What about Valentine’s Day?

What about Valentine's Day?

Ahh… Valentine’s Day…. Can you feel the love?? No? Me neither. 😀

It is the most confusing holiday by my opinion. When you’re single, you just straight up hate it. You diss about it and go on and on of how stupid it is. When you are in a relationship, it depends. I think Valentine’s Day puts a LOT of pressure on new couples… It feels like you just started dating and then one of you has a birthday and the other is just… What do I get? Do I buy anything at all? What does she/he even like? And so on… It is stupid for the other part too, trust me. I’m talking from my own experience. It makes it even harder that the Valentine’s Day is so UNORIGINAL that it hurts. It can be original if you want it to be, but we are bombarded with roses and flowers (Which btw. what? It’s still winter…) and teddy bears, and candy, and chocolate boxes… IT FEELS LIKE A LIFE IN A GIANT RED COMMERCIAL.

If you are in a long relationship or marriage, Valentine’s Day can be a nice reminder to stop and appreciate what you have and show affection for each other by spending some quality time together.

The sentence that caught my attention in this weeks Writing Challenge was:

“…It feels strange to be explicitly against a day celebrating love and commitment.”

That is true. We don’t like how it’s made into a PR form of “BUY=LOVE”. But how do we show attention and love for our loved ones? There are many ways, and some of them are buying them stuff that will make them happy. It’s a paradox.

Maybe we should just start thinking of a Valentine’s Day as a day in year when we show gratitude for having the people we love in our lives (partner, family, friends…) and show them that they mean something to us. That we love them. 🙂


I didn’t want to write a letter to my bf because – and yes I do get like this – I am afraid that if I put our love on spotlight it will get shy and run. Hahahahah, I know it doesn’t make much sense, but I never felt like this and I don’t like to talk about it so I don’t jinx it. 😀

So, he did something amazing. I asked him to write something and he agreed! I was very surprised because he is a man of doing not talking and esspecially not writing. 😀 But he did it, and it is needless to say I was touched and happy. I love you. ❤

10 Things I Love About You:

1. I love the way you smile
2. I love the way you look at me
3. You respect my desicions
4. You’re always there for me
5. I love how we can talk for hours
6. I love the way u dance
7. I love how u get best out of me
8. I love how u tickle me 🙂
9. I love your lips

“Smoking kid”

This campaign is brought to my attention since it has become viral. I only wish that I found out about these things earlier so I can do something by sharing information. Because, what good is it if I share something that is already shared?

Nevertheless, I want to share this, even if you have seen it. Anti-smoking campaign everyone should see. I think smoking has become most acceptable addiction in society and there lies the real danger. Teens try to “be cool” and “social”, adults use it for stress relief and socializing. Cigarettes are harmful and they leave devastating consequences, so why does one start smoking? Lets not sugarcoat it, a person CAN feel left out and anti-social if she or he doesn’t smoke in any stages in her/his life in any environment. And that is what really sucks. They feel lonely because they do not share the same addiction.

Cigarettes are awful. Everyone knows that. Many people are aware of what are they putting inside of their bodies and what are they doing to their loved ones and yet, they keep doing it. Why?

My grandmother passed away from lung cancer, she was an active smoker for as long as I can remember, and while we were visiting her one day at care center my father, who also smokes, said: “I never want to end my life like this.” And yet, he continued. He did not stop. Why?

I have no answer to give to you. Maybe these kids will help people to stop smoking. I hope it will.

Disclaimer: I do not own the video, I took it from a YouTube channel Ogilvy Asia.