Shhh… Can I tell you a secret?


With Valentine’s Day close I want to talk about it. OK, write about it. ☺

If you didn’t know that Valentine’s Day is this Saturday you probably haven’t open any online media or social network, they tend to go more and more hyper about this day as it approaches. I’m not gonna go in the “hate it or love it” debate, neither I’m gonna say that whether single or in a relationship you don’t need a day to appreciate people you love, and most definitely I won’t say that you as a person are so incredible and enough and whole even tho I mean it. Ops, I said it. 😉

I’m just gonna say something.

Valentine’s Day is like Santa for adults.

It’s made by companies to make us buy more shit stuff.

Lets be honest, if companies could make 10 more “holidays” just to sell specific items – they would do it! They would. Like in that song…

“What’s love gotta do with it, gotta do with it…”

Almost nothing. The thing that is good from it that it is a reminder not to take our loved ones for granted. And also, we all love getting stuff. I know I do. 😀

If you have zero balance on your account but still want to give something to your loved one(s), I will share the pillow I made for my friend’s baby girl. It was the first time I tried this specific sewing method so it turned out GREAT. You can use any fabric you want, as long as it is easy to sew… Oh, and you’re gonna need to cut open a few of your stuffed animals. You’re gonna feel sorry (At least I did) but it’s for the greater good. 😉

I took a red cotton shirt and cut out the edges. Then I wrote her name following the lines I placed with thin black marker. Then I made the shape of a heart inside out and sew it that way, it just looks better when you do it that way. In the bag next to it on the third photo is my “stuffing”. I left the bottom open, turn the heart on the right side, place the stuffing and then sew the end by hand.

Finished! 🙂 The baby body next to it was the other part of my gift. I decoupaged the lines from my friend’s favorite show The Big Bang Theory. 🙂


The holidays… you don’t have to “hate it or love it”, you can adjust it to YOU

Do you love Christmas? Or Christmas season?

I used to LOVE it, then hate it, like really hate it… And now in the past few years I love it once again.

So, I was at both ends. 😉


Many people don’t like Christmas music we are bombarded from the end of November. (For the love of God, that’s not even in December!) Of course we don’t like it, it’s TOO MUCH. So, guess what? I don’t listen to radio. I just don’t. I have freedom of actions that helps me turn off the radio. I turn it on or go on Christmas playlist when I feel like it, most likely on Christmas Eve.

On certain places I can’t avoid it that’s for sure. But I tend to go shopping in smaller stores so I am not stuck there for an hour listening to “Jingle Bells” 20 times. XD

Other things are decorations. We are lucky, here in Zagreb, government does not light the street decorations until December 1st. And it’s lovely to see some lights and stars and stuff you don’t get to see all year while the weather is so cold it is promising snow. 🙂

The one thing that makes me love this part of year is the fact you can UNLEASH your inner creative self. 💡

And for a creative bundle of ideas like me, that’s awesome! 🙂 Pull out your colored papers, scissors, glue, all sorts of paint, candles, sprays…. Go nuts with it! You can make your own decorations, you can make presents for other people, you can just plain entertain yourself….For Do It Yourself or DIY this is an awesome part of year. 🙂

I already made some stuff (for Christmas and non-related) and since I am so behind in presenting it here, I will do a different post. With all the pictures, I promise 😀

Why is bamboo so peaceful?

I have two bamboo plants and I got them as a present. They are still alive and well. 🙂 Well, they are called lucky bamboo, we wouldn’t want luck to die, wouldn’t we? 😉


So, when I saw this self adhesive photo in a store I HAD to buy it. First of all, it looks beautiful. And second, as if I need it, is that I am in love in all paintings that divide, proof here: MAGICAL COMBINATION


It is against light green colored wall and it is the first thing I see when I woke up since I placed it above my bed. I love it, what do you think?


