Bohemian house in Croatia


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I actually had to do a little bit of research for this week’s Photo Challenge. I spotted this “La bohème” house in the center of a small city near Zagreb. It immediately caught my attention. When I read the theme of Challenge – Fray, I had to ask myself a few questions.

First of all, and I am not ashamed to admit it, I had to Google meaning of “Fray”. And then I had to Google some more… And when I thought I got it, some of the entries confused me, so… I Googled some more. 😀 If I got this terribly wrong, you know who to blame. 😉

Fray; conflict, clash, wear out.


That’s when I remembered the house I took photo of last week. I thought the sign “La bohème” was so strange to be placed there and yet it is so perfect. It is in Dugo Selo, on the main road. It is obvious that something was there, a shop maybe? Now, there is nothing and on the right side you can see the coffee place. On the left side however there seems to be some kind of private entrance. I have no idea, I wish I payed more attention to it when I was there, to check out what is the deal with this house. Bohemian house. 🙂

I did a research on the phrase “La bohème”. I knew roughly what it meant and that it was French, but here is the complete explanation; A four-act opera by Giacomo Puccini, detailing the life of eight friends living in Paris in 1830-1831 under the struggle of poverty.

Bohemian on the other hand is; A person with artistic or literary interests who disregards conventional standards of behavior.

I knew that one. The only question is, why is that here? Is it a tribute for the opera in the middle of a small city whose name literary means “Long Village”? Highly doubt it.

I think it is a imprint of times gone by, was there a shop or something else. Now it is just a sign which meaning suits the tenement house so well.


The other thing that says “Fray” to me is this photo. I took it in the park of nature Maksimir (which translates into “Maxi peace”) in Zagreb, by the 4th and 5th lake. It is actually this hill that divides the lakes who are divided only on the ground. Underground the water flows from one lake to other. Very lovely sight if I may add. 🙂 I will post some photos soon, it was cloudy the day I took photos and perfect to capture the color of the lakes.

In between…

In between...

I didn’t have any clever title for this one. But I am not apologising. Nope. Hashtag Unapologetic.

I am kind of “Fuck it” today (and yesterday, and day before, and day before…) But today it’s really on. I have this annoying health/emotional thingies that irritate me mucho. in times like this inspiration is something important. Except it is not. Just fuck it. It is how it is. Motivation is on the other hand, mucho important. I don’t know whatssup with “mucho”, but I like it mucho. So, just put your fist or middle finger up to the world and say, Fuck you, you can’t crush Me! Suck it world.

Gotta go. Eat some pudding. Chocolate makes the world better.

Oh, right. In the photo, that’s the full moon in between city lights. 😉

First Contact


I have always had a thing for animals, specially cats and dogs… When I see scared or neglected cat or dog I want to come to them, pet them, talk to them, feed them… 🙂

I wanted to be veterinarian when I was a kid… What put me off was the idea of watching sick animals all the time and not being able to save them all… I get that way, in a Superhero mode. And it is not possible. So I focus on ones I can do something about. This little scared kitty is taken in by my bf family but they can’t have her in the house because it is semi-wild. She is so scared… So we are trying to socialize her whenever I’m there. 🙂 You can see one of the attempts to make her stop being afraid of us.

This is a part of Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-Second Story

Clouds. The eternal inspiration.


I wanted to do this post for two months now (?)… I don’t know. For a while. It was in my mind because I wanted to share with you some more of my photography not strictly related or encouraged with Weekly Challenges and because of the person who inspired me (and who I promised to) to put my focus on the theme of clouds. 

I am always looking up. Not a surprise that I have been described as an idealist and a person who walks on clouds. Somewhat true, but wouldn’t it be amazing if one could actually walk on these beautiful, white, fluffy cotton-like shapes above us? If we could day-dream about being there, on top, bathed by sun when they are black and blocking sky view for days… If we could sneak in the middle of a storm and watch the lightnings beneath our feet?


Instead, growing up ruined our imagination by telling us that the clouds are just clusters of condesed water drops that float around, and like an air they disappear.

Sky, clouds, sun, moon and stars are my never-ending inspiration. Not two are the same; alike yes, but not the same. 

