Uhmmmm… What?

Warning: It is OK and encouraged to laugh at this post. But not too much.


I officially don’t understand this illness.

There, I said it.

I was thinking of doing a list of all things it made me go through – in a kinda pissed off yet humorous way (my favorite kind of way) but the list is getting too long!!

Lets try to crack this mofo down. Symptoms.

Cold; running nose, sore throat, cough, headache, head feels like a balloon and you generally feel like crap.

Flu; Very high temperature, muscle ache, very heavy cough

This illness? BOTH.

I have felt that something is just not right few days after the New Year’s Day. My throat was hurting and I didn’t feel well. Since by that time my sis was few days into a serious illness where she couldn’t swallow from pain and had all of the symptoms of a cold I kinda figured that I got it and went “Oh no. No. Oh no.” in my head. Then mum got it and they both got antibiotics (which are given for the bacterial infections!) and I was still in the Status Quo. Well, few days later no more status quo for me! Muscle ache. Real bad. Cried of pain. (This is supposed to be slightly funny but hey it gets “better”). Luckily found a creme for (against?) pain to massage all over my back. That creme and few others were my new besties.

I was still enthusiastic. Hey I had temperature just over 37 degrees. USA you need to give up the Fahrenheit. OK fine, there: 98.6 F.

But next day. Nope. Not even gonna go there. Temperature close to 39 degrees and over (102.2 F) and in next days going from 37 – 39 in 15-20 minutes. Boy, that was an experience I thought I will never have to get familiar with. This temperature stuff happened more at night so I was alone with my thoughts up until pill for taking down the temperature started working. FUN. Not being able to move because I was too damn cold. I got cramps because I did not want to move until it got hot. Oh, and when it got hot, I was ON THE SUN. My legs were so hot (Amazing start of a sentence in a different occasion) that, and I shit you not, my body hair curled!


I thought (not in one occasion) “Okay I’m gonna die this way.” Not a pleasant thought when you feel like Superman on a bed of Kryptonite. So, you ask me, did I got scared? i have other issues going on with my health and yes, I got super scared! One night I panicked and as I was having a panic attack I started to sweat and I thought to myself “Great, the temperature will go down now.


My doctor was a delight and she admitted me without appointment. I was having about 38.5 C at the moment and a kind woman in the waiting room asked me if I was alright. No, kind lady, but thank you, it’s nice to be the sickest at the doctors. It was either my doctor or emergency room. Fortunately she said it was virus-related so I didn’t need antibiotics, told me to drink huge amount of liquids which I already did and keep taking down the temperature.

Speaking about liquids I think I drank liters of tea/juice/water/anything drinkable really in that 5 days as I normally would in like… two months.

I just realized I took you on this painful journey with me. I’m sorry. I will make a virtual cookies. There.


Where was I? Oh yes… After five days the temperature finally dropped and wasn’t coming back, so I didn’t took a pill for reducing it. Mistake. The temperature that night made a comeback like a band on a concert when you think it’s over but…ei, they they are with one more song! That was the last song of the temperature… SO FAR. I am trying not to jinx myself. So I unknowingly enter phase two of this whatever it is. Recovering.

I was so happy first few days that I wasn’t burning like a hamburger on a barbecue that I haven’t noticed how slowly the recovery goes with this. I am not kidding. I felt like I had 200 kilos and this hippopotamus here needed half a minute to get to the bathroom few feet away. Food – no interest. I thought I had lost weight for sure but I didn’t. I have no idea how. I did eat like small meals and drank a mixture of a lot of fruit and veggies home-made. My sis made a fast recovery but she is not feeling extra well again. My mum and I – we were snails in a snail race. Every day just a lil’ bit faster. So I entered the third phase.



I was happy at first that I was bored – you think I would learn with the first wave of happiness. But then I got REALLY bored and low energy so no out of bed. There is only so many things you can do that don’t involve moving or watching TV. I listened to a lot of stand up comedy on my mobile, and even that got boring. Then it hit me all the stuff I was planning to do, and places I wanted to go and how none of that happened… You know, fun stuff again. And after like what it seemed like a lifetime of low energy boredom I entered the phase I am in now. The “What?” phase.

