Actually, life is long

Today, DP says to fill in the “Life is too short to…..”

I immediately filled in in my mind …to succeed in things that aren’t really important.

Do you get what I’m trying to say?

To succeed in things that don’t make us happy, that aren’t right for us, that others expect from us… To succeed just to feel successful. Just to get that dose of pride that lasts one minute, no matter how long the journey was. And then the mind is of to the next one. It’s not enough. When it’s just succeeding that matters, nothing is ever enough. The greatest success is to be honest to yourself and love yourself enough to let you…be you. Such simple and natural thing to do, yet most of us need to learn it. We are not less important, we are not less worthy. You know why? Because we determine the importance and worth. Our-greatest-fear-should-not-be-of-failure-but-of-succeeding-at-things-in-life-that-dont-really-matter-Francis-Chan

I can go on and on with examples for this, but I am sure you have one in your own life to connect with. We all do.

Stuff we do to make other people jealous and impressed by us, that shit don’t matter. Drama other people do, that shit don’t matter. Standard we obey but don’t feel as ours, that shit don’t matter.

People say things like, life is to short to be angry, to hold resentment, to waste time… Fuck that! Feelings are not for bargain… If you feel angry, you probably have the reason to feel angry. If you feel resentment, someone probably did you very wrong… Are those feelings bad for you? Of course! But only you have the power to realize that and to let your mind, body and soul determine how long they need to process it and then let it go. Don’t feed it, just let it go. We are not robots.

And I love wasting time. Time well wasted is not wasted to me. Everything is so fast now. When you slow down, you notice how fast everyone else is going. They don’t notice the beautiful thing life is. they don’t see the 2yo twins in matching pink coats. They don’t see amazing sunset. They don’t notice. Are they late for something? They are late for the schedule in their mind.


Life is long. There is time. If there isn’t, the time well spent is better than time chased. ❤

19 thoughts on “Actually, life is long

  1. What meaningful quotes. “The greatest success is to be honest to yourself and love yourself enough to let you…be you.” – so well said :’) There is so much more to the world than just us and what we want. If we could all think a bit less of ourselves and start looking out for others, than maybe more of us will be happier 🙂

    1. I get super “awwww” when you quote me 😀 ❤
      It means a lot.

      Yeah, I think there is so much we can say on this topic, and as we continue to grow and learn we have more to say…and so on. 🙂 I now think that the best way to make others happy is to put a sincere smile and happiness on your face and soul first. 😉

    1. I used to go so fast in the street I couldn’t catch my breath when I stopped at the traffic light. I even did a little race (in my mind) with the people around me, or close to me who were walking at the similar pace… I went faster. Does that make sense? 😀

      And then I got where I was going like, 5 minutes earlier all stressed out and nervous.

  2. wscottling

    Well put, and I couldn’t agree more.

    However, I think that most people mean, “Life is to short to be angry all of the time.” or to waste it on anger that has no purpose other than to feed the anger itself. Because people who are angry and nothing but angry (or resentful) also do not take the time to see the sunsets or the twins in the matching pink coats because they are too busy being angry with the world in general. Everyone has a right to their anger, and I don’t deny them that, it’s when they feed that anger until it becomes a raging beast that never sleeps, that’s when they fall into the “Life is too short to…” category.

    1. I agree with you, that’s why I wrote give it time… Don’t feel the feeling. Because we naturally change our mood, we get angry and then we get happy, when we feel the bad feelings that is a definition of life is too short for… 🙂

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