Who is the person that inspired this post? Ben from Flights. Camera. Satisfaction. was among my first connections here when I made my blog. To be exact, he was the fourth person I followed – I checked. He is an amazing photographer and muy simpatico persona and I am very happy he got to use this platform to show off his work. He was a person behind one of our WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge theme, that just tells you how innovative and well adapted in the blogosphere he is and has really something to show. So, Ben, I am happy we connected. 🙂

All the photos have been minimally touched in the editing process. On some, I just added my blog name.




I have been so sad (sooo sad) that I haven’t got the chance to photograph cherry threes blossoming. It was raining all the time, and all the flowers were quickly gone 😦 But! I happen to have my mobile phone the day I saw this beauty and it saved me. I love the photo, it would be a lot more in quality and details if I had my camera with me, but my mobile saved me. 🙂


This is a part of Weekly photo Challenge and Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge.

I’m on a pursuit of happiness…

I'm on a pursuit of happiness...

I bookmarked this photo a while ago for a good reason.

This is a part of Strangers Project photo, so if you still don’t know about them – quickly – to my post! ➡ THE STRANGERS PROJECT

I saved it because it says:

The 20s are so weird. I feel unsettled and unsatisfied and inspired and scared and brave and incompetent and underutilized and bored and overwhelmed all the time. I guess everyone feels this way, but it’s still very isolating. If you’re reading this and you feel this way, I hope you know you’re not alone.

That is so relatable to me… And I think to many 20 somethings. 🙂

We all in the end strive to find happiness and be happy. I have found this link about 21 Habits Of Happy People. Honestly, I read only the numbers, not the description, but the article is very much on point. I loved the last sentence the most:


And in that, I want to share my opinion. It seems to me that we are preoccupied with “the search of happiness” and feeling happy in general, and the state of “being happy” is idealised. Everywhere I hear stuff like, be happy, 10 things to make you happy, even in the music industry is a movement of “Happy” by Pharell. I love that, I’m all about positivity.

I know you’re sensing a “but”. 🙂

But! What about being sad? Angry? Nervous? Relieved? Are those feelings less important? Are they less valuable, do they make us less “happy”? I said already in one of my post, how would you know you are happy if you have never been sad?

All emotions are HUMAN. Striving to happiness is beautiful. But life isn’t all white. It’s yin and yang. And do not let your down’s bring the shadow on your up’s, because the balance is what it is really all about.

Love, dream, hope… And don’t forget to look around you in this very moment. You know what often brings happiness? Gratitude. Being present.

At least to me… ❤


This is a part of Weekly Photo Challenge and Weekly Word Challenge from Suzie81.





When I started to blog, I used to look blogs with many followers and views in awe… And a bit jealous, I admit. 🙂 We have a saying here: “Who tells the truth, half is forgiven”.

I wasn’t neither then, or now, been impressed with Freshly Pressed. I rarely go there. Why? This indifference intrigues me, because it is a premise that when you write, you want to be read. But yet, I feel it is so fake. And have little to no desire of being Freshly Pressed. In my opinion, they could have done SO MUCH more with that page… Few things pop in my head as I type. They could have divided it into categories… They could make every post appear there when it gets published, as I have seen on different blogging sites. Even for a second, you are there with your new post and it gives variety, not just a spotlight to one blogger who will get a lot of traffic that day and a lot of Freshly impressed followers who won’t bother to come back. That page could be a fun page to go to, browse, or check out what is new… Instead of…well, what it is.

It is easy to be a critic. Well, of course. I would like to be a paid one, thank you. 🙂

Anyway, back to the topic.

I always stated (and still do) that my goal with this blog is to inspire. I’m not at the moment (A very long moment if you ask me – more than half-a-year moment) interested in pumping my numbers as I am in expressing myself. And making connections which mostly leave me highly humbled and happy. ❤

But, I also have a secret number in my head. The one I strive for. I want to have 1 000 followers and more than 10 000 page views. That was my “ON TOP” (Weekly Photo Challenge). Up above and proudly observing. Since I made that wish I have realised that many followers does not equal to many comments and connections, support or exchange of ideas. Nope. I discovered that numbers can be just that – numbers. No real following behind them. So, even though I wish for more followers (who doesn’t) I think 1000 is maybe too much. What do you think?

On the other hand, as you can see to the right on my sidebar… We have come veeery close to 10 000 views and it amazes me… You, 250 of you… And readers who didn’t follow. You, so little in number compared to the “successful” bloggers… YOU HAVE MADE THIS. I will tomorrow, or even today cross my goal.

Thank you, you are so special to me. ❤