Nature is my medicine


I have this WP app on my phone almost since I opened my blog and it has been awesome to write my drafts when I’m not around computer, but in the last weeks my mobile became the only screen I can look at. I am getting more into it to see what I can do… It is not the same of course, I can’t post some of the stuff that I had in mind, and I can’t put my logo on the photos, or tags and categories – I think, but it’ll make my blog blues dissapear 🙂

Remember how I was sad about summer not being sunny and warm? We are having some late warm and sunny weather here and it is beautiful, I am really enjoying in it hehe, even if it’s from my bed.

I have so much ideas to share with you, from my ponderings, photographs I made, interior design DIY’s, even fashion stuff and ootd (“outfit of the day”), projects that require more energy and are waiting for me in my folders… Oh yes, I have made a peach pie that I can’t wait to share recipe for, and something I won’t give away because it was so new for me… Now you can see why I can’t wait to be back and editing, but I will take all the time I need and explore this app more. 😉


I am getting all your comments-love and it makes me smile seeing all those dear names 🙂

Author: ivyon

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6 thoughts on “Nature is my medicine”

  1. Yay! What an optimistic post! We’re having some nice warm days of Indian summer here too. I’m sorry to hear you’re unwell in terms of computer screens sensitivity, hope you’re being treated?

    1. Yes, my treatment is staying away from it xd. I know from what it is and it’s really no quick way of “fixing it”, just patience and time. You see, now I came here to approve and answer all your comments, it was getting crowded and loud in the comment box 😉

    1. Thanks dear friend 🙂 I have some awesome fashion combinations going through my head in the last month and I have been thrift shopping when I was feeling good… I remember you every time I plan something related to fashion 😉 You will see, I am excited to show it when I will be able to post 🙂

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