I am bringing this to Fiesta Friday #33 at Angie’s ❤ . For bonus points; Count how many times I have written “coconut” 😉

Few days ago I was walking through a local grocery store and stopped at the fruit/vegetable section. There it was. Coconuts. Whole coconuts, dirt on them, straight from the… I don’t know from where coconuts come from but I know it’s somewhere nice and warm and beachy – nothing like here. Yes I am mad about the promise made to me by nature that we will have four seasons here, one of them called SUMMER and I was let down this year. There was no summer. 😦 There was a bit of nice weather just to make it in the cities more south. Here, in my drawer, I have an angry bathing suit who did not see the daylight this year and an equally angry owner who didn’t get to wear it.

This was all necessary so you can understand the excitement and nostalgia when I saw coconuts. 6 kunas per piece (just above 1 $). After me and bf had our fun by shaking the coconut to hear the water inside, I decided to buy one. I’ve never had a “straight from the tree” coconut and I saw my opportunity. 🙂

After initially telling me that I wouldn’t possibly be able to open it (so supportive) bf went on YouTube to search how to open a coconut. Turns out, pretty easy. I drilled holes by hand with corkscrew in the darker spots on top (I guess that’s where the coconut is attached to the tree) and voila, I could pour the water out. It is recommended to filter the water before drinking it, but that didn’t stop me to drink it straight from the coconut and pretending I had just find my source of water on a deserted island.  Water tasted refreshing and sweet, with coconut flavor (shock!). It’s pretty delicious. 🍸

Next step was to crack the coconut open. I had a few issues opening it and at one point it became a family activity. 😀 You have to grab a hammer and do a little hit in one line in the middle of coconut all the way around and it just gives up after a while. I was lucky it opened perfectly so now I have two sides of coconut and I will do something fun and decorative with it. 🙂


Bf got everything out with a knife and I peeled off the crust left on the pieces. We ended up with a surprisingly big amount of coconut based on a size of it. Since I figured we won’t munch the whole thing and it had to be in water the whole time I searched on YouTube for what can I do with it. Turns out, a lot. Have you ever tried or heard about coconut oil? It is awesome to use instead of regular oil and it benefits your body a lot. I wanted however to make coconut flour so I found this helpful video;

My original thought was to make coconut milk, but since I don’t have a blender that flew off the table. Anyway, I followed instructions in the video and got this;


You can use it for making all sorts of cakes, it goes into anything coconuty and I know you can even make bread from it. I don’t know how that tastes, but you can… What was left was this coconut oily water and then I decided to make oil. I knew it would be a silly small amount but I was interested if I could do it. And yes, indeed, I can do it. 🙂

Again I just followed the video – waited for the oily part to divide from the water, gather it with spoon in bowl and cook until the pieces of coconut turned brown. I ended up with a few spoons of home-made coconut oil.

This is half-eaten 😉

I encourage you to go on this adventure. I can’t believe how easy it was and how expensive coconut oil and flour is in the store. I think I will be making some more. 🙂

p.s. I made home-made Bounty a while ago, so this coconut story is not over! 😉


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    1. Hehehe, it is really not that hard. For me, the hardest part was to scrub the coconut into small pieces. I know there is a different word for it, it’s not scrub, help me out here 😀

  2. Great for taking everyone on this journey of coconut bashing :). I grew up with fresh coconuts, we used them in curries and other baked goods. Too bad your summer wasn’t what you expected, where are you?

    1. Thank you so much 🙂 I can imagine it was great, I had never had a fresh coconut like this 😀
      I am from Croatia, that is next to Italy on the other coast of Adriatic sea.

  3. Wonderful, love this! I have a taco place that serves delicious raw coconuts to drink and they of course allow you to take home to use the meat, etc. Usually I ask them to hack it open for me, but just for fun I once tried to do it myself. OMG I was at that thing with a hammer outside for like 10 minutes!!! What an adventure.

    1. Hehe, thank you 😀 Yeah it was a bit tricky to open it, I was surprised how strong the coconut is… I guess that is why the water inside stays so fresh… 🙂
      That’s awesome they do that, I have really never heard of a place that serves tacos and coconuts…but then again I have never been to a place that serves tacos 🙂

      1. I don’t think we have one 😀 We have Mexican restaurants, but here the idea of going to a restaurant is much more different than in for example US. We go to restaurants when we celebrate something, but when we want just like sit and eat, no special occasion, we go to McDonalds or Pizzeria or Kebab place, or Grill place for meat shaped like a thumb (I don’t have better reference 😀 ) called čevapi… We grow more towards Italy (Pizza) and Turkey (kebab and čevapi) which is normal 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing this at Fiesta Friday! I’ve seen fresh coconut at the market and have been wanting to buy them, but I wasn’t sure if I could open it on my own. Your post has encouraged me to go out and buy some now. =) And because I was curious, 29 times. If you count the categories it’s 32. And if you count the video, 33.

    1. Yay for encouraging you… I also wanted to see, I am just to curious to give up an opportunity to try something new 🙂 No, it is not the right number, but awesome for including tags! I’m impressed 😀
      I’ll help you like I did to Lori… Coconuty and video doesn’t count. 🙂

      1. YES! Well done! 😀 You have won the bonus points 😉 Now, what would you like;

        A reblog of some of your post
        Or a mention of your blog and you in my next FF post? 🙂

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    1. Hehe, no it is not the right number, try again 😉 a little help, no coconuty but yes plural.

      You still got bonus points for trying 😀 I still have to figure out what exactly would be your reward 🙂

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