The land of PINK

The land of PINK

This was a present for my friend who adores pink color. 🙂

It is made from a belt that was on a shirt I bought in a secondhand outlet and it just didn’t fit (for me), so I cut it off and made theese two beauties instead. 😉

I have photos of the process, but not as detailed as I could. This will be the case for probably everything I made up to this point… I’m gonna start making more step-by-step photos from now on, I promise.

First bracelet – with a buckle

I used an old buckle from a purse belt I never use and cut the leather to fit. Then I glued the part that needs to stay together and put a pyramid rivet through.


I cut the soon-to-be-bracelet belt to the shape I wanted and sew the buckle on.


I made sure the buckle was secure enough for wearing and.. that’s it 🙂


Second bracelet – with rivots

From what I had left from the belt I cut leather in square shape and put pyramid rivots in two rows, with a help of a ruler to keep the distance between rivots approximately the same.


I wish I hade had taken photos of the next step, but I didn’t. 😦 So, I took some white rubber for fabric and paint it pink with a felt pen and then sew it onto both ends of the bracelet in the middle.


I made sure that I cut the right amount of fabric rubber, and that was it. 🙂


Done and done.

Have a nice day! 🙂

Breakin’ the ice

Fotor071721371 - Copy

It is complete! 😀 Finally…

I’m gonna describe what I did, step by step. I’ll put on some detailed pictures of exact process next time… Everyone who makes necklaces like this likes to do their cotton necklaces or jewelry on a maybe similar but still different way. I’ll explain mine in some of the next posts. 🙂
So, by numbers here we go:

1. I got some cotton shirt (thick cotton this time), and cut it in about 3 cm widght.

2. As soon as I got this tranparent summer shirt/dress I knew it will became some sort of necklace (hehe), because the fabric is so nice and pattern is just beautiful.

3. For the brooch I had some difficult time figuring out how to cut the badge I had, eventually i used can opener, 😉 and a safety pin.

4. Then I had to glue everything for brooch. Normally I put something heavy such as a book to keep it dry in place, but since in this case I couldn’t do that I used wooden clips.
p.s. I use all type of glue but in this area I used glue for wood – because big button in the center is wooden

5. Ta-daaa 🙂 It is done, and ready. I imagined it in combinations with more classic clothes like work combinations. As you can see in the picture I put transparent fabric all around and tied it on top with cotton pieces left from the shirt i used. Brooch is from one wooden button and around is again the same cotton fabric braided and glued. On the centre of wooden button I glued some of the transparent fabric and then covered everything with nail polish. 😉 I glued everything on the peace of cotton fabric which I sewed first in two layers to stand better and to be able to hold the entire piece.

Do you like it?