I got enthusiastic about food again. YAY! I also started to feel smells and I can kinda hear again normally (ears got clogged). I can move faster, I can watch at screens more. I can even wash my glass when I put the new tea in! Ha! It’s the small victories that count. It is still weird how slooooooooooow the recovery goes but I have read about something that made me rethink it all and it’s not terrible. It is frustrating, boring, it sucks big time, it is confusing but there are people who have it much worse. Heart shutout to them ❤

The “What?” phase is called like that because I started again to have some of the first symptoms like sore throat, clogged sinuses and headache. I am hoping SO MUCH I am not stuck in a Groundhog illness. Please, oh, please.

Also I got all of your comments which I respond when I feel well enough or bored enough to not care about how I feel. I love them, keep ’em coming! ❤ And speaking of groundhog we are waiting some sort of snow blizzard in Croatia that is supposed to make us go “wow” and “oh no” at the same time. It is snowing as I type and… eh. Who cares. I’m in bed anyway.

p.s. I realized I handled (handling) this like a champ. Very proud. 🙂

37 thoughts on “Uhmmmm… What?

  1. First of all, you make me being sick look nothing compared to yours lol not that we are having a competition or something on who got more sick! Haha

    And second, snowwwww!!! I gotta see some pictures of snow since we don’t have it part of the country where I live. We gotta travel up towards north or up in the hills to get snow. I love winters so yup snow means everything to me 😀 lol

    I hope you are much much better now, all warm and cozy ! 😉 ❤

    1. Hahahaha first thing I thought was “it’s like a competition” and then i read further 😀 😀
      Well it was no fun ride, but just… a ride… lol

      I posted some photos for weekly challenge a bit back so check ’em out. I honestly wanted to do a snow photoshoot in nature but it was either to cold and snowing, without real conditions or I had other things to do… Oh yeah, and my camera was malfunctioning, that was sad becasue I thought it was broken. Thanks heavens, it is not. 🙂
      It is again very cold and I can see snow on a hill that is above my city from my window but we more south don’t have the snow (yet)…

      1. I might take a photo. Today is cloudy and raining some so the view is not clear… I hope I will get some good view still these days because we don’t have snow here and I am kinda preparing for the spring. Mentally. XD

      2. I was not 😀 But… I am sick again. Fuck it. It’s the cold this time and it is already a bit better, but whyyyyyyyyyyyyy, oh whyyyyyyyy 😉

      3. Awwwh 😦
        Well I’d say spend some more time in that cozy bed of yours, some warm cup of coffee and some cuddles perhaps? 😉
        Get well soon sweetheart! ❤

      4. Hehe, thanks 🙂 oh I am way to hyper to keep in bad all day erry day so I do stuff that I can 🙂 Oh cuddles, yes, checked. I have to send a coupon to my boyfriend hehe
        Hope you are doing better than me and feeling inspired to blog ❤

      5. I will have to check it out, I just… I want to read more blogs but then i don’t because I am doing this, or this, and now I have headache… you know how it is. :/

  2. Queen Sylvia

    I hear that big time! My man got sick for like a whole two weeks, and he never gets sick, and this is just way out of hand because I got sick too. It stinks. Get better soon!

      1. Queen Sylvia

        Oh we’re Ok now but pretty much had your symptoms. I didn’t have high temperature but was nauseaus big time and had stomach pains. The man had high temp but no stomach issues. All the other symptoms we did have, including throat scratching and pains. I’m very glad this is over after 3 weeks of straight suffering.

      2. Oh me too… Glad you are doing better. I am too, still not all energized and nose still running, but far far away from two weeks ago 🙂

  3. So so so sorry to hear you were this sick . Temperature going up and down in a matter of minutes is no joke. It must be a weird feeling having to sit still and wondering what your body will do next. Hahaha, like a band at a concert, lol, what a way to describe it. But it seems that the illness can’t put down your sense of humour. Thank you so much for the cookies. Five minutes ago I was annoyed and wanted some cookies and then I read your post and now I am much better!