Oh, yeah, I kinda updated my photo. 😉

Halloween edition muahahahahaha :)

It is Halloween! 🙂

Since I won’t be doing anything related this year, it is reblog time! I was really pumped up about it last two years because it didn’t really catch on here as a “holiday” up until last few years… So, I carved pumpkins. And I planned costume and went to Halloween parties, but I am yet to be something scary for Halloween. I went as Audrey Hepburn, maybe that’s scary for someone. 😉

I had no blog then, but I did last year (it was 4 months old awwww) so I posted about it. Enjoy 🙂

Loving Iva | Liberating My Creative Soul

Halloween edition muahahahahaha 3:DFotor01031194851

Hi! I am in such a rush that I only have time to upload few pictures of a pumpkin I carved. 😀 I will do a detailed post when I catch the time, hopefully on Saturday… 🙂

Stay well and have a great time tonight! 🙂



Hello y’all! 😀 I finally found the time to finish this post… :mrgreen:

A week later… beter than never. 😉

So… I’ll explain what I did:


First I sketch the outline of mine carving of choice – cat silhouette. Then I realised that I have placed it to high, erase everything with sponge and sketch again. 😀 Second thing to do is the most annoying… Taking out the inside of the pumpkin. I have no proper tools, so I used knife and spoon, and later on smaller knife for carving. After about an hour my pumpkin was ready for carving. Despite…

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Nature is my medicine


I have this WP app on my phone almost since I opened my blog and it has been awesome to write my drafts when I’m not around computer, but in the last weeks my mobile became the only screen I can look at. I am getting more into it to see what I can do… It is not the same of course, I can’t post some of the stuff that I had in mind, and I can’t put my logo on the photos, or tags and categories – I think, but it’ll make my blog blues dissapear 🙂

Remember how I was sad about summer not being sunny and warm? We are having some late warm and sunny weather here and it is beautiful, I am really enjoying in it hehe, even if it’s from my bed.

I have so much ideas to share with you, from my ponderings, photographs I made, interior design DIY’s, even fashion stuff and ootd (“outfit of the day”), projects that require more energy and are waiting for me in my folders… Oh yes, I have made a peach pie that I can’t wait to share recipe for, and something I won’t give away because it was so new for me… Now you can see why I can’t wait to be back and editing, but I will take all the time I need and explore this app more. 😉


I am getting all your comments-love and it makes me smile seeing all those dear names 🙂

First and Last

A while ago I have read a post from an imaginative, creative and amazing blogger Morgan over at Crab and Bee about the first thing she has ever made.

I forgot where the post is, but I kept the thought… 🙂 This year I was not as crafty as I was last year, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love it anymore. Making your own clothes or accessorizes is awesome – it’s fun, it’s how you want it and it’s super cheap. 😀


I was more into DIY before, I admit it. Also, I shared more of DIY ideas here on blog, and items I made. I learned how to sew which is awesome! I have no doubt that the “crafty bug” will bite me again and until then I will just enjoy in other stuff. And maybe finish the dress I was making 😀

Anyway, this on the left is the first fabric necklace I made. And the only one with the name hehe… I call it Ja Man, because of the Bob Marley on the badge. I made the badge by drawing Bob Marley and gluing him on an existing badge. Then I covered the surface with transparent nail-polish and there he is, hanging on after more than a year. 😀

I wanted for this necklace to be fun and colorful and I love wearing it… It lifts up any casual combination which tend to be in neutral colors.

For the other one, it’s the last one I made so far and it was a present. I wanted to make something special and I actually struggled with this it because I kept changing how it will look as I was making it. I was not happy with version no. 1, or 2, or 3… It ended up like this and I am happy with it. More important, the person who got it is happy with it. ❤ 🙂




p.s. Please tell me that looks like Bob Marley! Or at least, resembles… It was so difficult to draw him small like this… 🙂





This interview is the first one of my project of presenting young and talented people who make jewelry. It is bilingual what makes it unique here at my blog. First part is on Croatian and second on English.

Ovaj intervju je prvi u mom projektu predstavljanja talentiranih mladih ljudi koji izrađuju nakit. Prvi dio je na hrvatskom, a drugi na engleskom.


Bok Rafaela! Kao prvo, reci nam nešto više o sebi i čime se baviš?

Lijepi pozdrav svima. Studenica sam 5. godine na Muzičkoj akademiji, smjer Glazbena pedagogija. U slobodno vrijeme se bavim izradom nakita u svim mogućim tehnikama i od raznoraznih materijala, no nekako je moj zaštitni znak tkanina. Pogodna je za razna eksperimentiranja,“ frkanja“, slaganja – a to je upravo ono što volim kod nakita, da me već na prvi pogled baci u svijet mašte.


Što je sve “Paradaro modni dodaci”?

Paradaro je zapravo složenica nekoliko imena. Pa=Patricia – moja sestra, Ra=Rafaela – moja malenkost, Da=Damjan – moj brat, Ro=Romana –  moja mama. Ime, kao što vidite, ima veliko značenje za mene jer se sastoji od gotovo svih meni najbitnijih ljudi u životu.

