Upside Down Peach Pie ッ

I made this pie when the season of peaches was closing to an end. So, probably late August or early September.

I promise it tastes much better than it looks :D
I promise it tastes much better than it looks 😀

And I had planned out to make a post about it for Fiesta Friday but then life happened. (btw, it’s already FF number 43?! Crazy! O_o )

It is about time ⌚ to bring this one to the party @Angie’s, although almost three months later. Better later than not at all. 😉 Thanks Angie for waking up my love for cooking – for real, and thanks this week co-hosts. 🙂

I wanted to make some kind of cake or pie with fresh peaches (since they are gone in the winter) and I found this recipe for upside down pie. Since I love everything unusual, I decided to make it. I no longer recall how exactly the recipe went, so this is going to be short and not organised. I hope you’re ok with it. 😀

So, first I made dough. It’s like every dough recipe for pies, but I found the original recipe; PEACH PIE. It’s in Croatian so now you will know how I feel here. 😉 😛

Dough; 200 grams of smooth flour, 1 egg, 100 grams of butter, 160 grams of powder sugar, half of baking powder, half of vanilla sugar.

I placed the dough in the fridge and peeled and sliced peaches. I caramelized the sugar by melting it on small flame and stirring all the time. Note; DO NOT put the butter in it. It will go all weird and solid in a matter of seconds! Speaking of seconds, two is exactly how long you have from pouring caramelized sugar (melted) into the mold (baking tray) and getting everything even before it becomes solid like a hard candy. Oh yeah, place baking paper on the bottom first and go over with a piece of butter. I don’t remember why anymore, but butter seemed to be important. Then comes the caramelized sugar.

By then, I thought that this pie will be impossible to eat, but I am no quitter! I placed fresh cut up peaches on the now caramel bottom and I wish I took some photos of that, it looked awesome.

Dough goes on top. And here, I can just laugh. My dough was so weird and I couldn’t get it to stretch, really, I tried anything. (It supposed to be cold for easy handling but it wasn’t enough) I wasted about half a kilo of flour trying to maneuver with it without it sticking to everything… It was useless. Finally, I gave up of perfection and just tried to stretch it as wide as I could with my hands and just flip it and throw it on the top of poor peaches. Then I stretched it out some more to make it fit the shape of the mold. Just to get it over with, I made some tiny wholes with a fork all over the dough because that’s how we do it in Croatia. Oh yeah, and apparently that is the way to make your pie more yummy and amazing. At this point, I was convinced I had a case of laughable pie…

But! 35 minutes later on 190 Celsius in the oven was I surprised, boy oh boy… Not only did it smell fantastic, it tasted delicious. Delicious I say!


Take out the pie when the dough has nice colour and wait for it to cool down before turning it over. I suggest anyone to try this kind of pie. I guess caramel wasn’t hard because of the fruit juice. It is doable with any kind of fruit you would do pie from; apples, pears… Anything really. And if you’re up for peaches, they can be from compote. I hope I encouraged you to try it! 😀


Happy Fiesta everyone!

p.s. I have not forgot Andrea from Cooking with a Wallflower for guessing correctly how many times I wrote “coconut” in my Coconut Experiment. 😀 Well done! 😉

13 thoughts on “Upside Down Peach Pie ッ

    1. Hehehe, you can party as well, but be prepared for so much delicious food that you’ll get hungry. 😉 It’s every friday at Angie’s, you have the link in the post and everyone brings some food, or drinks, or anything 🙂

  1. What a lovely peach pie. I love peaches and love rubbing their skins – so fuzzy and nice to touch 😀 This looks like a quick dessert to make, I should try it someday. At first I was thinking you were going to make a happy face with the pieces of peaches ^^’ But it’s still good.

    1. I was not sure where were you going with “rubbing their skins” 😀
      Just for you I have included a smiley face in the title, a crooked one because I couldn’t find an upside down one… And I promise next time, I’ll make a smiley face 😉 I just love how you perceive me as a person who would do something like that, love love love it ❤ 🙂 Also, yes I would do something like that.

      1. “Rubbing their skins” – peaches are so nice to touch!!! How can you not rub them again and again… 😉

        Awww. That is so kind of you, Iva, to include smiley face in the title for me. I even like how it’s crooked, looks like me. Thank you so much, what a good start to the weekend 🙂 ❤

        I perceive you as a very lovely, kind person who loves to inspire us all with such positive energy ^^' I could put a million hearts here ❤

      2. I know I am just messing with you 😀

        Hehe, happy to made your day. Always happy to do that. And there you go making me feel smiley face-y with your comment ❤ 🙂

  2. Oh that life, always happening and getting in the way of things 😉 This pie looks great! Love that it’s just packed to the brim with peaches! Thanks for sharing it with us all at Fiesta Friday!

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