It’s amazing what a little funny can do

Thank you Zee for this. Now I have another song in my head 😛

I can thank Ellen DeGeneres for the title, since she said it. Maybe someone else said it too, but I remember it from her 😀  (Also, does anyone know how can I watch her show on internet? Any info is welcomed…)

It is true, for me at least. A good laugh can brake some serious shit.

“And it feels so empty without me! La la la la la la la la la la…”

Author: ivyon

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17 thoughts on “It’s amazing what a little funny can do”

    1. Haha 😛

      I have seen it! It’s new feature and it doesn’t work at my computer for some reason… I hope it’s because many people are watching since it’s new, so I’m gonna get my turn 😀 Thank you :*

    2. Also, there are titles of the videos;

      Martina Pavlović i Traumatic Arts – ples na svili promo
      Destiny Vinley – Aerial Silks Act – The Spark That Ignites

      and I found this one later;
      America’s Got Talent S09E04 Laura Dasi Aerial Silk Acrobatic Act

      1. Oh I knew about it 😛 Checked all of em about, Just didn’t know it’s called silk dance lol
        I always thought it as an act in aerobatics or something, It is amazing ! ^_^

      2. I said how we say it in Croatian, I think it’s called aerobic or something 😀 BTW you check out my new post – you have another mention 😛 I found a photo we talked about.

    1. Oh I know! Thank you 🙂 They only have clips from the show. btw, your comment was for some reason in my spam folder, just now I have found it. 🙂

      1. Mmmm. I have found a few comments in my spam folder too – some without links! I was going to suggest Netflix or Hulu, but I think they cost money, and I’m unsure of the legalities of bit torrents. 😦

      2. I have checked my spam folder for no reason and found two comments in spam from bloggers who comment frequently and there is no reason to put them there… Well WP has lost it. 😉

        Yeah, Netflix is not cheap – to tell you the truth I have no idea if it’s available here. I searched a while ago the European version of NBC, but they have no Ellen 😦 What, do they think she’s too controversial for us? 😮

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