Happy Earth Day :)


It is spring here in full bloom, and I know I am not here. Maybe even you noticed my dear blogger friends. 😉

I have lots and lots of great photos I made but this beautiful green scenario that is going on outside my windows is keeping me away from computer. Not that I complain, and rest assure that I will be back. In Schwarzenegger’s voice. Just so you know how serious I am. 😀

But, I could not miss the chance to somehow pay tribute to Earth Day, celebrating something kind of important. You know, nothing big, just our home in this universe. 😉 Here is the post from last year, where you can find out about meditation page Master Shift. There is no bad day to find out about them honestly, so let it maybe be today. 🙂 LAST YEAR POST

So, enjoy, have fun, LIVE FOR TODAY because that is all we really have.

Love ya,


View on the Earth like never before – NASA HD cameras

View on the Earth like never before - NASA HD cameras

Woooooooooow o_O

If you are sky/stars gazer like me, you love this kind of stuff. NASA is conducting an experiment to see how the radiation from the Sun affects cameras and made them face Earth at all times so it is also an exciting and special thing to see.

If the cameras are down, the screen is grey.

Video streaming by Ustream

Can you believe we are down here somewhere, living? Writing, laughing, watching, thinking… Beyond me.

The link on the newest stream is HERE.

Iva’s Awesome Birthday Challenge | Day 6 & 7

Today I need some inspiration. 🙂

Go nuts on quotes, inspiration photos or videos. Link link link.

Since I am the one who normally provide inspiration on my blog, I bring to you this video who amazed me. How much what seems to be a little thing and irrelevant can literary change the world. Don’t forget, your ideas and positivity change your life and therefore the world you are living in. 🙂

Video is from Youube channel called Sustainable Man, if you want you can check it out.