    I hope you get well soon, and your mother too. Rest well and stay at home more and don’t get hit by the snow. And yes, I will respond to your mail soon! 😀

    1. I was thinking about mail! I didn’t go check it out and I was like… Man I have to go reply, and now I read the last sentence hahah 😀
      Yeah, I think I wasn’t this sick for more than 10 years. About 15 even. I remember having very high temperature when I was about 12 or 13, so that was last time I think. It was weird indeed. And kinda scary. And terrible of course. And not funny at all. But now I feel better and i like to first acknowledge that something is hard but then make the most positive turn as I can. That way I respect my experience and pain but also not making it longer with negative emotions, if that makes sense. I learned that that is an very good way of dealing with things. Sometimes I can, sometimes not. It’s very easy to feel low when stuff is not happening the way you want or you don’t feel good… Thanks for your good wishes, mum is really better and I am recovering too. ❤

      Yay for the jackpot with the cookies! It's like i made them myself 😀
      It's still snowing btw, now a day or two straight but it is snowing horizontally because of strong wind so it isn't catching as much.

      1. Hahaha, I will reply soon, I promise and tell you what’s going on 😉

        Very nice to hear you are seeing this as somewhat a positive experience. It’s definitely not pleasant to be that sick for so long. It’s like your whole life have to stop. So next time when you are better and go out and have fun, you will be smiling for real and you will know what true happiness is!

        Snowing horizontally? It must be cold. I hope you wrap up and keep warm and keep the sick at bay and away 🙂

      2. Hehe, no worries 🙂 Well, i don’t see it as positive but I can at least laugh at it xd

        My other health problems are keeping me away from my “regular going around life” so I am living now as if you said my life has to stop. But it feels like it is beginning on another healthy and great level, but what I miss is working, going places, hanging out with my friends… Like I used to. I had to put my foot down and sacrifice those stuff for my greater good. 🙂

        It stopped snowing but I am all wrapped up in blankets 😀

  4. Considering your position ie. horizontal in bed, you have written a really great post. I wouldn’t call flu funny unless you flu around your ceiling light. Get well soon my friend and become normal soon my friend …..ummm…..as “normal” as you usually are Ivy :/

    1. Hahaha I don’t know if I find the beginning or the end funnier 😀 As normal as I get? What, you’re saying I’m not normal?! 😛
      I wrote it sitting. Uh, now I feel better when the secret is out… 😉
      Thank you on a serious note. 🙂 ❤

  5. wscottling

    Sounds like a really bad case of the flu, but it also sounds like you’re over the worst of it. I’m glad you’re way over there so I don’t catch your cooties (it’s a child’s term for germs). Don’t send them through the Internet, please. I hope you’re feeling up to your normal self soon.

    Thanks for the cookies! ^_^

    1. Sending you cooties over the interwebs muahahahaha 😉
      Naaah, I wouldn’t wish this upon anyone, in fact I said that this could be made into a legal punishment for some crimes xd

    1. Hehe you are kind, Well, you don’t know what you can until you have to. I think many people got this type of flu/cold here… Thanks for encouraging me 🙂

      1. Everybody is dropping like flies around me and I hope I don’t get whatever they seem to have because I make a very bad sick person. I drive my poor mother up the wall.

      2. That’s how I felt when everyone around me start ending up in bed and I was still holing up 😀
        My advice, leave if possible. I couldn’t leave but my immune system fought long before getting sick. we had some strangely warm weather at the beginning of January, that’s like perfect for this stupid illness to spread. Hehe I can imagine. I am a hyper patient, I do literary everything to get better as soon as possible. Vitamins, give ’em. Fruit. Propolis drops. Syrup. Pastile. Traditional remedies. Cremes. All of it XD

      3. Oh that’s unfortunate! :/ You know what you can do… You can keep your immune system high. We say, “making it stronger” with a lot of vitamin C (oranges, mandarins) or if you don’t have time you can buy something in the pharmacy… Vitamin C is the fastest one organism is spending when in cold or flu (fun fact I did not know before this, but now I do) I hope it helps 🙂

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