Twitter? Sorry no I don’t eat that


I realized today that I have been ignoring the existence of Twitter for so long I had to check up how to write Twitter 😂 It is a thing here in Balkans, we just DON’T tweet. We do FB, yup, we do Instagram, oh yeah we do YouTube but but but but we do not do Twitter. MySpace was more popular here than tweeting lol. Also there is a second problem with it, we LOOOOOOVE to talk. By we I mean the region, Croats, Bosnians & Herzegovinians, Serbs, Montenegrians… Talking is how we do life. If your family is quiet and you live on Balkans, congrats to you! That is maybe also a reason we have to remind ourselves to use Twitter, and companies here kinda force it (but it is just not working)…

You see? Even their bird says only “tweet”!

How am I supposed to fit my thoughts in 140 letters??? Wait, is it 140 or 160? …….It’s 140, I checked. 😊 #proud

I started to write this on Twitter and got into -300 something before I looked up and saw it. Nope, there is no way I can say/write everything that’s on my mind right now in 140 letters. Man, even WordPress is not on my side today! You see? You see how long is this post already? 

Despite all the problems I am facing I am ready to act. I love love all of guys and girls and no I haven’t forget about you, and I love writing, making you and me happy, inspiring, telling just how it is, making challenges, completing weekly and daily Prompts…


  • PHOTOGRAPHY IF YOU ARE INTO IT – the feedback is much encouraged 🙂

Damm I write so slow on my – oh so not English keyboard – gotta get my game on, get my typing on mad like it was before.


Facebook and technical stuff

DP; “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” When was the last time that sentence accurately described your life?

Actually…. TODAY. I set up to a journey of making my ideas (yay!) become reality in the other side of the screen through a device known as “photo editor”. I say its name whispering, with fear in my eyes. Other people whisper about it too, you can hear it in the dark streets in the night… All I wanted to do is transfer the happiness of my thoughts and images into a language I now see I can’t compete with. I don’t know it, and it’s more complicated than Klingon or Naavi (language in Avatar). Photo editors bring to you something you were not aware existed in this life and you can’t get your idea (nope, you can’t) realised if you don’t follow the rules. Evil little things. Eeeeevil.

Writing is easy, blogging and photographing and sharing and caring (cuz it rhymes) is easy.

But…. Oh, I get frustrated with technical stuff, oh I do… 😡

I didn’t start biting the keyboard, but almost.

I just don’t get Photoshop. There, I said it. I don’t know if I am stupid or something but layers confuse me, all those options confuse me. It seems to take FOREVER what I can do in any online quick editor in 10 minutes. Jeeeesh.

I have a Facebook page for this blog, opened since September first, and that page is starting to hate me, I know it. I have spent more than 3 hours (THREE!) making my cover and profile pic today because I have so many ideas which make me all happy and giggly and they need to materialize in this world. And now I am not satisfied. Of course I’m not. I found this online Photoshop and I got these pics through God knows how many changes to make them slightly resemble to my vision. Tired.



“Well, why don’t you let someone else do it, then Ivy?” you may ask, smart reader. I DID. And I waited. And waited. And waited. Yes, person who supposed to do this, why you make me wait so I have to use Paint???

Life is not fair to me. 😉

I just want to reach in with my hand sometimes and get that bloody cursor to do what I want!

If you wish to check out my “progress” and work of today; check here; IVY MOSQUITO. 

Do you have a FB page? How do you manage it with your blog, do you share posts or more stuff?

How are you in this department, are you a tech-savvy person or like me?

The day we fight back!


Although technically it is no longer February 11th (it’s 1 am here) this cause is worthy of my attention and involvement! I hope yours too. 😉

We blog and write and share pictures, and we have Facebook with more pictures, and check-ins, Twitter with “write what you had for lunch under so and so caracters”, YouTube, G+, Gmail… Now G+ is trying to infiltrate into YouTube accounts asking for more and more and more information. What do I prefer? Did I like that video? And then YouTube ASKS me: “Why don’t you want to use your full name as your account name?” Whaaat?! I have to justify my decision of protecting my privacy – which is poorly protected to begin with by the same platforms I described. Sometimes it is like our whole life is online. The thought of someone using information about me, how I look, where I go, with who I spend my time for their agenda is creepy.