Ako pričamo o tome koji proizvodi sve čine Paradaro modne dodatke, lista je podugačka. Nakit od tkanine u obliku ogrlica, naušnica, narukvica, špangica, prstenčića, brošića – izrađenih na milijun i jedan način, zatim viseće naušnice od raznih materijala, isto tako zanimljive ogrlice od konopa, konca, perla, lanaca, oslikane tenisice za bebe i odrasle, oslikane majice, poseban božićni program u obliku vjenaca za vrata, adventskih vjenčića, unikatnih kuglica… Na mojem profilu na Facebook-u također objavljujem i radove svoje druge kreativne polovice, mojeg dečka, koji izrađuje kutije po željama te štrikane i heklane ljepote moje mame. Svi smo kreativni i obiteljski uživamo u svijetu mašte.

Kako si skupila hrabrost staviti svoje ime iza svojih radova? Mnogi kreativci i kreativke izrađuju i stvaraju pod pseudonimom…

Moje ime je zapravo dobro sakriveno unutar imena Paradaro – mislim da je zvučno i lako pamtljivo, iako je i moje osobno ime meni osobno jako lijepo i zvučno – hvala mami na tome. Moram priznati da me ljudi ponekad nasmiju kad recimo imam nagradnu igru na svojem profilu, pa se tu nađe svega, iako mi je najdraže PARADORO i pobjednik bez premca, PANDORIN modni nakit.

Što je bila PRVA stvar koju si napravila i koja je priča iza toga, za što je bila?

Prva stvar koju sam ikad napravila je bio broš koji je zapravo trebao biti cvijet koji bih nosila u kosi prilikom nastupa sa zborom. Prvotno sam cvijet išla tražiti po dućanima, no kad sam shvatila koliko je otužna i skupa ponuda, odlučila sam napraviti svoj prvi cvijet. On je još uvijek doma i ima svoje počasno mjesto – što u kutiji s nakitom, što u mome srcu jer je on preteča svega ovoga što je danas Paradaro. Sjećam se da sam ga radila satima i zaista je lijepo ispao, nešto za što bi i danas rekla da je stvarno lijepo, što nije slučaj sa svim mojim početničkim radovima.

Kako si odlučila izrađivanje proširiti i napraviti posao od toga? Gdje (ili kako) dobivaš inspiraciju za nove radove?

Moram priznati da su se ideje rađale same po sebi, bez nekog pritiska i sličnoga, jednostavno sam postepeno dolazila do potpuno novih i svježih ideja – to je ono najljepše u kreativnosti i mašti, nikada ne znaš gdje će te odvesti. Trenutno sam učlanjena u Udrugu Ružin Krug iz Vrbovca te na taj način dobivam razne korisne informacije i posjećujem sajmove.  Inspiraciju pronalazim u raznim zanimljivim materijalima, a ponajviše u mojim izrazito maštovitim kupilicama koje mi uvijek predstave svoje zanimljive želje i ideje. Nemali broj puta baš iz njihovih ideja nastane kolekcija koja se dodatno razvija kako ju radim. Naravno, uvijek imenujem koja je to točno kupilica zaslužna za pojedinu ideju ili kolekciju jer se takve stvari moraju poštovati. Zahvalna sam što moje žene tako vjeruju u mene i svaki put mi predstave novi, još zanimljiviji zadatak ili ideju.

Vidjela sam tvoje vijence za Božić, izgledaju kao da treba puno vremena i posla oko njih. Koliko ti vremena treba za izraditi jedan? 

Uuuuuuuf… Vjenčići su prvotno zaživjeli u mojoj glavi kao ideja, koju nisam ostvarila sve dok mi jednom prilikom moja buduća svekrva nije rekla da napravim nešto takvo. Dakle, može se reći da smo obje došle do te ideje te da me ona potaknula. Izrada takvih vjenčića je dugotrajna i osjetiljiva – pitajte moje prste kako se osjećaju kada ih zalijem finom količinom vrućeg ljepila – ali završni produkt je zaista predivan. Malo boli kad znaš da je to baš izvorno tvoja ideja i kad po Facebook-u počnu nicati pokušaji nečeg sličnog, ali nažalost tako je to uvijek bilo i bit će. Teško se s tim mirim, ali što je tu je.


Koji tvoj rad ima titulu tebi najdražeg? I zašto?

