11 thoughts on “Spring!

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  2. What beautiful flower photos, Iva. It looks so delicate on that piece of wood, I hope no one crushes it. Spring has certainly sprung in your part of the world! Hopefully it’s warmer where you are and you are no longer sick but very well and happy. Always good to see you here 🙂 Lots of love from Australia 😀

    1. Thanks Mabel 😀 no worries. I brought it home you can see it here: https://ivymosquito.wordpress.com/2015/03/09/saffron_flower/
      It is and it is SO great to see grass getting greener and birds coming back. I am so looking forward to warmer sunny days… How is in Melbourne? I had in plan to write about my diy project I did for holidays but it is no longer winter and Christmas 2014 seems so far away… :/ But then I remember my Mabel is just in autumn now 😉

      1. And with the weather warmer, there will be more green grass, flowers and birds soon. That will make everybody in your town more happy!

        I love being your Mabel 😀 It’s autumn in Melbourne and it’s cold. Oh no! Today I went to the park hoping to photograph some yellow-orange trees, but the leaves are still green. I was too early ^^’ Hope you are having a good weekend!

      2. I laughed at your attempt to photograph leaves, I do the same sooo many times 😀 I put something in my head and plan, but reality is actually different and not “in sync” with my plans 😀
        I absolutely love the fact today we stepped into summer time (turning our clock forward) and now it is longer day.

      3. We are turning our clock backward this weekend. Shorter day, oh no. But that means earlier sunsets so maybe I can have more time to take photos of them. Enjoy your longer days, go out and play 🙂

      4. The last bit made me feel like a dog 😀 They are so happy and jumpy, going for walks and running, I can see them from my window since I have a good view on the meadow the owners bring their dogs 🙂
        I looked now where in the world people are turning clocks, I thought the turn them everywhere. Turns out, nope. Not even in the whole Australia…
        Yeah, you are going in the winter sleepy time, and here we are TRYING to wake up from laying next to the warm heaters and go outside. 🙂

      5. I like dogs too. So I’m sure you will see a lot more dogs walk past the meadow this spring. Hope they don’t bark all the time and disturb you 😀 Lol, if it ever gets too warm in spring or summer on your end, I will send you an icy winter blast from Australia ^^’ Today here was almost thirty degrees, like summer. Crazy weather. But from tomorrow it will be cold, oh no!

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