The holidays… you don’t have to “hate it or love it”, you can adjust it to YOU

Do you love Christmas? Or Christmas season?

I used to LOVE it, then hate it, like really hate it… And now in the past few years I love it once again.

So, I was at both ends. 😉


Many people don’t like Christmas music we are bombarded from the end of November. (For the love of God, that’s not even in December!) Of course we don’t like it, it’s TOO MUCH. So, guess what? I don’t listen to radio. I just don’t. I have freedom of actions that helps me turn off the radio. I turn it on or go on Christmas playlist when I feel like it, most likely on Christmas Eve.

On certain places I can’t avoid it that’s for sure. But I tend to go shopping in smaller stores so I am not stuck there for an hour listening to “Jingle Bells” 20 times. XD

Other things are decorations. We are lucky, here in Zagreb, government does not light the street decorations until December 1st. And it’s lovely to see some lights and stars and stuff you don’t get to see all year while the weather is so cold it is promising snow. 🙂

The one thing that makes me love this part of year is the fact you can UNLEASH your inner creative self. 💡

And for a creative bundle of ideas like me, that’s awesome! 🙂 Pull out your colored papers, scissors, glue, all sorts of paint, candles, sprays…. Go nuts with it! You can make your own decorations, you can make presents for other people, you can just plain entertain yourself….For Do It Yourself or DIY this is an awesome part of year. 🙂

I already made some stuff (for Christmas and non-related) and since I am so behind in presenting it here, I will do a different post. With all the pictures, I promise 😀

10 thoughts on “The holidays… you don’t have to “hate it or love it”, you can adjust it to YOU

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    1. Haha, yes they are… So much that I don’t have time to blog. Well, I will share when I could 😀 You should see it, this year I made my own Christmas decoration like the ones you can buy in store (and expensive if I might add) from scratch 😀
      Happy holidays! Did you see my soup, it has “Z” on it, it’s Zee 😉

      1. Oh wow that sounds so artistic and creative Ivy, I hope you share them here on your blog with all of us. Would love to have a look at them and I promise I won’t steal the ideas ! haha 😀

        And no I think I somehow missed the soup, where is it?! 🙂

      2. Haha thanks Zee and yes you can use my ideas, of course! That’s why I share, I love it! 😀
        I will post when I found time, for now I’m just taking photos hehe…

        Ugh, I have no idea. It should be among recent post, but if it’s not just scroll a bit… Wait, I’ll find it.

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