Just two more (wo)men, captain!

She sits behind the screen

She is a bit nervous from within

Daily Prompt is not up yet!

She feels she is starting to sweat

Why today of all possible days,

They keep me in this uncomfortable place?

Because you see, she has a wish

She didn’t write Santa, or make a New Year’s list

Her wish is tangled to her WordPress blog

She wants to ask all of you to come along 🙂



Only a few dear readers are missed

To make this wish come true from her only list

To enter a New Year with a round number

500th follower will make her crumble

If it happens it will be amazing

A number she hasn’t thought of in her wildest dreams

Is so close now, as it seems.

And I am so grateful for each one of you

Happy New Year to you too!


There was my luck, no Prompt yesterday. 😀 But still, some awesome people followed me and now… It’s down to TWO PEOPLE! Weeeheeeee haha…

Today it’s about when we last shed tears of anything (joy pain, sadness) I might shed one or two today if my wish comes true. ❤


Author: ivyon

Hello! I have a blog on address ivymosquito.wordpress.com so feel free to check it out ;)

33 thoughts on “Just two more (wo)men, captain!”

  1. #YayBananas New Goal?

    I once set a goal to write a comment in every single one of my followers posts at least once per month.

    My fingers almost fell off with muscle strain, and to continue I would have had to quit working where I actually earn an income.. lol

    1. Hahaha that’s why I normally don’t set goals here. Next one…hm, 10 000? 😀
      I once set a goal to give a theme EVERY DAY and the second day I realized that not only I can’t post so often and have a brand new idea worked out, but the people contributing can’t follow it. 🙂

      1. LOL… If there was an award for blog desertion – I’d get it for sure,

        You’ve come up with some great fun ideas! I’m sure your birthday blog was when I posted my 21st birthday snaps (15 yrs ago)

        Keep at it…


      1. I don’t have ONE photo of myself. Ok, correction, I have one and its dark, taken with mobile phone… I had no plans, than to go with the flow. Turns out the flow was super amazing. I had a great New Year’s Eve, I can say one of the best in my life 😀 So, you are right, better not to tell the tales 😉

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