Skin color obbsesion

Guess what I did for a couple of hours today?

OK, you can probably guess from the title. 🙂

I did what I NEVER did before in my life. I was checking up my skin color via internet. And I was not let down. If you have already did this, you know just HOW MANY pages exist on the place I call Zee Intertnetz. Let me tell you how much. A whole lotta too much.

I was overwhelmed.

My thought process went from oh, let me just take this quiz, to “What the actual hell they are talking about?!” As a person who grew up in a place where 99% of the people fit into a certain category, my view comes mostly from seing tourists visiting. Hence – not having the need to focus on that topic. A privilege.

So, I am in no position to talk about this topic.


Much of this post has been deleted since it was an unintentional asshole. I turn to people who actually know what they are talking about:

Comedian and talk show host Trevor Noah does amazing job by using smart humor. Check him out and you won’t be sorry. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Skin color obbsesion

  1. Great post. I was also thinking about the race difference and why people are so much separated by their appearance. Unfortunately it looks like the white people have easier life than others, which cause quite a lot of challenge for people of different race. We are all human and we have to admit that difference make us unique and beautiful and might be a reason for a friendship not discrimination.

    1. Ugh this is just a beginning… I have done some test and I plan on focusing a lot more on this topic…. I have no idea how other people experience me talking about this in my post since I have to so called white privilege. I hope this is not ticking them off in any way.

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