I’ve got a song stuck in my head

OK, that is not hot news, since I have a song stuck in my head probably all the time. I am the jukebox, nice to meet you. 🙂

But this time, it’s baaaaad.

And it makes me wonder, why does our brain play jokes with us like that? Is it repeating the song which makes it stuck? No, because I heard this mine one or two times and it is IN. So, what is it then?

This is a perfect example of how this process works. 😀 Double plus, it’s from the movie Easy A. 


If you are really curious what song is it, it’s Anaconda from Nicki Minaj. DO NOT WATCH THE VIDEO OR LISTEN TO THE SONG, it is hideous and insulting….for everyone. You have been warned.


Author: ivyon

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36 thoughts on “I’ve got a song stuck in my head”

  1. Happens to me allllll the time 😀 I get songs stuck in my head…there are days when I wake up with a song in my head…and it will not go away unless I sing it out loud (once I get an alone moment) or put the video out on FB, twitter or WP…Once done – I am good to go – ready for the next one to pop in 😀

    Loved your post 🙂

    1. Hehe thank you 😀 Yeah that’s the way it goes… I usually say that I need to let it play on YouTube in order to “move on” XD
      Right now I am singing Shake it Off from Taylor Swift, I am not fond of the song but I’ve heard it 10 minutes ago…and it’s in my head. Ahhhhh

    1. Will do… Nicki had my liking when she started, but now it’s just 😮
      I like some of her songs really a lot, when listening to them I feel badass 😀

      1. Its the exact opposite for me, she didnt had my liking since the beginning, but now that she toned down her looks and even music she looks and sounds great!
        But yeah you are right, they do make one feel bad ass ! 😀

      2. Nooooooo, you CAN NOT tell me that new stuff is better than… “Your Love”, “Moment For life” “Did it on ’em”, “I’m out” or “My chick bad”…. Impossible! 😛 I have one thing to say: “Roman’s Revenge” with the one and only Eminem, THE rapper in my book, he and Tupac and some few are my top of the top… Ugh, no hell no, this new shit is not even close 😉

      3. Lol that’s what I meant by ‘New’ you know..super bass, fly and pills n potion. I was only talking about Nickie !

        There is no match to Eminem of course, He is THE MAN of the man! I do agree music scene was much better before, now its just becoming trashy…

      4. But Super Bass is from 2010…. 😉 And these all songs are from Nicki!
        Well, we’ll see what kind of videos and “music” she brings next, I hope we won’t have to look at her ass anymore but that is just an optimistic wish 😀

        p.s. I have found a choreo for Did It On Em which leaves me with goosebumps every time I watch it. I don’t know if you like hip hop dancing, but I very much do, and Slovenian awesome dancer Nika Kljun is one of the choreographers I love to watch dance. 🙂

      5. Woahhh 2010, how time has passed! It seemed like yesterday when it came out ! lol

        Oh yes, say NO to ass ! It’s getting too much…it feels like she is rubbing it in our face :/

        And hey I’ll check that out, I like hip hop very much…I kinda like all genre’s of dancing. There was one choreography on ‘My chick bad’ on So you think you can dance by Lauren and Twitch. It was very fun too. 🙂

      6. Isn’t it? Some things happen in 2008 and I am like that was EIGHT years ago 😮

        That’s great then, I think you’ll like it 🙂
        One of my biggest wish was/is to dance, I was dancing when I was about 11 and then again few years ago, but I wasn’t happy with arrangement… I know I will dance again, maybe even overcome my stage fright 😀 So, watching the choreos of pretty awesome dancers is like a drug to me 🙂
        I love Twitch and I think I might saw that choreo you are talking about… Are you familiar with ABDC? And the crew that won last – I Am Me?

      7. Oh wow, I have never learned to dance professionally or anything nearly like it but I do LOVE to dance. I like contemporary, i love how sophisticated and elegant it is, the lifts and the twirls…aaah ! so beautiful !

        I have only heard about ABDC but never have seen it,nor about the crew. Why were you in it? lol 😀

      8. Hahaha NO OMG that would be majestic!! It is only for USA, it is a show called America’s Best Dance Crew and I love love love it! I can watch it only on torrents or YouTube but I just love it. It is off the air for few years now and last winners were I Am Me crew, just off the roof how good they are. My favorite crew was another winner Quest Crew, look them up. Dancer Chachi Gonzales was only 16 when I Am Me were on ABDC and she is…amazing… I have talent but it takes a lot, a lot, a lot of practice to become good, then some more to become great and then you have to live and breathe dance to become the dancer they are… Just another level of great 🙂
        So, I like to watch her choreos on YT because she is doing tours all the time… And also I love to watch Jasmine Meakin, she is a great choreographer and dancer… 😀
        I am not a fan of contemporary, for me it’s like it is something between ballet and hip hop, make up your mind! xd But I love dance on silk, did you see it?

