This will light up your day, I promise

It seems like I’ve suddenly started to promote my country Croatia furiously haha, but I really, really love to watch Eurovision / Eurosong contests. It is one of my guilty pleasures. Don’t tell. 😀


And this year we are back, participating. With the amazing queen Nina Kraljić, who is so incredibly humble, nice and talented. She is the winner of our first “The Voice” contest. I have no idea how many years I was embarrassed by the songs that were chosen to represent us. But not this year! 🙂

I simply love love love her voice and this song is so magical. It transcends me to a different world, like a dream… I hope you like it as much as I do.

OK, 50% will do. 😛

Missed me?

I thought of writing… “Guess who’s back, back again..” but now I’m just stuck singing Eminem’s Slim Shady all day…

Sooooo, are we gonna ignore the elephant in the room and pretend that the last time I blogged was 8 months ago? Yup. For now. 😉

Coz you know when something bad happens and it comes in your memory you kinda go either “lalalalalala” and try to forget, or just straight up to feelz and tears and…so on.

So yeah, we are ignoring it.

Instead I wanted to show you this little jewel of ours. She is 13 years old, she sings and she is Croatian. She won the first Voice for kids here last year and sung the national anthem on a national holiday, but no one thought THIS would happen. I wish Mia ALL the best, and her parents the strength and wisdom to guide her in business as ruthless as showbiz. ❤



Lesson in Croatian ;)

This was in my mind for a few days I couldn’t write, but I didn’t thought I would “come out” with it yet… But then I read today’s Prompt and decided… why not?

One of the reasons I love English is that most OF. IT. HAS. A. LOT. OF. SHORT. WORDS.

On the contrary to Croatian where most of it is kinda… longer.

Example A:

I want to buy new sink. The old one is rusty.

Željela bih kupiti novi umivaonik. Stari je zahrđao.

Example B:

Can you do this now?

Možeš li to napraviti sada?

You see.. Longer words. That makes rapping in Croatian a bit tricky haha 😉 But we are far from some languages like German who have really complex words and grammar.

I don’t think Croatian is easy to learn, but again no language is, unless you are a baby – they seem to pick up on these things quite fast. 😉 Croatian grammar has few advantages compared to English; we don’t have to use “a” or “the” for anything, we don’t have double letters anywhere and most important – we have only one pronunciation for one letter. A is always read as “ah” while in English sometimes is “ah” other times is “a” and sometimes is silent. E is here always “eh” and so on. So, when you learn the alphabet – that’s it. No other ways to read.

Hi! There I am, in a shape of a flying bird. 😉

What is the harder part? Well… I’d say the grammar of our verbs is pretty complex. You have for e. “love” and you say I love, you love, they love, I have loved, I will love…. Love does not change. In Croatian it is by the order I have mentioned in the previous sentence – volim, voliš, oni vole, ja sam voljela, voljet ću… The verb itself changes.

Also you may noticed the little fella’ “š” up there. We don’t have y, q or w but we have this happy bunch; č, ć, đ, dž, š. I wish I can explain the difference between “č” and “ć”, but you just really have to hear it. We call the first one hard Č and the other soft Ć. It is the same sound, but in English there is only soft Ć – equivalent to “ch”

The same story goes with “dž” and “đ”. First one is hard, and other is soft. In English there is only “đ” and it is first part of the word jam. That’s the example I could think of. “Š” although it looks scary is just “sh”.

I have to have Croatian grammar in my pinky toe because my profession demands that. If you liked this I can make more. I promise to keep them interesting. I haven’t said anything yet about curse words – something we teach foreigners before they even know how to say hello or two letters acting as one – nj i lj.

The truth is that it is good to know a bit of Croatian because you will be understood in 6 countries (Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, FYR Macedonia). 🙂

DUMPLINGS WITH PLUMS by Ivy @ Ivy Mosquito

Today is a very special day… I am a first-time guest blogger in this lovely community! 🙂

This was arranged about two months ago and I am excited and happy that is finally here…my time to shine with my recipe of traditional dumplings hehe… Thank you Jhuls for having me over at thenotsocreativecook which is completely misleading because her recipes always leave me wanting more and more! 🙂

I hope you will like it. There is something special about this post also. It collided with our days of honoring the loved ones that are not around anymore (November 1st and 2nd) and these dumplings come from my grandma who I love and who has taken care of me since I was a little baby. I dedicate this to her. I will always remember you.

p.s. I am able to look at the screen for a little while so I took the opportunity and approved all of your comments and answer as many I could. I will answer to them all. Thank you for all your wishes… ❤ I miss you!


