Sunday Lunch in Croatia

Sunday Lunch in Croatia

Obviously, I didn’t make this. 😀

I mean, I could… But my mum is the one that makes lunches in Saturday and Sunday.

Today is The Mother’s Day, so I want to recognise what she does to us. 🙂 It’s not just food, she is there for me and that means a lot, specially when our relationship in the last 10 years rose from ashes, being a zero and a no-no to a quality relationship where I can really talk to her and get her support. 🙂

Lunch is the most important meal here, and don’t worry, I will post what is all of that in the photo, and the recipe for the meat in puff pastry for Fiesta Friday’s this week.

p.s. I made the salad. 😀

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers!



Recipes for Angie at The Novice Gardener for her Fiesta Friday 15#. 🙂

Meat in puff pastry



  • Servings: 8-10
  • Difficulty: medium
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750 grams of mixed meat (this is pork meat)

mix of spices in powder – we have Vegeta here

red pepper in powder

garlic – here in powder

puff pastry

olive oil


Put the mixed meat, 1 spoon of mix of spices in powder, a little bit of red pepper in powder and a little bit of garlic powder. Mix together with hands very good. When it is compact, put the previously bought finished puff pastry on the table (Making your own puff pastry takes too long). Put the meat on top and in the form of roller and then start rolling pastry on top and beneath until you have covered everything.

Put the olive oil in the dish large enough so it all fits. Put in the oven preheated to 175 C and cook for an hour and 15 min.

That’s it! Enjoy and Dobar tek! 🙂

Tomato soup



  • Servings: 4-6
  • Difficulty: easy
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250 mili Liters of tomato puree (250 mL)

Oil, flour

1 spoon of mixed spices in powder



Mix together a little bit of oil and flour and fry it in the pan on the light flame. Then add cold water (how much you add, that much servings you’ll have) with the mix in a pot and let it boil. When it starts boiling, add the spices in powder and tomato puree and let it boil again. When it boils put in the noodles for two or three more minutes and your soup is done. 🙂

Dobar tek!

War in Croatia – I got provoked to write

I was in my happy place but then I stumbled upon the blog I will not provide more promotion since it already has much more than its quality, in my humble Croatian opinion.


I am not a member of any party, the fact I can’t tell for sure for the writer of this blog. How can someone who lives in another part of the world find out the truth when what he/she is reading is biased opinion on the matter carefully put into a lot of actual facts? So that only a person who IS Croatian and has experienced, read, heard and learned about the War in Croatia that lasted from 1991-1995. can tell?

War is no fun. It is terrible, it leaves scars, it leaves devastations for years and years and years and the suffering continues through people who lost someone, through people who lost themselves. It is a matter that needs to be treated very carefully. Because of its high emotions I can honestly say that we can make a bits and pieces of it. WE CAN NOT MAKE A WHOLE PUZZLE BECAUSE EVERYONE HAS THEIR OWN TRUTH.

The blog itself devastated me so much for one reason. Not for the information provided, because, I say again, most of them are on spot. It devastated me because it treats Croatia and Croatians as victims. I refuse to be a victim. My friends, my family, my neighbours refuse to be called victims! Croatia did suffer because of Serbian aggression and that need to be written in the history, but people need to move on. They need to get on with their lives. They need to be happy. They need to see positivity. That must be provided.

And with constantly bringing up war it is just harder. It is not helping anyone. As in many countries in war right now, people need to heal as much as they need the peace. When the peace comes, what does it mean if there is NO PEACE INSIDE?

I needed to write this. I have been fighting this “informations” all my life. My close friend has a father who was in the front lines, my college colleague lost her father in war. My sisters godmother and now my godchild have been evicted from their home and their house was doomed to be burnt to the ground as the others, but thankfully the fire didn’t catch. We visited when they moved back years later and we were eating next to a huge black hole in the center of a house. My cousins were literary running from the grenades. I was lucky to be in the “safe” place so I had to run for shelter and listen to the sirens and bombarding “only” few times. My sister was so small that we had to bring her in warm blanket to shelter so she wouldn’t get cold and cry. I was there! I know what I’m talking about. I am living here, I feel on my skin every decision my government makes, I am shocked by the dimension of never-ending corruption and nepotism…

But I also see people around me have become smarter. They no longer “buy” what is being sold to them. I am so proud! Smart people, smart young people around me recognising the situation and building their lives as being themselves, not “the generation who was in the war”. That is harder for our parents, they know much more. But, they too are starting to let it go. There is a saying; “Don’t forget?” How could you possibly fucking forget it?!!