      9. Yes I guess thats true, one needs a lot lot lot of practice to become as good as them…but If you do really love dancing just do it as hobby, nobody’s asking you to take part on the reality show 😀 If you love dancing that much just get it on, if it makes you happy ^_^

        I’ll have to check all of them out, the dancers you mentioned…haven’t heard of anyone of them as I’m not that much of a dance fanatic as you are 😀

        Though that’s what I love about contemporary, Its a little bit of everything thus there are no specific rules, you can incorporate hip hop in it, ballet etc, it expands its horizons 🙂

        Also What is dance on silk? lol

      10. Ugh I am becoming more and more shy and self aware of me dancing :/ I guess it is easier when you’re younger. When I was dancing at this one place, there were people half my age and the oldest who was treated almost like the teacher, was few years younger than me. So when they found out how old I was they were kinda avoiding me, we had nothing in common, nothing to talk about. So I was alone after a while. They actually did talk to me and I had fun but when we got to know each other a little bit it just became weird. don’t know… I would really like to find a place where people my age are dancing and practicing… That is hard, because young adults that are into dancing a lot, are professionals by now…. :/

        Dancing on silk is probably not called like that in English, but it is this; 😀

      11. Well in that case I hope you still dance when you are alone. Don’t let it go, your talent just because of people 🙂
        I totally get the part about feeling uncomfortable but at least you can still do it in solitude ^_^

        Oh is that a you tube link? I won’t be able to watch it directly, If you could tell me the title of the video I’ll try to find it myself, Will check it out for sure 🙂

      12. I do dance, but not as I used to. I used to dance every day for an hour when I was home, just to get my steam out. That was awesome. I am keeping that in mind and I will not lose the feeling how awesome it is for me and I will go back to dancing. I don’t know how or when, but it is going to happen. Mark your calendars XD

        I just enjoy in it so much, but I have overgrown the competing phase, so I will do it as a hobby ❤ Also, my huuuuuuge wish come true (I made it come true) this summer and I found a stable with horse near me that I didn't know existed! To learn how to ride a horse and to be around them is so superb to me 🙂

        Oh, I wasn't aware that you can't see it because I see the whole video… I will give you titles so you can find them 🙂

      13. Just marked my calender ! *fingers crossed* Don’t forget us though when you are famous lol

        Oh wow, congrats Ivy !!! ^_^
        Hopefully we will get to see a picture of you with the horse too 😀
        I’d try horse riding too if I could…but then again I would try anything! lol

      14. Hahahah 😀
        Pfffff, famous… No I don’t wanna be famous. Just rich. I am modest like that 😀

        I hope so! I have a amazing photo of a horse I took when visiting and when I embark on this adventure I will definitely share some photos. The photos from me driving a tractor are on the other hand never going to see a daylight haha, that was another wish of mine I got to fulfill last month 😀

      15. Then care to share some money with me? yes yes yes??? 😀 😀

        Hahaha, Oh man you driving tractor, now I’m interested in that ! C’mon it can’t be that bad ! Share share share ! 😀

      16. Other bloggers reacted the same. Nope, I am not giving in. Although I will change my avatar here and on FB soon, I have short purple hair and this is just deceiving 😀

  2. I just watched that video on youtube. wtf. it’s truly awful sorry ivy! :p there’s not even a melody so not sure how to get it stuck in your head. what’s stuck in my head though is nicki shaking her half naked butt :-/ i know you warned me hehe 😉 Emma Stone is fab though, especially in Easy A.

    Btw i have had this song here stuck in my head for two days now and it’s driving me mad. I’m not good with lyrics so I guess that’s why it’s this song.. (don’t watch it!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68ugkg9RePc

    1. Aaaaaa, you said don’t watch it but left a link…. You know now i HAVE to watch it! 😀

      No, the anaconda song is terrible… Just… No.
      And the part that is stuck in my head rose from the dead as I was reading your comment. It’s the …”Mmmm, my anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns hon'”
      p.s. Totally agree on Emma and Easy A ❤

      1. Urgh, the lyrics aren’t much better – I didn’t even get that far! 😉 I actually watched Easy A last night, inspired by your blog post and now I can’t get her song out of my head .. “I got a pocket, got a pocket full of sunshine…” 😀

      2. Hahahaha 😀 It’s a great movie 🙂
        I am just about to see what movie will I watch tonight or tomorrow, do you have anything to recommend? Comedy, sci-fi…

      3. hmmm i don’t know if i’m the best person to ask my taste isn’t the best i think lol 🙂 my favourite movies are blow and inception. comedy: king pin and the great lebowski are quite funny movies 🙂

      4. I loved inception 🙂 But I haven’t watched neither kingpin or lebowski… I am watching the trailers on YT and lebowski looks fun 🙂 Do you know maybe something that came out this year? I checked the trailer for Fault in our stars, that is super sad, i don’t wanna cry…

    2. Ohhhh, it’s Blue abadeabadae 😀
      I love Eiffel 65 😀 So 90’s 🙂

      Plus, I have been singing Chandelier from Sia all day and I found lyrics and meaning and it saddened me deeply :/

      1. haha yep sooo 90s – I’m a kid of the 90s they were the best! who doesn’t love trashy euro dance, clarissa explains it all and that god awful fashion 😀 i never pay too much attention to lyrics, i am too quite affected by sad ones and it brings me down. might be a reason why i love electronic music so much..

      2. I am a 90’s kid also hehe… It does definitely brings a lot of flashbacks, specially when I found an old song or a movie… Like Coco Jumbo, Macarena, Like a prayer….. Or movies like Home Alone, 10 things I hate about you, or series like Seinfield, Only Fools and Horses, Perfect Strangers etc…. 😀

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