Early morning she wakes up…


This is my cat Kiki and today, by the special superpower from Daily Post (as if!) I get to tell her something she will understand.

“Stop being so scared. It’s four of us in the house. Every day. That object you have seen 10 times…it’s still the same object. We are not plotting to kill you in your sleep.” 😀

“Oh yeah, waking me up in 5 am… not cool Kiki, not cool.”

She looks like she is really trying to understand me in this photo haha, you think she gets it? 😉

p.s. Again the song inspiration for the title. :mrgreen:

37 thoughts on “Early morning she wakes up…

    1. Haha, omg the last sentence is so true… XD
      Yeah she is having a blast, like a queen 🙂 Well I know you know how it’s like (aaand I am writing a reply and she decided after eating that is a time to meow really loud… -.- Have to go check wtf is going on…… …nothing is going on, she stopped. )

      1. If it wasn’t funny it would be sad 😀
        She thought she was left alone in the room because she didn’t hear me on the computer… As soon as I got up and she saw me, it’s all good. 🙂

  1. She is just toooo adorable!! My red tabby has the same issue. We adopted him 3 years ago when he was just 9 months old. Kiky is scared of men, my cat is scared of women! we think he was abused by his previous owners…and it has been 3 yrs now but he is still scared of me when I pet him more than 5 strokes. He thinks I would hit him after the 5th strokes! Gets anxious when he hears noises and sleeps behind curtains.

    But that dear cat loves my husband and he’ll purr while sleeping on his thighs at nights. So cute, he is such a sweet cat, never scratch a single furniture, nor our hands or legs like our other silly cat. I think Kitty is very lucky to be surrounded by loving women! 🙂

    1. That was so lovely and also sad to read… I get very angry at people who abuse animals (of course, I get super angry on people who abuse humans, but they get their punishment from society) I think there should be more harsh punishments for people who do that.. In my opinion, something is wrong with a person when they have the need or desire to watch innocent beings suffer or to hurt them themselves. Majority says, it’s only animals, we need to take care of the humans in need. And I completely agree! But I think that hurting an animal can be a indicator of deviant behavior and “first step” in hurting others…
      There is a saying that you are not valued by what you can do for people (beings) who can pay you back, but by the ones who can’t do nothing for you. ❤

      Maybe your cat will lose the fear, I know it is not easy, but for example Kiki doesn't like noisy people and unpredictable movements, so when a person is trying to pet her they have to come close really gently and talk and let her smell their hand etc. I am happy you are happy with your pet. 🙂

      1. I completely agree with you. I cant stand it when people abuse animals. We are just relieved that we adopt our red tabby in time..it is obvious he is now much happier than he first came to our house. He will definitely get over his fears 🙂 we are sure! we provide him with love and a safe shelter for his needs.

    1. EVERYTHING! 😉

      She is such a funny cat… She is sometimes scared of some noise, sometimes not, sometimes when someone enters the house she runs under the bed, sometimes she is chillin’ on the chair… Sometimes she runs if someone goes behind her, sometimes not. You got it. 😀 She is very loyal to me and my sister, then to my mum, and she tolerates my dad XD We noticed she is scared of men, maybe a man threw her in the trash when she was a kitten – that’s how we got to her, some lady saved her and we adopted her. 🙂

      1. I just found your comment in my pending folder which just now showed that there is a comment??? WP is so weird these days…
        No, I was talking about animal abuse in a post at my blog, i think we talked about how I saved my cat from the trash…

      2. Yeah WP is being mean to me also, not showing my posts and stuff… I think it has to do with all the changes they are making, we experience glitches… :/

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