It is 8 o’clock

Rest in peace good man.

Rest in peace kind man.

Rest in peace, you who were always there to land a hand, to help others.

Rest in peace, you who I never thought I would have to say goodbye so soon.

Your daughters are good, I have seen them yesterday. My friend and I cried and hugged and talked.

And we don’t understand.


And we are a bit angry.

Because we know why.

And we are so, so sad.

Because we wanted to help.

If we had known….

Rest in peace good man.

You will be missed.


I would put a heart pendant in the “Time Capsule.” Love is what we have, what we need and what is important. And my love is the only thing I could give to my friend who is grieving.

This post is dedicated to a loving father and neighbor who left us too soon. 

Finally, we know. #TheDress

Something is perfect for some days and I don’t think about ultimate perfect scenario for my Saturday mornings because my mood is different every day. OK, maybe every few hours. 😛 Today I am discussing this phenomena and eating oranges cuz that is how it is. I know… It’s all over the place. But now we have a confirmation.

roman-originals white gold.JPG

I saw it as white and gold, as majority people did and thought that the ones saying black and blue are trolling… XD In fact, it really is black and blue.

Somehow this dress emphasized the individual difference of how we see things and how our brain perceive things with little or no context, in this case, color or this dress. I find it interesting. 🙂 How do you see it?

Read the science behind it if you like 😉 :

Do you miss me?

This is so hard. OK. Here I go…

I can’t go on my blog nor computer because my health problems got intense in last three weeks. I am feeling so much better in the last couple of days, but still can’t look at any screens, it makes me sick. I can look at mobile so I get your notifications and everything and I see you are reading me even tho I am not posting – which makes it bitter sweet!!

It is so not practical to answer to you trough the mobile wp app, so I will wait some more… If you don’t see your comment do not worry, it is safe in my comment box, waiting for me.

I have so much ideas and I can’t wait to post them and share them with you, this is hard.

I hope you are doing great, we are having some warm and sunny late summer going on here, I really enjoy in that. I miss you all!

Shut down the noise

Never before was I aware how much noise affects me than now. It has a really big impact of how I feel and on my health. I get distracted and stressed out, now I notice it and I know from what it is. DP; Overload Alert

Block the noise

Shush it down

Turn off the TV

Nothing smart is never on

Shush them all up

They speak just to hear their voices

Silence the traffic

If you can’t block it

The music will stop it

Put on the earphones

Even on mute

Life is better

When I shush the noise.

Update – Floods in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia

Update - Floods in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia

The dam build up to protect couldn’t take the pressure of river Sava anymore. More than 15 000 people are evacuated from yesterday. The damage is over 1 billion euros, the cattle had to be left behind, the crops and fields are ruined, the houses are nothing but dust. This is going to take a lot to recover from.

The danger is not over yet.

Humanitarian help is sent from everywhere, but mostly from Croatia. In every city we have places where people come to bring food, clothes, blankets, water, medicine, hygiene products, baby food…everything. People are waiting in lines for the buses they take them to affected areas, so they can help evacuate children and old people, help build the dams, just to help… Enormous compassion is at every corner and I hope that it makes some difference for the people who have lost everything.


I am not in the affected area, thank you for your concerns. I would not be home, let alone on internet if I was evacuated.


The damage is tragic, but what gets to me the most are the people who are evacuated from their now under water homes and the animals who had to be left behind to die.


There are lines open for people who want to help animals as well and volunteers go to flooded areas to save animals.


The campaign for election in European Parliament have been canceled and the money goes to the people affected and to help the rescue teams. The leading humanitarian organisation here, Caritas is giving money also. Ordinary people are giving all they can give. There are many places in the country where the everything necessary is collected.

For the people abroad there is a number of the bank account on which they can help, but I have seen few numbers so I don’t want to give disinformation.

If you want to help, there is a way. I will try to find the number that is 100% true so you can donate.