Sharing our experience here in our blogging community is a personal thing to me. I know, they say: “What you don’t want to see anywhere else do not post online.” Yes, but can I do that? Is that possible? When everywhere I want to log in I have to provide my sex, my date, month and year of birth, my e-mail and sometimes even my mobile phone and picture. Really? Do you want a blood sample also? So, to function in this online, wi-fi, buzzing society we HAVE to give information. Private information. And that is not to be played with, and that is not to be manipulated with.

We have enough problem already deciding what goes “on” and what doesn’t, having sites like Facebook giving us suggestions of “what we might like”, we don’t need to have the spying eye over us. Or we could be shopping something on e-bay and it will go, you liked this, you bought this, you are organising a protest, you are making a bomb! I thought of a funny scene in a movie Yes Man stared by Jim Carrey when he starts buying different stuff online and learning languages because his moto is “saying yes” just to be accused of being a terrorist. I wish I can find that clip… 😀

Bird is not free if she is free inside her cage. 

Want to get involved? Here is more info:

And here is the WordPress info and banner.

DIY candle holders, inspiring for Christmas

I just love candles and tea candles, they give the room kinda mystic glance… 😉 They calm me. So I give you a gallery of “Do It Yourself” candle hodlers that I found on Facebook pages I already mentioned: Creative Ideas and Diply (former Different Solutions). Also, this is a preview of what has been on my mind lately and the DIY candle holder I have done myself. 😉

Enjoy! 🙂


Faces of Facebook

Faces of Facebook

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a TV with no signal?

Noup… It is all the faces of Facebook. Yes, you heard me. ALL of the profiles on Facebook here. In one image. 💡

Not only the concept alone is awesome, but you can click and get a closer look. In theory you can find your profile, but in reality… good luck. 😀

There is more than 1 billion and 200 thousand profiles. 1,278,842,363 profiles to be precise. 😉 Follow the link: THE FACES OF FACEBOOK

The info about the project is one click away on the “i” icon.
Disclaimer: Featured photo is a print screen of page, I am not the owner of the photo.

Half The Sky Movement: The Game

It’s time for another project, this time humanitarian. We should never forget about souls less fortunate than us, we should never forget that we can bring happiness to someones tears.

This project got my attention since it has started in March because of the platform it uses. Facebook. I think that is brilliant. How many of us play or have played games on Facebook just for time-killing? I admit being addicted to several games, none at the moment since The Sims Social has closed. 😀 Now we can play game and EDUCATE ourselves and HELP. Like real, actual, help. Weather through donations which are given every time you complete a quest, or really just playing the game… The movement itself is very appealing to me, graphically and with its stories. I recommend everyone to start playing… You may like it and it means a world to someone who is getting your help through game sponsors.


I feel like I didn’t express myself in the way i wanted so read part of the article from

…authors Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn, authors of Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide—and it will turn playing a game into an opportunity to donate money to nonprofit organizations around the world. That’s right. Half the Sky: The Game will match the virtual donations made by players into real-world donations to the Fistula Foundation, Girls & Education Mentoring Services, Heifer International, ONE, Room to Read, the United Nations Foundation, and World Vision, all nonprofit foundations.”

The main character is Indian woman named Radhika:

In the game, players follow an Indian woman named Radhika as she navigates some of the challenges faced by modern-day women. She starts out as a village woman trying to raise money for her ill daughter. But as the game progresses, Radhika travels the world and, in each location, is met with specific issues women and girls face in that location.


I know this game won me over, even though I have to be honest – I haven’t played in a while. But I will. Pinky promise. 🙂

Support and share… ❤