A golden kid (key?)

This Daily Prompt is so weird because I had a vision of a golden key. Not the kind of vision when you see something and you realise you have superpowers, but the kind of  vision when you do a meditation and are asked to imagine this and that and later asked how did the stuff look like. For fun and games, and for analyzing your answers. That kind of vision.

I saw a gold key. Big, old, decorated. Like from a time long ago. I said, “It looks like it opens a big door.”

So, important key. Funny thing was that in this meditation/game, key represented future children or child. 😀 My kiddo, if I decide to have one, will be golden.


Speaking of kids, my friends have them. Ok, they have one, but still. Two different couples. I was writing about baby Laura the day she was born and the day I opened my Facebook page which is still under construction and soon to be like I like it. Get prepared to be reminded about it, I post videos and photos there, not just posts.

Laura is super cute big cheeks ball of awwwww. She is 2 and a half months old and already showing a personality. I made DIY stuff for her and tutorial will be here. Pinky promise.


Aaanyway, about kids. I know that every mother gets judged (why is that btw?) but I wonder what is the “most right” way to raise a kid? I am all up for discipline but I think yelling at a kid when he/she hasn’t done anything wrong and threatening the kid with things they don’t like if they don’t do something is just plain mean. Honestly, it makes me physically sick in my stomach. Also, saying stuff like “I don’t like you” when a kid asks if the parent can stay with them until they fall asleep. I had to control myself not to speak up. What do you think? Am I too idealistic and people just don’t have enough energy or they have bad days and frustrating days and they just can’t deal with the kid? What do you think about this “methods”? I think I will get into a fight with her and him next time I see them practicing this nonsense on a three year old. 😡

p.s. If you have no “eclectic” relatives, does that means you’re it? XD

p.p.s. WP is messing with this post and me, grrrrr. I hope it is now showing.

41 thoughts on “A golden kid (key?)

  1. ‘Awwwwwh’ there you have it, Awh moment right there 😀
    I have to agree with you on this, Kids are to be dealt with love and kindness because stuff like yelling or punishment can put a lasting impact on the child which can have devastating effect in later life.

    P.S Please don’t kill me, I’m not really a kid person but I promise I don’t eat them for lunch either ! lol 😀

    1. People always say I am natural with kids and I normally say… “Yeah, with OTHER people kids” XD That’s ok, we are still young to think about it. Some women want big families and they have kids early and they have three of four kids and some don’t have kids at all. It’s all normal. 🙂

      I share your opinion. I don’t only whisper around kids and shower them with feathers, but I don’t approve yelling on them for no fucking reason than my frustration and never ever tell a kid that you don’t love something they can’t change (like them), because it has great impact on them and they can develop serious issues bc of it when dealt with such negative reactions from the most important people in their life at an early age.

  2. It is never necessary to be mean to your kid, I don’t care what the situation. In the long run, you’re just teaching, well, mean-ness. I’m not sure if you or anyone else would be able to change the opinions of those who are mean to their kids, though… it would most likely cause headache, but I totally understand your burning desire to speak up! I would be feeling exactly the same way.

    1. Thank you! I was looking for someone to give me an honest opinion… I get that you kid can be pain it the ass many times, but then you react on that situation not on everything kid has done recently… I don’t know, I can’t be quiet about it and the next time it happens when I’m around I’m going to ask why..

  3. Go with your heart Ivy. Step forward and do what you feel is right.
    I was on a bus in Gibraltar. Parents stressed out by pushing a boy in a wheelchair onto the bus. The boy was tense. I smiled and said to the boy, ” I love your Ferrari !” The whole mood brightened with that family.
    So say or do it. It may make someone’s day ! xox ❤

    1. I know exactly what you’re talking about 🙂 He was stressed out of going to bed because he didn’t like it and his daddy was amused by that. I noticed how really stressed out he is and almost crying and I say that we are going to be here in the next room, and he can hear us, and someone can turn on his tv in the bedroom so he can watch cartoons. Everything changes, he asked his mum and she put cartoons on and he was not focused on having to sleep anymore. ❤ It takes so little to ease the situation.

      1. That’s great that it worked with the kid. I hope you don’t have to experience a repeat performance. Have a lovely Sunday my friend 😀 ❤

      2. Thank you, since I’m getting this comment now I will have a lovely Thursday 😉 You too…

        I’m afraid this situations are not one time occurrence. :/

  4. Haha.. so smart kid, you are 😀 Now it has become today’s daily prompt 😀
    Well I think I wanted to tell you that you will be great with kids. You have that magic in you to be the darling of any kids 🙂

    1. Awww that last bit got me widening my eyes and saying awwww in real life! thank you! ❤
      I say I am great with kids because they are not mine hahahaha, but the truth is I am not ready for kids. I want to be financially settled and just feeling ready. If that does not happen (the feeling I mean), it's ok. My bf feels the same way, we could not function the way we do if we disagree on important matters.

      I think today's prompt is something else, something about some salads?? But I linked it to yesterday, just because. I can link it to today and wrote few more sentences on that theme, but I have over-used my time on the computer and going to make a break. What can I do when all of you are so interesting? 🙂

      1. Haha.. I don’t make a wrong judgment about people 😛 Anyway its clear from your character that you are a kid lover. And kids love the kid lover 😀
        Oh, yes. Today prompt is Salad days. Well I am sure, you would say kids love salad and speaking of kids…..// the rest of the post// :p

      2. Hey.. I think there is some glitch. I cant find your post in my reader. I read it from your blog. It may be problem with the publishing time. I am not sure. Do check anyways

      3. I just published. We will see. I think some weird hole happened. When I published instead making a draft and you commented, that’s when we broke the system. 😛

      4. You are not prepared!!

        Just kidding, nothing really, except maybe very public finger pointing 😉
        Btw even tho this post has misfortune to be a glitch we are deff boosting on the comments 😀

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