First Contact


I have always had a thing for animals, specially cats and dogs… When I see scared or neglected cat or dog I want to come to them, pet them, talk to them, feed them… 🙂

I wanted to be veterinarian when I was a kid… What put me off was the idea of watching sick animals all the time and not being able to save them all… I get that way, in a Superhero mode. And it is not possible. So I focus on ones I can do something about. This little scared kitty is taken in by my bf family but they can’t have her in the house because it is semi-wild. She is so scared… So we are trying to socialize her whenever I’m there. 🙂 You can see one of the attempts to make her stop being afraid of us.

This is a part of Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-Second Story

Meet…………………………………. Bob.



So… Yeah. It’s official. 😀

Here are the results:

Bob 4
Clarence 3
Elvis 2
Captain Joe 2
Tutankhamon 1
Boris 1
Thunder 1
dude 1
Oedipus 1
Pokey 1
Tug 1

You have been very creative (my personal favorite is Tutankhamon) 😀 but it is meant to be Bob. Welcome Bob, when you were sunbathing you didn’t even imagine that you’ll became famous. 🙂

Full photo of Bob taken a minute earlier (you can see the snake in the water and more turtles):



Waking Up Is Hard To Do …

I do not know what to put focus on, because the entire post is so beautifully written and close to me… The hardest thing about this reblog was choosing the quote.

“All the romance aside, waking up is hard to do. Life can be so overwhelming for many of us that we learn to numb ourselves to the day-to-day adopting, however unwittingly, a disassociated state just to get by. As a result we don’t feel present in our experiences and our lives, and when we look back all we see is a blur. I know this to be true, for it is my experience.

To be awakened, no matter how gently, has the potential to wreak inner havoc. However, if are to be free of the over-shadowed life we must wake up and step into the light, even though it’s bound to be a bit disorienting for a while.”

“Waking up, and expanding our comfort zone, is hard to do. Still, when we land in an environment that promotes growth and surround ourselves with people who care a whole new world can open up for us. “

Musings of a Horse Mom

Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

~Albert Einstein.


Just over three months ago Bear and I made a major change in our lives by moving to another barn.

The shift in awareness for us both has been dramatic. It’s almost as if we are awakening, finally getting to see our truth in the light of day. In fact, I even joked the other day that Bear is coming out of hibernation!

And I feel like Sleeping Beauty kissed awake into a new realm of magical possibility.

All the romance aside, waking up is hard to do. Life can be so overwhelming for many of us that we learn to numb ourselves to the day-to-day adopting, however unwittingly, a disassociated state just to get by. As a result we don’t feel present in our experiences and our lives,  and when we look back all we see is a blur…

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Meet the Random Post Turtle ☺

Meet the Random Post Turtle ☺

I have been developing my skillz in this platform, ou yeah… And I wanted to have a Random Post button. You know what that is? The button on the side which you click and it takes you to a random post of mine. Fun! 😎

So… Meet Bob The Turtle. John. Elvis. No? Help me think of a name for him, I need to call him something. I got a gender, it’s a he. Why? Because.

I need your help. We need to name Bob. Or whatever his name is going to be. Since I am super creative and come up with Bob, you have to help me. 😀


Just to be clear, this is my photo, taken by me. If you would like to use it I’m ok with that, but it would be nice to ask first. 🙂

Proof that cats are only putting a disguise in front of humans!

Hahahahahaha, this video never fails to make me laugh. 😀

I bring to you the description below the video:

“There is a suspicion that cats and dogs are only putting an act on for the humans, proof of this has been a long time coming, However this remarkable video catches a cat barking like a dog, until he realizes he is being watched by a human. I expect that we will soon see cats walking on two legs, operating a can opener, and dogs reading the paper. They are just playing with us people!”


Magic Vol. 2

I was going for something magical with this song so I searched “magic spring” thinking I would get beautiful pictures of spring and flowers…. And stuff… But I got this:


Hahahahaha 😀

But I searched a little more so I found this:



Pocahontas is my favorite cartoon, and this is one of my favorite scene…


And this, well if you haven’t watched Avatar, the movie, make sure you do… It is true magic… 🙂
I feel magic when looking at movement in nature, how about you? What is magic for you?


Iva’s Awesome Birthday Challenge | Day 6 & 7

Today I need some inspiration. 🙂

Go nuts on quotes, inspiration photos or videos. Link link link.

Since I am the one who normally provide inspiration on my blog, I bring to you this video who amazed me. How much what seems to be a little thing and irrelevant can literary change the world. Don’t forget, your ideas and positivity change your life and therefore the world you are living in. 🙂

Video is from Youube channel called Sustainable Man, if you want you can check it out.