I have found it for Croatia:

IBAN: HR 6923400091511555516 call on number 08
calling 060 90 11 (6,25 kn)
on-line donations on pages from Croatian Red Cross, When donating from out of country use SWIFT: PBZGHR2X

I have found it for BiH and Serbia:

BiH – IBAN: HR 6923400091511555516 call on number 05 SWIFT:PBZGHR2X  or IBAN CODE: BA391610000000850119 SWIFT CODE : RZBABA2S

Serbia – IBAN: HR 6923400091511555516 call on number 07 SWIFT:PBZGHR2X or EUR 01-504619-100193230-000000-0000, RSD 840-3546721-89


You don’t understand Croatian, but you do understand videos. I couldn’t share just the video so click on the page and then video.

In which of my ears does it ring?

Do you have a saying like this one? We do.

And it is a common courtesy to answer, whether this question came from a family member or your boss. It is something very natural to do, and everyone gets involved. Whew… I wish everyone would get involved with some other things like on this one.

I have in store something beautiful! Wonderful! Amazing! 🙂 Hint… It is a promise and I have to do it because it starts to haunt me and you will have something to look at. There. 😛

So, in which of my ears does it ring? (It really does)


Plus, vote for the turtle. YES, we are still doing that 😀

I must educate you! ☺

In my post about being sixteen it has come to my attention (oh, so important) that many of you don’t know how to use emoticons on WordPress. In this case – heart. Well! That is a big problem and wait no more, I am here to save you… 😉

You see, I knew how to do that.

“Yeah, but that’s easy” – you say?



How about this! 🐱

Yes! It is a CAT!

And I thought to myself…. “Iva…you can’t hold on to this knowledge by yourself, you have to show people!

Because, every one of you has to know how to make a ⭐ and a ❤


🙂 :)
😉 ;)
😀 :D
>:D >:D
😦 :(
😥 :'(
😐 :|
:/ :/
😮 :o
😛 :P
😡 >:(
o_O o_O
😎 8-)
^^’ ^^'
😕 :?
🐱 =^-^=
👿 :evil:
😈 :twisted:
:mrgreen: :mrgreen:
😳 :oops:
🙄 :roll:
💡 :idea:
🐻 :bear:

Good luck to me

Good luck to me

I am participating in Share Your World – 2014 Week 14 from our Cee.

And I have to hurry because:

– I am really sleepy
– I have half an hour until this week is done.

So, let’s get going!

If you had to describe your day as a traffic sign, what would it be?

It is the above, STOP (and added a bit of singing because well my mind is a box of songs and it’s all it can do 😉 ) But my life sign at the moment (days, years, who counts?) would be this one:


Is your hair short (total neck and ear showing), medium (covering ears and neck), long (below shoulders), extra long (at least halfway down your back) or bald?

It is medium and I plan to shorten it a bit, but again on medium size. This was totally irrelevant.

When you are with your friends, do your interactions include much touching—for example, hugging, kissing, rough housing, rubbing backs? Would you like to have more of this? (Note: the answers may vary depending on where you live on this wonderful planet.)

We kiss all the time, even if we just met and rub against each other in a ritual while clapping. No! What is this?! We do not… And neither the “southern” people mentality. It is reserved for the family, and there is a difference between being friendly and showing hospitality and invading personal space. I don’t know how it is in maybe more reserved countries but yes, we do hug and kiss on the cheek a lot and rub a shoulder or something, but I have yet to meet a “super friendly European woman in her late 70’s who kisses everyone in the mouth” portrayed by the media.

What do you feel is the most enjoyable way to spend $100?

Right now? Nothing. Just look at it, enjoy it, split it in ones and swim in it. 😀
Other times? On trips close somewhere in nature and some jewelry – can’t have enough of jewelry.

Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I am grateful for patience. I am looking forward to so many things but mostly to watching the new episode of GoT and feeling better. Laughing. 🙂