Happy Birthday to Me…

Naaah, I’m just kidding! 😀 I am not sad, quite the opposite. Plus, you did not think I wouldn’t make a post about my B Day??


I am already enjoying in last few hours and feeling like a birthday girl thanks to my lovely family and boyfriend, I am chillin’ and feeling a bit excited I will admit! Have no idea why tho… Must be the chocolate rush. 😉

So you can see what I am talking about;


Food porn!

My date of birth is actually very special this year. Don’t believe me? Check it out;


Plus, fun fact; I have the same birth day as Albert Einstein. Hihihihihihi 🙂

For some reason listening to Iggy Azalea gets me pumped up right now, so I’ll see ya! Have tons of fun and rest this weekend, that is my birthday wish for you!

A fake gift prank turns out into the cutest thing :)

I just can’t…. This makes me giggle inside. 😀

Can I have this kid? 😀


Update: I think it is from a series from TV talk show host Jimmy Kimmel “I gave my kids a terrible present” to show their reactions when they get something like bunch of carrots as a gift. He has also “I ate all of your Halloween candy” prank and stuff like that. Look it up HERE.