DIY: Another denim vest made of a shirt

DIY: Another denim vest made of a shirt

I have done this recently but it just didn’t get to see the blog-light until now.

That is with most of the things that I post, as I already wrote. I just have a folder of photos and bookmarked videos and ideas… That’s just how it goes around here. 😉

So… I made this for a friend of mine from a shirt with long sleeves. I wasn’t sure how it will go considering that it has lace, but it went ok. It took time (three hours I think), but it was with no major problems. When I’m sewing I like to do everything carefully so I don’t have to do it again… And it really takes just a little impatience or not looking and it goes off. So, better three hours than five if I was nervous. And I didn’t want to risk it with lace, because un-sewing what my sewing machine did would not be good.

And there it is. What do you think?

p.s. I am pleased with my knowledge of sewing, since I taught myself through the last year. 😀

D-d-d-d-d-denim! DIY: Remade jeans and denim vest :)

D-d-d-d-d-denim! DIY: Remade jeans and denim vest :)

Ta-daaaaa! It’s online FINALLY… 😀

I delayed writing and presenting this topic for a “while” (khm, khm), because I wanted to be committed to this post. 🙂 I have spent a lot of energy on making this awesome pieces so I felt the need to complete with the presentation in the same light. 😉

So… Where do I even begin?

I became very interested in denim as a remade material this fall. I wanted to do a vest and jeans with bows on the side, but I didn’t imagine I would do all that at once. 😀 I made denim vest from a shirt with lace which I bought for 15 kunas (about 3 $). It was a piece of cake to do. But I do admit that I dragged it to the point of placing the shirt on my desk when going to sleep for the “first thing to do”, and placing it back on the bed because I didn’t have time for it. :mrgreen: When I finally found time I think I finished everything in under one hour. Took of the sleeves, remove the remaining fabric and sew the endings in a manner that the vest would fit on me.

That goes from 1 – 5.:

  • 1. The original shirt
  • 2. I simply cut off the sleeves
  • 3. Unstitched sewing pattern made in factory with small scissors
  • 4. The ending before sewing
  • 5. Folded and ready to be sewed. 🙂


And I completely forgot to include the rivets as a last step. 😀 I put silver pyramid ones on the collar (even tho they look gold in the picture):


As for the jeans bow scheme, I say the idea online about a year ago, I think I even have it saved somewhere on my computer. I think it was from e-bay… Anyhow, I knew I wanted to do something similar but the idea of realisation didn’t strike me until I saw how my friend did it. She posted a picture of how-to on Facebook and I thought – that’s it. This is the way I’m gonna make my “upgraded” jeans. 😀 She is also cutting used jeans and leggings custom-made, you can send her piece of clothing you want and she makes it happen the way you want it. 🙂 You can contact her HERE.

This are her jeans:


And shirts:












And now, step by step. The “how to” is easy as a summer breeze. 😉

I decided to use red fabric that has been in my box for leftovers from a bolero I modified. I wanted that contrast. It took me total two and a half hour for the jeans with the breaks for snacks. 😀

  • 1. The original jeans were bell-bottoms so I needed to cut the bottoms and sew it straight.
  • 2. The measuring… 🙂
  • 3. I sew it all by following the pen I used to collect the dots from measuring the dimension for my legs. And cut off the remaining no longer needed pieces.
  • 4. I decided where I wanted for the highest cut to be, measured the line from it to the end of the leg and divided by six. Then I cut about 3 cm toward the center and for the highest one I cut semi-circle.
  • 5. I turned jeans inside out and started connecting material between the cuts with red elastic fabric. I would measure how much fabric I need, cut it and sew it from left to right and back to be secure. That was the hardest and longest part of this project.
  • 6. Of course, everything was carefully monitored by “the chief” 8)
  • 7. And…done! Still inside out, but after picturing it and getting up from the floor holding my spine, I turned them the right way. I also cut off everything that was protruding, like pieces of fabric…


I am really happy with the result. What do you think? If you like it click the “like” button, and if you’re not a blogger comment. I treasure that. 🙂 Bye, love ya!

p.s. The photo of jeans on top looks like it’s mirrored but it’s not. 😀 It is just really proportional… 🙂

DIY: denim purse

DIY: denim purse

As promised, here it is: my very own version of this:


What did I need?
Old jeans that I don’t wear anymore, sewing machine and blue tread, blue zipper, old shoulder strap, silver chain and metal clasps I bought in hobby art shop and flower of my choice. I bought blue sparkly rose because hey – it is blue sparkly rose. 🙂 I bought it at a chinese shop and it was a part of headband so I bought two. You’ll see what I did with them in the pictures. 😉


First I took dimensions for my new bag, and by taking dimensions, I mean using top of the plastic container hahahahaha. 😀


Next step was sewing. I had a tough time with denim, constantly stretching out of its place… But, again, test for my patience. 🙂 First I sew the middle part to see how much space will I need to fit the shoulder strap from another bag in.


After I sew one side it really became tricky to sew, but I made it. 🙂 I forgot to sew zipper first (of course), so I had to unstitch it and improvise a bit. That’ s why I’m not completely happy with the zipper part. Also, I put on some glue on the sides of zipper to hold it in place. I can’t remember when exactly I sew on the rose, I think after everything was done. What I did with the rose? I took it off the headband and removed the bow that was in the middle and replaced it with white pearl bead. I did the same with other headband, and I glued the bow to the headband I took rose from. That left me with matching headband and purse.


This was pre-blog era, so I’m lucky I have ANY photos of making this purse. I made it a year ago and it is still as it was the first day. It is disproportionately because of denim stretching and pulling the strap inside, but I like it that way. It’s more unique to me. 🙂

What do you think?

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Stay tuned…


I have been playing with DENIM in the past week. Ok, one day of the past week, because I was busy busy busy… 🙂 But, nevertheless, I have a lot of ideas floating through my mind and the result is going to be awesome, I know it.

To give you a little hint – denim shirt with lace and denim jeans are going through “Ivy” transformation. 😀 One more hint – there will be bows.


Whole denim thing reminded me of my first attempt of sewing this not-even-close grateful type of fabric. On top of that, I was making a purse. A round handbag. Yes, I think it’s ok to say that I like challenges, hahahaha. I think I’m gonna make a tutorial on how that went coz I know I’m not going to have the time to sew this week…

Love ya, stay great… 😀



Disclaimer: I do not own images in this post, I’ve found them through Google search and kept their names.