Looking for inspiration? I inspire you today!

I wanted to do a video-marathon today of some of the videos I have watched recently. Thank you Spiritbath and thank you internet. There are good, kind and amazing people on this planet we call our own, and they (we) are trying to make a positive change and think with their own head. I love it! I hope you will find something for you… 🙂

I want to inspire you, make you happy, make you smile and just boost your mood. I hope I can. 😀 I chose famous Charlie Chaplin’s speech for featured video because it is the king and queen of inspiration. It is the main thought of what the people on other videos are showing and trying to achieve.


Take a seat, make a friend!

Parking ticket prank:

Giving 100$ to homeless people:

Lonely boy 😉

The power of gratitude:

Deaf girl hearing her voice for the first time 🙂

Baby in the rain for the first time 😀

Aand awesome people dancing 😀

I hope you enjoyed!

Happy…happy…happy… ;D

Happy...happy...happy... ;D

I have found out about this interactive 24-hours music video about an hour ago… And now I’m addicted! 😀 Pharrell Williams made this as a first 24 hour music video ever!

It is so awesome… Right now I am curious and clicking all over the day… sunrise, midnight, noon… But with this enthusiasm I’m sure I’ll have my favorites very soon hahahah… 😉

Emerge yourself in positive good music inspiring people to dance and appreciate happy HERE! 🙂

…Clap along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do…

Disclaimer: I do not own the video, the featured photo is a snapshot from the video.