Facebook and technical stuff

DP; “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” When was the last time that sentence accurately described your life?

Actually…. TODAY. I set up to a journey of making my ideas (yay!) become reality in the other side of the screen through a device known as “photo editor”. I say its name whispering, with fear in my eyes. Other people whisper about it too, you can hear it in the dark streets in the night… All I wanted to do is transfer the happiness of my thoughts and images into a language I now see I can’t compete with. I don’t know it, and it’s more complicated than Klingon or Naavi (language in Avatar). Photo editors bring to you something you were not aware existed in this life and you can’t get your idea (nope, you can’t) realised if you don’t follow the rules. Evil little things. Eeeeevil.

Writing is easy, blogging and photographing and sharing and caring (cuz it rhymes) is easy.

But…. Oh, I get frustrated with technical stuff, oh I do… 😡

I didn’t start biting the keyboard, but almost.

I just don’t get Photoshop. There, I said it. I don’t know if I am stupid or something but layers confuse me, all those options confuse me. It seems to take FOREVER what I can do in any online quick editor in 10 minutes. Jeeeesh.

I have a Facebook page for this blog, opened since September first, and that page is starting to hate me, I know it. I have spent more than 3 hours (THREE!) making my cover and profile pic today because I have so many ideas which make me all happy and giggly and they need to materialize in this world. And now I am not satisfied. Of course I’m not. I found this online Photoshop and I got these pics through God knows how many changes to make them slightly resemble to my vision. Tired.



“Well, why don’t you let someone else do it, then Ivy?” you may ask, smart reader. I DID. And I waited. And waited. And waited. Yes, person who supposed to do this, why you make me wait so I have to use Paint???

Life is not fair to me. 😉

I just want to reach in with my hand sometimes and get that bloody cursor to do what I want!

If you wish to check out my “progress” and work of today; check here; IVY MOSQUITO. 

Do you have a FB page? How do you manage it with your blog, do you share posts or more stuff?

How are you in this department, are you a tech-savvy person or like me?

29 thoughts on “Facebook and technical stuff

    1. When I was searching for google images for this I actually typed “photoshop frustration” and it is a real thing!! There are articles about how to overcome this specific frustration XD

      1. haha… that is a cool info!!
        Btw your idea really worked out well. It looks like you are having thoughts about the universe 🙂 Wasn’t that you want to express? Or was it something else?

      2. Hehehe, you checked it out! 😀
        It is supposed to represent my mind who is like a creative universe and since I really love everything about science of the universe it can be taken literary also. 🙂
        Like everything seems quiet but I am thinking about so many things… Universe. 🙂

    1. Hey Ralph you are not in my spam folder 😉
      Well I don’t know about that, you seem pretty tech to me hehehehe, you even got vlogging going on (when you make a video) 😀

  1. wscottling

    I don’t have a Facebook page for my blog, but a link my blog gets posted to my Facebook page via twitter. A friend of mine and I do have a humor Facebook page where we post off-color pictures. I’ve never worked with Photoshop though. I use the photo editing program that comes with the computer or whatever online photo editing program I can get my hands on that will do the job. Photoshop is way too expensive for me. 🙂

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