Skin color obbsesion

Guess what I did for a couple of hours today?

OK, you can probably guess from the title. 🙂

I did what I NEVER did before in my life. I was checking up my skin color via internet. And I was not let down. If you have already did this, you know just HOW MANY pages exist on the place I call Zee Intertnetz. Let me tell you how much. A whole lotta too much.

I was overwhelmed.

My thought process went from oh, let me just take this quiz, to “What the actual hell they are talking about?!” As a person who grew up in a place where 99% of the people fit into a certain category, my view comes mostly from seing tourists visiting. Hence – not having the need to focus on that topic. A privilege.

So, I am in no position to talk about this topic.


Much of this post has been deleted since it was an unintentional asshole. I turn to people who actually know what they are talking about:

Comedian and talk show host Trevor Noah does amazing job by using smart humor. Check him out and you won’t be sorry. 🙂