Be Aware of The Impact Negative Energy Has

I had THE PERFECT image for this post and I spent an hour searching for it. Since I can’t look at screens again, that is an hour too long!! And I didn’t find it!!

I remember exactly how it looked like so I will recreate it; it showed bunch of people drawn cartoon-ish, they were black and above them there was a black speech bubble. In the middle of the crown there was a white person with small white speech/thought cloud, but the black big cloud was dripping black ink into the small white bubble.

You get it right?

No matter how positive you are, if you’re surrounded with negative energy and negative people, they will affect you in negative way.


I read a bunch of stuff about this and they always sound the same, get rid of those people. But what if that is not the option? What if they are your family? What if you are somehow stuck with this people in current situation?

I can only speak from my experience. When you are feeling a bit low, or exhausted, or it isn’t your day, no matter how hard you try to separate yourself from negative energy, it’s gonna affect you because you are weaker than normal. Likewise attract likewise. Negative feeds off negative. What can you do?

I don’t know what all those articles about this topic suggest, but what helps me is to find million things that make me normally happy. No, billion. If negativity has billion things to keep you occupied, bring out billion and one thing that is just plain awesome. It can be anything, from people you love, memories you cherish, things you look forward to, nature, books, movies, animals, pets, good TV shows, funny videos, great people around you and far away….. Everything. Bring your weapons out. 😉 If you’re stuck try new methods. If you don’t like meditating, don’t! Yell, shout, let it all out. (hehe) Go for a run. Or don’t. Play a video game. Zone out. Listen to music that feeds your soul. And most importantly, DON’T listen to negative energy. Shut it out. Literary. Close the door behind it, don’t let it into your space. Imagine as if you have a glass bubble like the one from beginning and your is white, transparent. Nothing gets in. You can observe other people get frustrated, mad, negative, but nothing gets in your bubble.

I desperately wanted to participate in this year’s NaBloPoMo but again, life happened. And I am not feeling well. So, I will participate now in this hour I stole from who knows where and answer to today’s Prompt.


Thursday, November 27

Where do you see your blog in one year? Five years?

I have no freaking idea. I got worried few days ago about my life in perspective of five years forward, because I am afraid that I won’t be able to do what I have planned. But then I remembered how it was five years ago and I realised that I don’t need to think about that. All is good. All will be good. I have granted myself freedom, I have allowed myself love. And that keeps me breathe deeply and happy. And it is really never too late to do anything I want to, it just gets delayed. 🙂 It is at times, very hard to get pass some things and to endure other. Then I imagine that I am bathing in a sea of love. Just love, everywhere around me. My love, other’s love for me, love in general.

I will keep sharing. I have this “privilege” to talk about something while it is happening. It’s not, yeah I’ve been there so I did this. No, I am walking my own talk. And I hope I will keep inspiring other people, that is my wish.

Off I go. ❤


ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) awareness and pouring ice water on your head

It’s my shit, it’s my shit… I think that’s a song from Gwen Stefani, I can’t stop singing it…

You know the awesome thing about having a blog and blogging in general? You can write anything, anytime.. Yaaaaas! 😀

I was contemplating here about new post, going to Daily Prompt and then WPC for which I had to Google the word – not the first or last time… Searching for ideas, not because I don’t have my own, but because it’s “easier” to just write about topics others are writing about. But it is actually not easier. For me it’s easier to open a “New post” and start to type. I have just left a comment on a post about writing and how it was never problem for me, so I find it strange when I read somewhere to “practice writing”. How can you practice writing?

“Get down and gimme a 20 words starting with S!!”

I don’t know. 😀 How do you practice it? You either do it…or not. And I heard (read) that a lot here on blogs as advice. At school, I could understand why someone couldn’t write their best… You have two hours to figure something out on a given (very boring) topic, it’s stressful and other people are writing around you, it’s not quiet and it generally sucks. But here, I just don’t get the whole practicing scheme. If you want to write, writeeeeee. THAT SIMPLE.

