Hey guys, how are you?

Behind me is a very hard weekend.

But, every day I was happy about something and honestly, I don’t know how I fucking do it. Yes, there are times when I just want to sleep everything away and when I cry because I want to be free from pain but I don’t want to go there now.

Let me tell you what made me happy… 🙂

I was with my love, and I don’t mean chocolate 😉

I have three herbal cremes for (against?) pain so I was almost bathing in them and bf helped me every way he could.

I ate an amaaazing tiramisu, it really made my  friday morning.

I discovered that I, in fact, love cinnemon for which I was sure I hate. As a concequence I drank a loooot of tea from apple and cinnemon. A lot. Yumm.

I cuddled with the most cuddly kitty I have ever “met”, my bf cat who is 5 months and is…adorable. She followed me around like a puppy. 🙂

It is now cold outside and it was cloudy/raining for days and it brought even some pretty big storms last week, but today the sun broke through the clouds. I loved it…

Every moment I was feeling better, I cherished. I sang to myself.

I woke up. And I see and I can walk, and talk and hear, and I am loved. It is a blessing. I don’t feel afraid. I feel like this is a new chapter and it is only going better. I know it. 🙂


I am really looking forward to reading all your comments…. ❤

22 thoughts on “Attitude

  1. Awwwh Ivy, so glad to know that you are doing better. Loved your positive attitude. Wishing you well in your speedy recovery. Can’t wait to have you back with us again. Get well soon sweety ❤

    1. Miss you too… I hope I will be back blogging my way soon, but if not, I’ll find a way to get here ❤ Read a few last posts and you'll get the idea

    1. She is like a dog indeed.. She follows everyone around and is so affectionate. To cute… She was like this for two hours and she did not stop purring! I’m sending hugs to you Mara 🙂

  2. wscottling

    Cinnamon is the bomb! My friends from other countries tease me about how often we Americans use it, but it tastes soooooo good. I’m glad you found that you like it. 🙂

  3. Cinnamon is oh so yummy! It is really good for your digestive system too, if you can get 1/4 to 1/2 a teaspoon per day it is supposed to be really good for you.
    I am glad you are still able to smile 🙂

  4. Hey there I’m sorry you’ve been suffering I didn’t realise your a pain sufferer like me. I won’t ask for specifics but am here if you do want to chat and mmmm tiramisu is my fav too!! Apparently tea made of cinnamon, ginger and turmeric is good for pain x

    1. Hey Justine… 🙂 Nice to see you here… Yeah it’s more complicated than that but I just say I have problems with health, it makes me comfortable because this is a public platform. Thank you ❤ I will have that in mind and we will chat…
      I wouldn't know that I haven't tried it and it is uncommon here to find a tea from ginger xd

      Oh tiramisu… Oh sweet sweet tiramisu…yumm! I have made my own once for a special occasion and it was quite delicious which surprised me 🙂

      1. It is really not hard at all to make one! I will explain when I’ll have more time on the computer 🙂 (For more details about the computer thing check out my latest posts)

  5. Queen Sylvia

    The kitty is unbelievably cute! I love cats but unfortunately I’m allergic. 😦 Boo-hoo!
    Hope you’re getting well, I don’t see any posts from you recently and I’m glad you’re feeling happy. I was sick myself the whole last week and I think I still haven’t gotten over it.

    1. She really is… 🙂 I think there are kinds with no hair that are ok for people who are allergic, but I am not sure :/

      Try to read some recent posts from me, you will understand. 😉

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