Sleeping bee

Have you ever seen a working bee sleeping? Well you have now! 🙂


I went outside on the balcony one day this summer at my bf place. First I didn’t notice anything, but something caught my eye. I thought it was some kind of insect, because I have never seen a bee so still. My bf neighbor has beehives and he collects honey, so it’s not strange to see them there. It was raining and she hid under the column. She was sleeping (Don’t worry I asked her is she just resting, she did not answer – so she was in fact sleeping, and someone who saw me taking close-ups of a bee probably thinks I’m crazy. So, lets move on… 🙂 )

This photo has a deeper meaning than just what you see. Later, I found out that it was raining during both of the periods bees collect honey (You remember how I was complaining about the constant rain? Well, it turns out I was complaining for the nature! 😉 ) So, the bees couldn’t collect honey from the flowers, and there wasn’t enough flowers to begin with with no sunlight most of the time. The result is that this year we have drastically little amounts of honey in the market – which means that the honey is very expensive and we have to import, and people who are in the business with beehives and selling honey had to make major cuts to achieve the possibility to sell honey AND to leave enough for the bees to survive the winter. Turns out, my complaining about the rain – I was complaining for the economy AND for the people also!!

So… Next time I complain here a lot about something… I advise EVERYONE to listen. :mrgreen:

p.s Did anyone notice the WP changes? I am a bit lost….

p.p.s. Have you noticed the change in my photos? wink wink 🙂

16 thoughts on “Sleeping bee

  1. Interesting….seems our bees “down under” must be having similar problems…notices a sign in local supermarket announcing a “lack of honey” and what little there remained on the shelves were just TOO expensive!!

    1. Well… I think maybe there are countries who supply more honey than others? I don’t know… Or weather was really terrible for the bees all over?
      No idea, but it’s really interesting and a bit scary how connected everything is. 🙂
      p.s. our honey in stores is also super expensive…

  2. 1) Yes I noticed the WP changes, Have to admit I feel a little weird that Wp makes all these changes without notifying us and we poor bees have to figure it all out by ourselves 😛

    2) Yes I noticed the photograph changes too

    3) I love the change 😀

    4) Thoughtful observations you had, thanks for sharing it with us too 😉

    1. 1. I love lists and you made awesome connection with tthe bee 😀

      2. Yay! Someone… 😉 I am making them more “mine”

      3. Thank you! And WP if you meant them!

      4. It was in the news a while ago also… So, yeah… haha. Thanks 🙂

    1. Thank you! 🙂 I hope I will able to get it more purple as it’s dark purple right now…

      I haven’t known either but people who understand this explained, and good they did, coz I love to learn something new.

    1. Thank you 😀 I am ashamed to admit that it’s more than a year short like this and I changed it just now 🙂
      I just felt that time for a proper avatar hasn’t some until now hehehe… 🙂

  3. It’s a he-bee Ivy. There’s only one she … the queen. Enough to give you the hee-bees ! 😉

    WP has also gone wonky today. The orange Notifier on the black bar. Unable to reply to a very long comment there as it doesn’t scroll ! View Archive works okay though 😀

    1. Ey Ralph nope nope nope! 😀 Working bees are female, the queen be is THE female and drones (as my google translator says). Drones are the male bees who have the only purpose to make queen pop out more and more bees, they don’t work. 😉

      Yes, I agree about the WP, it is weird. I guess it will take time to get used to it 😀

      1. Okay ! I was never into the birds and the bees. You are right ! (Always say that to a woman guys ) and I’m sorry (say that as well !). Love from a retired drone. xox

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