It is 8 o’clock

Rest in peace good man.

Rest in peace kind man.

Rest in peace, you who were always there to land a hand, to help others.

Rest in peace, you who I never thought I would have to say goodbye so soon.

Your daughters are good, I have seen them yesterday. My friend and I cried and hugged and talked.

And we don’t understand.


And we are a bit angry.

Because we know why.

And we are so, so sad.

Because we wanted to help.

If we had known….

Rest in peace good man.

You will be missed.


I would put a heart pendant in the “Time Capsule.” Love is what we have, what we need and what is important. And my love is the only thing I could give to my friend who is grieving.

This post is dedicated to a loving father and neighbor who left us too soon. 

10 thoughts on “It is 8 o’clock

    1. Thank you Mabel ❤
      Yes, yes he was. And also my friends dad, I am mostly very sad about her and her sister, because they lost their mother and now him. It is really hard not to be, you know… It is a shock for my family and our neighbors.

    1. I am so sorry for your loss. The title though is something very personal to me, and only I know what that means… I wanted to bring some of my struggles in this post, that’s why I named it something no one but me understands.

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