Here I Am.


I completely understand why famous people love to have their hand print made. It’s so powerful. Like you did something important, left your trail… 🙂

Although mine imprint is in snow I hope I will make some real difference in my life and lives of people around me, maybe even for people I don’t know all around the world. It’s cool to think about it.

This is an entry for WPC: Depth and below is entry for Scale.

Is it a underwater photo? How big it is?

You probably know what it is because of the photo above, but it’s still fun to imagine. 😉


Btw, I am better. 🙂

42 thoughts on “Here I Am.

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    1. Thanks! 🙂 If you only knew how ordinary it looked at first sight but I decided to take photo anyway (it was yesterday) and when I saw it later I was glad I took it. 🙂

    1. Yay! 🙂 It would be a LOT but it was super windy all the time snow was falling so it could not catch on. It did catch like 10-15 cm, but I have no idea if it will snow again. Today it’s sunny and it’s so lovely 🙂

      1. That is so strange to me… Where are you, more to the north or south? I have this feeling that I don’t know if it is correct that UK and Ireland have a lot or rainy weather but now as much snow even though you are so much norther than us… Today it is again snowing the whole day, I love it bc I don’t have to go anywhere… 🙂

      2. So I got the right perception… 🙂 Isn’t that kinda weird that we get more snow and we are so much more south? Maybe it’s because the Alps are near… Who knows

      3. I read it, but to be honest it’s big for me, I had to translate some words I am not THAT good in English… I have some things I want to do, but I will be checking for this challenge of yours, maybe I’ll find something that will inspire me to respond 😉

      4. Happy Valentines’s! 🙂
        I hope you have a great time with your pack 😉 of three boys/men. 🙂
        I will follow your challenges, I just got back my charger for the camera and right now the snow is melting and everything looks so sad, you know how it is in the city when snow becomes brown :/

      1. Today I have read something that made me laugh,it goes like this… All women are crazy and men are stupid. The reason why women are crazy is because the men are stupid 😀 😀
        Of course it’s not true, but it made me laugh.

      1. My name is Seneng Utami. Let you know about me, I’m come from Indonesia who love to speach English. Sadly, my English not enought good.
        Seneng in Indonesian language is mean Happy.
        That’s so fun right?
        How abaout you Ivy, where you come from??

      2. Hi Seneng 🙂 That is ok, I was great in talking English but not writing when I started writing this blog, and now i write as I think something… You can translate on Google translator everything you don’t understand 🙂 You will be better with practice sooner than you think hehe..
        I love that. Happy. My name (Iva) doesn’t mean anything but I like it 😀
        Croatia and I will answer your other comment about that

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