Obožavam raditi nakit za posebne trenutke, kao što su vjenčanja, maturalne, krstitke – za što imam poseban program trakica za curice… Općenito jako volim raditi stvarčice za djecu jer onda mogu totalno otpustiti dijete u sebi i raditi šareno, veselo i razigrano. Moram priznati, i sama rado nosim trakice koje bi obično trebale biti namijenjene za curice. 🙂


I za kraj, koja je najbolja stvar u vezi izrađivanja i prodavanja svojih radova, a koja najgora?

Najbolja stvar su moji divni, prekrasni kupci, poznanstva koja završe prijateljstvom – recimo, jednoj posebnoj ženi sam radila revere za vjenčanja  pa sam tako završila kod nje na svadbi, pjevala joj Ave Maria u crkvi, a kasnije smo se svi jako dobro zabavili. Život je uistinu nepredvidljiv i može biti prekrasan, a upravo zato sam sretna što se bavim ovakvim poslom, koji zapravo nije posao već čisti užitak, jer uvijek naiđeš na divne ljude koji su ti spremni pružiti toplu riječ kad god trebaš. No, kako medalja uvijek ima dvije strane, ima i onih dana i ljudi zbog kojih privremeno zaboraviš sve ono lijepo. Od onih koji ne uplate naručen nakit, onih koji te zavlače danima pa sve do onih koji te besramno kopiraju, a prave ti se velikim prijateljima. Kako god da bilo, na kraju dana uvijek budem sretna i zahvalna na ovom daru kojeg imam, koji plaća moje račune, hrani me i oblači i zbog kojeg sam bogatija za bezbroj divnih iskustava. Zahvalna sam na svakoj divnoj poruci koju mi moji kupci upute u inbox, na svakoj riječi podrške, na svakoj kupnji. Zahvalna sam i Tebi jer si me zasad jedina odlučila intervjuirati i dati mi šansu da se predstavim široj publici.

Hvala tebi Rafaela i želim ti puno sreće u daljnjem radu!

Rafaelu i PARADARO možete naći na Facebooku – klikni OVDJE


Hi Rafaela! First, tell us who are you and what are you creating?

Hello everyone. I am a student of Music Academy, currently on the fifth year, direction Musical pedagogy. In my frww time I am creating jewelry in all sorts of techniques and with different materials, with fabric being my trademark. It suits well for experimenting, twisting and folding – and that is what I like about making jewelry, that it throws me in the world of imagination.


What is „Paradaro Fashion Accessories“?

Paradaro is actually made from few names. Pa=Patricia – my sister, Ra=Rafaela –me, Da=Damjan – my brother and Ro=Romana – my mother. You see, the name has a great meaning to me because it is made up from almost all the people I care deeply about in my life.

If we’re talking about which products are Paradaro Fashion Accessories, then the list is long. Jewelry from fabric as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pins, rings and brooch – made in a million different ways, then earrings from other materials, interesting necklaces from ropes, treads, pearls, painted shoes for babies and grown-ups, painted shirts, specail Christmas assortment with wreaths for front doors, unique Christmas decorations… On my profile on Facebook I also publish the work of my boyfriend, my other creative half. He makes boxes by requests. And I share knitting and crocheted work my mum makes. We are all creative and we enjoy in the world of imagination.

Was it hard to put your name behind your work? Many of jewelry makers have pseudonyms…

My name is actually well hidden inside the Paradaro name – I think it sounds good and easy to remember, althought my name is also very pretty to me – thanks mum on that. I have to admit that people sometimes make me laugh when for example I have a giveaway on my profile, so you can find everything… My favorite is PARADORO and the winner, PANDORA’s fashion accessories.

What was the very first thing you made and for what?

The very first thing I have ever made was a brooch which was supposed to be a flower for me to wear in my hair on the performance with my quire. Originally, I went searching for the flower in the stores, but dissapointed with their offer I have decided to make my own first flower. It is still at home and it has a special place – in a jewelry box and in my heart because it is where everything started and the creation of Paradaro. I remember that I was making it for hours and it really turned out nice, something that is not the case with all my work at the beggining.

When did you decided to make something out of it? How (or where) do you get inspiration for new pieces?

