Finally, we know. #TheDress

Something is perfect for some days and I don’t think about ultimate perfect scenario for my Saturday mornings because my mood is different every day. OK, maybe every few hours. 😛 Today I am discussing this phenomena and eating oranges cuz that is how it is. I know… It’s all over the place. But now we have a confirmation.

roman-originals white gold.JPG

I saw it as white and gold, as majority people did and thought that the ones saying black and blue are trolling… XD In fact, it really is black and blue.

Somehow this dress emphasized the individual difference of how we see things and how our brain perceive things with little or no context, in this case, color or this dress. I find it interesting. 🙂 How do you see it?

Read the science behind it if you like 😉 :

19 thoughts on “Finally, we know. #TheDress

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    1. That in the begining of my post is a photo that was circulating the web… And I think because it is so up close and with no context the mistakes about the color were even more likely… Have you read the link I placed? It is explained there 🙂
      Something about individual differences about how we perceive things and see them based on a given information 🙂

    1. Indeed it is, we all are confused 😀 So, you in the majority club, welcome haha 😉
      I don’t have a clue how she managed to take a photo of a dress so vividly colored to look so pale and resemble completely other colors….

  2. Anna

    To be honest when I first saw the photo (like in your post) I see white+gold too, but when I scroll down it kind of changes color and indeed I see black and blue!

    1. I thought everyone was joking when said that they see black and blue XD But then I saw this video and I couldn’t see it any other way. Now, I can see how it can be both. It is really fascinating, I think the lady who posted the photo had no idea…. 😀

    1. Actually we all do. We basically see white and light blue but in our brain we dismiss the blue as the blue light coming from somewhere (outside) and lighting the dress that way 😉 So that’s why we say, white and gold 🙂

  3. Yea I got to see the whole mystery uncover last night …lol
    I loved the Ellen Tweet about it, the whole world being divided into two on the basis of two colors lol 😀

    BTW I saw it as black and blue 😀

    1. Noooo, you! Black and blue! You are supposed to be in my clan! 😛 😉
      Oh no, I haven’t seen it yet but I KNEW she would post something, gotta go check it out! 😀

      1. Lol, I do see black n blue mainly but once or twice I did catch a glimpse of gold n white 😛

        So many other celebrities , caught up on the trend too, it was a chaos on social media yesterday ! Phew. glad it’s over LOL

      2. I honestly thought they were trolling 😀
        Yeah, if I see that dress few more times it might look to me as red and orange hahaha

      3. Me too, I thought it was a joke so didn’t pay much attention to it until they released that it was indeed true and had a whole scientific explanation for it …
        I did enjoy the whole debacle though…lol

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