Global meditation is tomorrow!

I look forward to global meditations on December 12 since I first joined one in 2012. They are always special and beautiful and it is amazing knowing that in the same time (it goes live) thousands and thousands people are listening to the same voice and imagining same things… 🙂 ❤

I used to meditate quite often, when I was attending yoga. I loved visualization we learned at yoga classes. But I have lost that habit, and also the habit of breathing through my stomach – which is this awesome thing you learn with practicing yoga and it helps you to be more relaxed in everyday life. So, I love this opportunities from Master Shift to join again. 🙂

If you love trying something awesome and just wanna relax, do tune in! Two meditation will be held as every year, for west and eastern hemisphere lasting 25 minutes.

More info and exact time of the start of the meditation video can be found via my Facebook page; IVY MOSQUITO and The Master Shift


2 thoughts on “Global meditation is tomorrow!

  1. wscottling

    Belly breathing is a great thing and I try to do it as often as I can. I’ve tried yoga before but never got into it. I do like meditating though. I’ll look up your link and see what tomorrow is all about.

    1. It was nice – I played it from link since I’ve missed the original timing. This year they haven’t made it two times, so I missed out. But even so it was nice. It was better last year and year before because this year it is focused on individual person. But still, very lovely meditation to listen 🙂 Tell me how did you like it if you listened?
      Yes I agree with you, well I went to relaxation yoga where the focus was on meditation visualization and stretching. We didn’t do crazy stuff there hehe. 🙂

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