DIY idea for foggy Monday: Handbag

DIY idea for foggy Monday: Handbag

It is indeed foggy in Croatia today, but I love it. Why? Because, according to meteorological informations, the proper winter is finally coming! FINALLY! Even though they are the same ones who said this year winter is “going to be the coldest in decades”, and they posted few weeks ago an article about “very cold front coming” and none of that had happened, I want to believe them this time.

It was spring-like Christmas and recent temperatures are around 15  °C, I can’t wait for the real deal. No, really, spring-like winter is terrible. Not just because it should be winter, but the warm front makes everyone agitated, nervous and grumpy and we have a number of diseases like cold and flu going around like cruising on a party. And I also saw a fly the other day. A fly! What is next? A mosquito??!!!! 😉

So… To spark some creative mind cells in you my dear readers I bring this tutorial for a handbag. I would use it for grocery shopping but it is so cute that it can pass as daytime bag. I hope you like it, usually I post something that inspired me and do my own version, but I don’t think I will get my hands on this type of material soon, so I posted it for you.

If you decide to make it, you know already that you MUST send me photos.. 😀 I would love to see it. 🙂

I took the photo from a website so feel free to check out other craft ideas they have.

Love ya!

Catch of the month: November


Catch of this month is definitely this big, amazing brown bag with millions of pockets. 😉

It is really THE catch of the year I would say, because it is the prettiest bag I have ever own in my life. 😀 When it comes about bags like this, I just look at them through window shop because they usually cost like a small pony. :mrgreen:

But this one I bought secondhand from a lady for…… Prepare yourself…….. 10 kunas!!!!!! That is less than 2 $!!! Unbelievable…. I am still amazed. 🙂

DIY: denim purse

DIY: denim purse

As promised, here it is: my very own version of this:


What did I need?
Old jeans that I don’t wear anymore, sewing machine and blue tread, blue zipper, old shoulder strap, silver chain and metal clasps I bought in hobby art shop and flower of my choice. I bought blue sparkly rose because hey – it is blue sparkly rose. 🙂 I bought it at a chinese shop and it was a part of headband so I bought two. You’ll see what I did with them in the pictures. 😉


First I took dimensions for my new bag, and by taking dimensions, I mean using top of the plastic container hahahahaha. 😀


Next step was sewing. I had a tough time with denim, constantly stretching out of its place… But, again, test for my patience. 🙂 First I sew the middle part to see how much space will I need to fit the shoulder strap from another bag in.


After I sew one side it really became tricky to sew, but I made it. 🙂 I forgot to sew zipper first (of course), so I had to unstitch it and improvise a bit. That’ s why I’m not completely happy with the zipper part. Also, I put on some glue on the sides of zipper to hold it in place. I can’t remember when exactly I sew on the rose, I think after everything was done. What I did with the rose? I took it off the headband and removed the bow that was in the middle and replaced it with white pearl bead. I did the same with other headband, and I glued the bow to the headband I took rose from. That left me with matching headband and purse.


This was pre-blog era, so I’m lucky I have ANY photos of making this purse. I made it a year ago and it is still as it was the first day. It is disproportionately because of denim stretching and pulling the strap inside, but I like it that way. It’s more unique to me. 🙂

What do you think?

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Stay tuned…


I have been playing with DENIM in the past week. Ok, one day of the past week, because I was busy busy busy… 🙂 But, nevertheless, I have a lot of ideas floating through my mind and the result is going to be awesome, I know it.

To give you a little hint – denim shirt with lace and denim jeans are going through “Ivy” transformation. 😀 One more hint – there will be bows.


Whole denim thing reminded me of my first attempt of sewing this not-even-close grateful type of fabric. On top of that, I was making a purse. A round handbag. Yes, I think it’s ok to say that I like challenges, hahahaha. I think I’m gonna make a tutorial on how that went coz I know I’m not going to have the time to sew this week…

Love ya, stay great… 😀



Disclaimer: I do not own images in this post, I’ve found them through Google search and kept their names.

Catch of the month: August

Catch of the month: August

I’m starting a new category, “Catch of the month”. Since a lot of my friends (ok, most of my friends) tell me I have a natural luck when it comes to sales and I find items at a crazy low prices, I thought – why not present the catch that made me most happy in the past month at my blog. 🙂

I found this absolutely adorable bag at a textile house in my city and bought it just for 5 kunas! (5 kn = 0.88 USD and 0.66 EURO)

I really, really like the indie touch and plus, the inside of a bag is black polyester like any inside of a bag in the store…

I love it. :mrgreen: