Finally, we know. #TheDress

Something is perfect for some days and I don’t think about ultimate perfect scenario for my Saturday mornings because my mood is different every day. OK, maybe every few hours. 😛 Today I am discussing this phenomena and eating oranges cuz that is how it is. I know… It’s all over the place. But now we have a confirmation.

roman-originals white gold.JPG

I saw it as white and gold, as majority people did and thought that the ones saying black and blue are trolling… XD In fact, it really is black and blue.

Somehow this dress emphasized the individual difference of how we see things and how our brain perceive things with little or no context, in this case, color or this dress. I find it interesting. 🙂 How do you see it?

Read the science behind it if you like 😉 :

DIY: Autumn inspired cotton necklaces :)

DIY: Autumn inspired cotton necklaces :)

Hellooooo! 🙂 I have made these two about a month ago, but just now got the time to feature them in the way I want (perfectionist hehe). As usual, I’m gonna let photos speak for themselves… And photos speak creative mess that is my reality when I get on my train of idea realisation. 😉


I have been kinda obsessed with brown and beige color this fall, I have bought one sweater and two shirt in brown color, beige bracelet and put out my brown clothes. I guess I’m trying to get close to Earth. 🙂

So, as you can see, I tried metal endings for my necklace for the first time… (I don’t know exactly how is it called, if you do feel free to comment.) I placed them with pincers and painted with nail polish in – guess what color? Brown. :mrgreen:


I realised that when I do have idea of what I want to make it is rarely clear when it comest to jewelry. When it comes to everything else, I pretty much have it all planed out. But when I started making for example, second necklace, I have no idea where my thoughts will lead me. I know I wanted to include braids and wooden buttons I have in my “left-over” box. I deliberately put all the photos so you can see the progress. I wanted to braid the wooden buttons in at first, then only three, one as a central piece and two on each side, and then finally the way it turned out. So, yeah, it’s a process, when I see something isn’t going the way I imagined, I change the course. 🙂


Enjoy in your free time, and if you don’t have any – make it. Love ya!

p.s. I can’t wait to post denim update… 😀