using it…

        And now, please do tell me more about semolina! I googled it but it doesn’t look like something you could eat alone, it looks more like an ingredient to make a dish from, no? Maybe this would make material for your next Friday Fiesta post 🙂

        Now that you mention it, it is true that my cats like to “play” with plants too. They’re however outdoor cats, and outdoor plants are not that delicate. The cats like to sleep in flower patches though, it makes for a nice shade in summer… And sorry I forgot about your cat, I’m so stupid!

      21. I always laugh at the end of your comment 😀 Well ok, sometimes in the middle also XD You are not stupid, it’s hard to keep track of everything, let alone does the blogger you are chatting with has a cat… No worries 😉 But on the other hand Kiki is mad now. I will have to do a post about her to bring this to justice 😀

        Uh, do tell me… I am so interested now in food, how can I make something and experiment, how can I make it healthier and bring more diversity in my meals but only when I’m with bf, he brings this strange side of me haha… I love it. Plus, if you have ever seen entries on Fiesta Friday’s… You don’t even know! It’s like MAGIC…

        I laughed on the coconut lotion… Who knows, I think you can make stuff like creme for hand or body with coconut, I will have to ask my friend she has started to make her own body products and candles… About semolina, hmmmm, let me see what does Google say. Yes that’s it, I have searched for our word, “griz” and there it is:

        Maybe I would do it for FF, good idea 🙂

      22. I’m happy to make you smile 🙂 You’d almost make me smile too, but you see, I’m a grumpy person and I mustn’t smile on principle.

        Please pass my sincere apologies on to Kiki, I hope she’s not plotting my murder now. Also, it means that there’s time for another Kiki kitty post 🙂

        Thanks for the pic of your semolina — now I know precisely what it is! We’d probably call it something like “gruel” here or so, but it’s the same thing. I used to eat this all the time when I was a kid.

        Well, happy cooking then, it’s quite a cool hobby. I attempted to cook shortly after my BF (now husband) moved in with me, but it never worked out too well and I gave up entirely. Now the husband does the cooking and everyone is happy!

        Looking forward to your next post, when the time is ripe, of course 😀

      23. Hheheh 🙂 Ugh it is so strange when you write “happy cooking” because I don’t consider myself a cook, at all! I love to experiment with food and them eat it, lets stick with this definition 😀 And yes, gruel-griz, it is probably the same. I used to eat it as a kiddo also…

        I like this, “my husband cooks”, i will try to infiltrate the idea on my bf but I know it will be something like ahahahaha…no. But we encourage each other to be in the kitchen, we like to bake together and when I am making something and he is around we do it together. Weeee

        p.s. we should stop commenting here, I don’t want that post titled morbid Wednesday be my most commented post 😉

      24. Very well, I’m stopping writing here now because you’re right, you probably don’t want a morbid Wednesday to become your most commented post 🙂 On the other hand, my most popular post in terms of views is called “My Husband the Exhibitionist”. Apparently, everyone on Google searches for exhibitionists! I even considering deleting the post, because it’s really not at all representative of my blog!

    1. Hahaha, I have answered Daily Prompts for the next 14 days based on their themes recently… Now I will keep track to see if I got something right 😀

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