You! Yes, you! I have something to tell you!

I don’t know if you’ll get it, but maybe you will. I don’t know if this is some weird process of self-healing or just life, but it is easy for me to feel “less than”… Because I always push myself for more than I can handle. Always.


I thought about my frustration with not being able to connect with more of you guys/girls and I got the solution.

I want you, my dear reader/follower to like this post, comment something, let me get to know you if you want.

My list of followers says nothing to me, I want to check out people who actually come here, read my blog and like what I have to say… 🙂

Don’t be shy, comment, express your opinion. Now, how about THIS for ten minutes, DP? 🙂

I have something to share I saved long ago;

I’m gonna keep doin’ my thing, keep inspiring, keep sharing my crafts, photography and recipes… I don’t wanna think about the numbers. I want to think about the people.

Lost in translation? Pros and cons of blogging in your second language

I am sad. 😦

I had to decide when I opened my blog if I wanted to write in English or Croatian. I chose English, I challenged myself. I want to reach out to so many people… I don’t want the language barrier to stop me from that. In the other hand I knew what my decision meant. It meant I will have very few readers from my country, from my region. I knew it, and that is exactly what happened.

I feel like I’m pouring a glass of water, but the glass is too small. So, tons of it gets spilled in the process. I can’t express myself, I can’t do it fully. I really hope that my personality shows here. I am very witty with words in Croatian. I can’t transfer that.

I want to reach a wider audience, but to do that I need to read as many blogs as I can and connect back with the people who connect with me. I can read about 10 – 20 posts in a row because it takes a lot of energy to understand them fully, and that is when I find the time to do it. Numbers make me sad, they take away the magic of this place for me.

I am trying to think of another way to start my sentence than with an “I”.

I can’t.

I don’t know what to do, I feel limited. I feel like I should deliver a list of things when blogging in English benefits and when it doesn’t. But, all I can say is how I feel. I gained the world and lost myself. In translation.

How about that for a ten minutes, DP?