I have to admit that the ideas were born by themselves, without any pressure. I just simply and gradually got to fresh and new ideas – that is the beautiful thing about being creative and imaginative, you never know where will you end up. I am currently in the Ružin Krug from Vrbovec and I get lots of interesting and usefull information from them. Also, i visit fairs. I find my inspiration in all sorts of interesting materials, and mostly in my incredibly imaginative buyers who always come to me with their whishes and ideas. Many times their ideas are the thing that starts a new collection which developes as I am working on it. Of course, I always name the buyer who gave me the idea for a piece or a collection because you have to respect that. I am grateful that my women (buyers) believe in me like they do and each time present me with new, even more interesting task or idea.

I have seen your Christmas wreaths , they look majestic and like a lot of work. How much time do you need to make one?

Uuuuuuuuf… Wreaths  with flowers from fabric first came to life in my head as an idea, but I didn’t go throught with it until my future mother in law suggested that i should try to make something like that. So, you can say we both got the idea and she encouraged me. Making of this type of wreaths is long and sensitive – ask my fingers how they feel when I pour hot glue all over them – but the finished product is beautiful. It hurts a little when you know that the idea is originally yours and see something other people on Facebook doing something similar, but that will always happen. I have hard time dealing with it, but really can’t help it.


Which one of your pieces has the title of your favorite? Why?

I just love making jewelry for special occassions like weddings, proms and baptisms – for which I have special pieces for girls… In general, I just love making stuff for kids because then I can completely let go of the child in me and work colorful, happy and playful. I have to admit, I myself love to wear pieces like hair bands meant for little girls. 🙂



And the last question, can you tell me what is the best thing about making and selling your own accessories, and what is the worst?

The best thing are my beautiful buyers, acquaintances which end up as friendships – for example, I was making wedding pieces for a lovely lady and end up on her wedding singing Ave Maria in the church, and had fun later. Life is truly unpredictable and it can be beautiful, and that is the reason I am happy for doing this job which actually is not a job but pure pleasure, because I always come across amazing people who are willing to give you a kind word whenever you need. But there are days and people who make you forget the good stuff. From people who don’t pay what they have ordered, to the ones that stall you for days up to the ones who are shamelessly copying you, and they present themselves as big friends. Anyway, at the end of a day I am always happy and grateful on this gift I have, which is paying my bills, feed me and cloth me and beacuse of which I am richer for numberless wonderful experiences. I am grateful for every wonderful message that my buyers send in my inbox, on every word of support, on every sell. I am grateful to you too because for now, you are the only one who decided to interview me and give me the oportunity to present myself to a wider audience.

Thank you Rafaela and I wish you luck in your future work!

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Makin’ it on my own

It is not a long ago I realised I was very creative. I mean, I knew it, but never act on it.

I blamed the lack of time, the situation.. I haven’t really thought about it. And then, when I made a decision at first in no correlation to my creativity and self-expression – it happened.

I wanted to learn how to sew, on a sewing machine. So I did.

I wanted to learn how to make stuff. So I did.

I wanted to take photographs. So I did. And they turned out pretty great.

I wanted to open a blog. So I did. 🙂

I think I am more aware of the power of my will and ideas than I were a year ago. Screw it, less than a year ago. I am learning, as I said in my “About page”, we all learn our entire lives. I am learning more technical stuff about photography, I am learning more technical stuff about blogging platform and internet coding… But the most important thing is, that I want to learn those things and I study them when I feel like to. No pressure is the key.

There are many things I want to learn and experience… Maybe today is not the day I make that happen, but I can promise you that that day will come. 🙂

I invite you to surf a little through my “Do It Yourself” category to see what I sew and made from different materials so far. Some things are not on blog yet, but they will be.

Enjoy your day, and don’t let no worry get you away from feeling ok. ❤



The awesome video of skills is brought to you by 9gagTV

DIY: Another denim vest made of a shirt

DIY: Another denim vest made of a shirt

I have done this recently but it just didn’t get to see the blog-light until now.

That is with most of the things that I post, as I already wrote. I just have a folder of photos and bookmarked videos and ideas… That’s just how it goes around here. 😉

So… I made this for a friend of mine from a shirt with long sleeves. I wasn’t sure how it will go considering that it has lace, but it went ok. It took time (three hours I think), but it was with no major problems. When I’m sewing I like to do everything carefully so I don’t have to do it again… And it really takes just a little impatience or not looking and it goes off. So, better three hours than five if I was nervous. And I didn’t want to risk it with lace, because un-sewing what my sewing machine did would not be good.

And there it is. What do you think?

p.s. I am pleased with my knowledge of sewing, since I taught myself through the last year. 😀