I started cooking when I was 9. I often wonder how does it feel when you did not start at an early age. I mean, some of us started just few years back, few months, or even few days back. I wonder how does it feel not being able to love cooking just because you believe you can’t cook? There’s Lori who started less than a year ago. And now, here’s Ivy who didnt like cooking about a year ago. The feeling must be really great. Right, Ivy? NOW, they rock in the kitchen. 😀

Well, Ivy here is such a funny gal and she made me smile especially when we excanged so many emails regarding the guest post. I met her at Fiesta Friday (thanks to the wonderful and amazing Angie). I was really happy when she emailed me, telling me that she wanted to do a guest post…

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A little bit of Croatian music part 2

I couldn’t leave you just with one post… 😉

I bring to you two duets. Classics. 

First one, Vesna Pisarović (who made I think just one or two albums) and Giuliano (Is it a surprise I had a HUUUUGE crush on him? 🙂 )

Second, Hari Rončević and legendary Doris Dragović… Ok, you listen, I’m going to sing this songs as loud as I can 😀


A little bit of Croatian music…

My blogger friend Mara inspired me for doing this. I had an idea in my mind to share with you some Croatian songs for a while now, and I knew that I will do this regularly, but she inspired me to do it today. 🙂

I hope you will like this idea… For me, music is universal and although I mostly listen to foreign singers, I have tons and tons of songs in Croatian that I grew up with and that I love… They are 99% older songs, because today’s scene really doesn’t interest me. They are trying to be “mainstream” and mostly go one of two ways; first trying to please English-based audience they write songs in English and imitate the West, or they try to please equivalent of country music in Balkan and go more east (imitating Serbian singers)

I can’t find myself in either of this categories, so when I listen to Croatian music, I listen to… You can say oldies. 🙂

This is a song called “Flags” from Parni Valjak, a group that I listened to a lot when about 14/15 years old. The lyrics are beautiful, so if anyone is interested I can translate them the best I can.

For now, the chorus:

My flags are always the same color

On them the love is ruling

My flags.. Never on half spear

Love is not giving up


This songs is called “Tempera” like paint. From Gibonni… Both songs are Croatian classics and everyone knows them. 🙂

Ay, it’s SUNDAY! :) TFGSC – Day 22

This song brings so many good memories 😀

WC in Brasil is so on here, every third person has something on red-white blocks… And every tenth car has flags on sides. 😀

I live in a very driven mentality. That is something I can give out to us. Croatians are driven. In whatever might be the subject. So when it comes to sports… No neutral for us. We are either furiously mad, veeery sad or euphoric.

I have grown up next to a person (dad) who is obsessed with sport. But football (yes, football USA) is on another scale up from all the other sports. We do not watch games. WE LIVE THEM. 😉 That’s how it was, and still is… I was always more comfortable in a mostly male crew, so in teen years I was hanging out with my best friend (female) and three guys. We would HAVE TO watch the matches with them (but we didn’t really mind), football was a big theme of conversation. That knowledge got me a job in sport section for a while when I was in college.

I have so maaaany memories from football games I have watched, but my heart will always go for tennis and Croatia winning the Davis Cup in 2005. I almost broke the bottles in my hands and lost my voice from screaming.

No, I am absolutely not passionate about cheering. 😉

The “Feel-good” Songs Challenge – Day 13 *World Cup pt. 2*

Still in the spirit of The World Cup in Brasil I spent most of yesterday blasting this song from YouTube…

Yeah, we lost yesterday… 3:1
But I thought it would be 3:0, so we surprised. XD

I really don’t follow football (Yes, football America 😛 ) like I used to, so I don’t think I am qualified to talk about our strategy, their strategy and so on… The one thing I can talk about is the unfairness of two of judge’s calls. Yes, I know, “blame the judge”. No. If we sucked, I would be like, hey, we suck, they won. We were almost equals yesterday. So, why the final result tells otherwise?