Healing is needed. No hate. I do not hate Serbian people. I dislike the ones that were the aggressor, as I do for any side in the world. I hate violence! Maybe if I lost someone in the war, I would feel differently. But I see my friends. I see people around me. No one needs to rub their wounds. The wounds need to heal.

“Christmas” food :)

I found this amazing idea on FB (you can see what page 😉 ) and I will most definitely use it! I love the smell of oranges and even bought the essential oil scented like tangerine or orange I am not sure. Considering that I have app. 2 kg of both at the moment I will play a little inspired by the photo. And there goes also my love for roses. Perfect. 🙂


I don’t know about you, but here things are “heating up”. I am trying to avoid all shopping at any cost in malls because people are buying like there is no tomorrow. And next days won’t be any better. So, that means one thing – we are going to EAT through the holidays, A LOT. :mrgreen:



I have found a lot of cute and awesome Xmas ideas for food, both salty and sweet. What do you like more? And cakes. Oh my God… We have to bake cakes… Traditionally in Croatia we eat fish on Christmas Eve, pork and french salad have to be in our Christmas meal and for the cakes we do a lot of them, different kinds. It depends. But the one my holidays are not complete are “orahnjača” (with walnuts) and “makovnjača” (with poppy). Picture below. 😀

Since kitchen and I are more an acquaintances than friends 😀 I think I will make one cake, if I have time two. This is literary my usual take on the baking:


Have a great day and do comment. 🙂

Disclaimer: I found photos on FB page Creative Ideas and makovnjača and orahnjača on

Do It Yourself: Earrings!

Do It Yourself: Earrings!

Hiya! 🙂

I have started to make ideas that were piling up in my head in actual items… And gathering all the stuff I need for the pre – Christmas projects and decorations. Yaaay! 😀

I made this earrings in my head first, I knew exactly how i wanted them to look like. Then in my luck, I have found awesome girl who helped me in finding all the specific parts, some of what she already had because she makes jewelry on her own. Beautiful jewelry if I can add. I think she ships only in Croatia but if you want to check her work out, go on this link: Le Chic.


I made this Christmas earrings – that’s how I call them – in about an hour, not calculating the time i thought I can add something with nail polishing the pendants… but that was a mistake. :mrgreen: Except for a strong glue (I use glue for wood) I didn’t need really nothing else. I removed the hooks from earrings I will not use and glue zircons on the metallic/silver base. I put the big heart and small heart as a pendants – I made sure that will be possible when I was putting the zircons. The last step was to glue the hooks behind and voila! my Christmas earrings are done. I love them 🙂


What do you think? They will go perfectly with a sweater I bought which is blue and has big white heart from fake fur in the middle. It is hand-made and absolutely amazing. So, I’m going in the hand-made zone more and more, I ain’t even glancing behind… 😀

Remember remember… first of December?

I hope you all know the legendary sentence from the movie Vendetta, but if you don’t, it goes: “Remember, remember the 5th of November”, because that is the day the main character blows up the Parliament as a result of his personal revenge and revolution against corrupt and hateful Government, and it becomes everyone revolution.

Well in Croatia we had a meaningless referendum took place today, and meaningless discussions were led almost nine months over the “pro” and “con” side. It was question hidden under political interest of currently opposition party here made possible by theirs close relations with Catholic Church here.

Basically, the question is definition of marriage, and that it should be only between woman and man, not gay, lesbian, or transgender people. How funny to spend 48 million kunas on that question when 300 000 people are unemployed in Croatia at this very moment, elders are digging through trash for plastic bottles because they can sell them for 0.50 kn…

Ahhh… everything is said and done. The “pro” side has won and tomorrow the marriage will be defined as a community between man and woman, but next week same-sex marriage will be defined as a lifelong partnership with every legal privilege marriage gives.

After hearing so much hate, so much ugly words I am really and sincerely tired. What did all of this accomplished? I have no idea. It certainly did provoke many minds to start thinking with their own heads, so I guess all is good.

I go to sleep.

Sweet taste of salt on my skin

My mind is at peace. Well, mostly. 🙂 I got to be at and swimm in Adriatic sea… 😎


I hoped and it came true. May the odds ever be in your favor. 😉






(Photos have been taken with mobile phone, non-filtered or in any way corected in Photoshop or similar tool. I didn’t feel the need to put my name or copyright sign, but I would appreciate if you would give me credit if you decide to use them. Thank you.)

p.s. What do you think of my new living room color combination? 🙂