Speaking about what everyone is writing about, DP had a good Prompt few days ago:

“The internet has recently been swept up by the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Is there a cause — social, political, cultural, or other — you passionately believe in?” 

I believe in any cause that creates awareness and does good. Really. I don’t pick and choose, although from my personal experience I have some preferences towards some of the causes.

I go against abuse. Any abuse. Bullying in school, bullying through social media, verbal abuse, emotional, physical.


(Unless they have committed some kind of disgusting crime. I don’t have extra empathy for sick behaviors.)

What do I think about The Ice Bucket Challenge?

Many people are negative about it… “Oh, it’s just a trend…” “People are tagging friends just for fun…” “How can people trowing cold water over their heads help someone?” “Why don’t they donate instead?” “How come all these famous people could throw a bucket of ice on them and not donate?”

First of all, it’s a trend. Yes. You are talking about it. Two weeks ago almost nobody affected knew. BAM!

Second, how do you know they didn’t donate? I am absolutely sure they have, only some freak like Stev-O could go and accuse people of not donating. Dude, you give the money and not talk about it, that’s how it’s done. Think. With the one brain cell you have. 😀


Ok so, from my part I feel obligated to inform those of you who still don’t know what ALS is. One blogger in particular made a very good job explaining. I Say Write, the stage is yours:

What is ALS?

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, is a progressive neurological disease that targets and degenerates motor neurons. These are nerve cells located at the brain, brain stem and spinal cord that give us voluntary control over the muscles in our face, arms and legs.

With ALS, motor neurons become unable to send signals to the muscles causing them to weaken and waste away. ALS patients soon lose the full ability to talk, move and walk. In worst case scenarios, even the lungs are unable to function without a ventilator support causing many to die due to respiratory failure. Although ALS does not impair a person’s mind, heart, and five senses, a patient may still suffer from depression and have difficulty in decision-making and remembering memories. (My edit; That all means that you slowly lose control over your own body until you can’t chew or swallow food for yourself and eventually can’t breathe leading to suffocation. Sound like a worst nightmare not a real disease with progress rate 3 years from diagnose. )

What are the symptoms?

ALS starts out very quietly. The symptoms are so subtle that a person may tend to overlook them. Here are some telltale signs of ALS:

  • Cramps and muscle twitches
  • Stiff, tight muscles
  • Weakening of the arm and leg muscles
  • Slurred, nasal speech
  • Trouble chewing and swallowing
  • Struggling to do simple tasks like writing, handling utensils, or buttoning shirts (upper motor neuron damage)
  • Sudden awkwardness in walking, tripping over your own feet, and stumbling on flat surfaces (lower motor neuron damage)

Know the signs and raise the alarm immediately once spotted. Go to the nearest doctor for a complete check-up and ECG. Although the appearance of both upper and lower motor neuron signs may be a strong indication of ALS, some symptoms may be caused by a different disease. The earlier tests are conducted, the better to save a life.

Krucina ALS1pic3

Treatment for ALS
The cause and cure for ALS is not yet known. Continuous research is being done to test new drugs and learn more about this neurodegenerative disease. Currently, there is only one FDA-approved drug called Riluzole that is being administered to ALS patients. Although it does not reverse the damages already inflicted by ALS, it does slow down its progression. Coupled with physical therapy and use of special equipment, patients are also given other medicines that relieve pain, reduce fatigue, ease cramps and promote uninterrupted sleep to make them more mobile and comfortable.

Once diagnosed with ALS, a person is given an average life expectancy of 3 to 5 years. But each case is as unique as the person. As supporting technology improves and continuous medical research yields more answers, an ALS patient can still live actively and productively for even 10 to 20 years more. More importantly, the unending support and love a patient’s family and friends together with the ALS community are priceless gems improving their quality of life.


Ice bucket or not, I hope I have helped at least to share some information and awareness about ALS. 

Stay strong and hold on!

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