Let me explain it to you…
We started good and made the first goal which was the autogoal because Marcelo was in the way, but if he wasn’t it would still be a goal because our player was right in line of the ball so he would make the score. Brasil tied with 1:1 with nice action and we went to the break.
After the break, it was as if the judge was playing for Brasil, not judging. Some weird stuff started to happen. I won’t even start to talk about situations which are clearly for penalty, but ok, judges call.

First, the judge calls for penalty based on “jump into the air” of Hulk – player actual surname.

And the Neymar – player performing the penalty, performs it irregularly. It is forbidden to stop once you start toward the ball, he clearly stopped to see where the goalkeeper is going to go. That would be whistled by the any judge in any game. But, this was the great opening of World Cup and the Brasil is the host. You make the call.

Then, he invalidated our goal because of alleged violation of Ivica Olić who played with hand. Let’s see….

It was HEAD, not HAND. Aaaaaaaaa…. 😡

That demoralised our team. The real result is 2:2, as there was two regular goals from both side. To let you know this is not (just) my subjectivity, foreign media are very much in shock of last night judging, even Brasil media! BBC, Guardian, Brasil Globo, German Bild, Italian Gazzeta dello Sport, even Japanese experts (The judge was Japanese) reacted and stated that “the penalty was Nishimura’s gift to Brasil”.

Brasil Journal do sports writes that “this was controversial beginning of Word Cup”.

Well. I knew that we are going to lose, but the judges job is to make it fair play. That’s what makes me angry. He was not realistic, he was intimidated by Brasil and the huge football force they are. There is a word he might have to deal with consequences of his wrong decisions, but it is too late. The game is over.

It makes me laugh… I just read the title of article of I think English media… It says “Forget Neymar (the guy that scored two goals), Brasil’s new national hero is Yuichi Nisimura”.

The “Feel-good” Songs Challenge – Day 12 *World Cup pt.1*

Since today is the start of Word Cup in Brasil, this is a perfect choice and I’ve been waiting the 12th to put it on… And today, first match; my country Croatia vs. Brasil. 🙂

My fingers itch to write about situation in Brasil and how the people are calling for the world to “not come to the World Cup” because there is so many poor and starving, constant riots and people of Brasil demanding their rights… I even saw an illustration of a kid (Brazilian) who is crying because on his plate is not food – but football.

My heart really does go out to all of the Brazilians, and I wish when they couldn’t do anything about preventing the Word Cup to take place here, to use this opportunity to show to world their struggles and use the spotlight to make the people who are important to see the reality. ❤

So then, everyone can be as happy as the people in this music video and calling for unity wouldn’t be utopia. 🙂

Where is my mind today? Crisis in Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia

Slavonski Brod – Croatia



For the last few days, it has been raining and cloudy. in the capital – where I am it is mostly cloudy and windy for a week now, but no heavy rains. The rest of the country was not so lucky.

Heavy rain and wind have started to cause problems about three days ago and with rivers levels going up the floods have started to threat the whole area.

Unfortunately, the rainy weather didn’t stop and the rivers just kept rising.

The whole country Bosnia and Herzegovina is under emergency state, as is Serbia. The floods are severe, people are evacuated by helicopters and boats, the houses are coming down like they are made from paper and the rivers Sava and Dunav, Bosna and Drava are on the very high level. Help is sent from everywhere, Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, even USA in every way – helicopters, medical assistance, rescue teams, food and water. Yesterday it become drastic and we are watching the news, reading the internet portals… There have been several deaths by the floods already and some people are reported missing. The water is taking everything in front of it, for 48 hours people captured on a roof of a factory were waiting to be saved because there was no way to get to them, only by air.

Today is the worst. The Sava is treating to flood. In Serbia it is announced that the storm named “Tamara” is coming. People are cut off and scared.


The floods have reached Croatia, the eastern part, people are building dams from sand bags. I have family in Slavonia, I have family in Bosnia and Serbia. Thankfully, they are all fine.

The dams have breached in some area today and people are being evacuated in military bases and schools. Damage so far is severe, both in human and financial terms.

Županja – Croatia

My mind is today with my neighbours and eastern par of Croatia. May this pass as soon as possible and make no more damage.

I wanted to write this. I live here, I wanted the world to know what is happening.

We are just at the internet all the time, tracking, asking and watching the news, communicating via Facebook to see what is happening.





Saving the animals ❤



Travnik – Bosnia and Herzegovina

We wait….