Interview: ZARA’S BIJOUX

This interview is the second one of my project of presenting young and talented people who make jewelry. It is bilingual what makes it unique here at my blog. First part is on Croatian and second on English.

Ovaj intervju je drugi u mom projektu predstavljanja talentiranih mladih ljudi koji izrađuju nakit. Prvi dio je na hrvatskom, a drugi na engleskom.


Iza imena “Zara’s Bijoux” krije se skromna i divna žena Dajana koja izrađuje predivne narukvice koje su već osvojile mnoga srca i fanove. Možete ju naći ovdje: ZARA’S BIJOUX. A ja sam Sretna jer donosim na blog naš intervju. ❤

Lijep pozdrav Dajana! Reci nam slobodno nešto o sebi i čime se baviš kad ne izrađuješ nakit?

Lijep pozdrav i tebi. 🙂 Ja sam supruga,majka trogodišnjeg sinčića,pa prema tome se može pretpostaviti što radim kad ne izrađujem nakit. 🙂 Inače,svaki višak vremena provodim izrađujući narukvice.

Ima li ime “Zara’s Bijoux” neko posebno značenje i kako si došla do njega? 

„Zara“ mi je omiljeni brend u kojem se i inače oblačim,pa mi je to prvo palo na pamet u potrazi za imenom svoga nakita.

Kad bi trebala objasniti u jednoj rečenici kakav je nakit “Zara’s Bijoux”, kako bi ona glasila?

„Zara’s Bijoux“ nakit je urban i moderan,ali mi je drago što se sve dobne skupine interesiraju za njega.


Kako je sve počelo?

Počelo je tako što sam kupila zakovice u nadi kako ću ukrasiti neke stare odjevne predmete,ali je otišlo u sasvim drugom smjeru.Izradila sam par komada narukvica s onim što sam imala kod kuće, stavila na Facebook i tako je krenulo.

Imaš li narukvicu koja nosi titulu tebi najdraže?

Imam više njih koje su mi najdraže. Najviše volim zlato, pa narukvice koje su takve, možda u kombinaciji sa lancem su mi i najdraže. Osobno volim one koje su manje upadljive.

598464_379806222107289_744247617_nČemu se nadaš u budućnosti vezano za izradu nakita i “Zaru Bijoux”?

Iskreno, nemam neka prevelika očekivanja i snove. Neka ide sve svojim tijekom. Uživam u ovome što radim, a kad se dogodi neka lijepa suradnja (kao ova s tobom 🙂 ) ili poslovna ponuda, to mi je samo potvrda kako ono što radim ide u pravome smjeru.

Hvala ti Dajana za divan intervju i želim ti sve najbolje u budućnosti sa tvojim predivnim narukvicama! 🙂


Behind the name of “Zara’s Bijoux” is a modest and amazing women named Dajana who makes such lovely bracelets with which she won over many hearts and fans. You can find here here: ZARA’S BIJOUX. And I am happy to bring your our interview. ❤

Hi Dajana! Tell us something about yourself and what do you do when you’re not making amazing jewelry?

Hi to you too. 🙂 I am a wife and a mother of a three year old boy, so you can assume what I do when I’m not making jewelry. 🙂 But, every spare moment I have I spend making bracelets.

Does the name “Zara’s Bijoux” has any special meaning and how did that name occur to you?

Well, “Zara” is my favorite brand and I shop there frequently so that was the name I first thought of when naming my own jewelry.

When you would have to explain what kind of a jewelry is under the name “Zara’s Bijoux” in one sentence, what would it be?

“Zara’s Bijoux” jewelry is urban and modern, but I’m also glad every age group is interested in it.


How it all begun?

It begun when I bought rivets hoping to decorate some old clothes, but it went in completely other direction. I made a couple of bracelets with what I had at home, put it on the Facebook and that’s how it all started.

Do you have a bracelet who carries a title of your favorite?

I have more than one bracelet whom I consider to be my favorite. I prefer gold, so golden bracelets maybe combined with chain are my favorites. Personally, I like the ones that are less flashy.


What are your hopes in the future with making jewelry and Zara’s Bijoux?

To be honest, I don’t have big expectations and dreams. I let everything go its own pase. I enjoy with what I do, and when some great cooperation happens (like this one with you 🙂 ) or business proposition, that is just a verification that what I do is going in the right direction.

Thank you Dajana for the lovely interview and I wish you all the best with your amazing bracelets!


Catch Of The Month(s) | July & August


First of all! Attention! 😀 I have opened a Page on Facebook. Yap. It is easier to share like this. 🙂

What are you waiting for? Go to: Ivy Mosquito

I haven’t been spending time (or money) on clothes or jewelry this past months… I had in mind exactly what I will put as my “catch” because I wore this summer hat a lot. More like a fashion piece than to protect me from hot summer weather, which was pretty much non-existent. The temperatures were about 25 Celsius, and few days (maybe weeks) app. 30 degrees. That is hardly a hot summer, that is – I don’t have to wear my jacket in the evening – summer.

But enough of me complaining about summer. I will probably do that some more in my upcoming posts. 😀

This kind of Michael Jackson summer edition hat I really wanted this summer, and found it in a big food chain store under few items they have as “Clothing”. It was 60 kunas, which is exactly 10, 36 dollars. My experience is, keep your eyes open and shop relaxed and you never know where you’re gonna find your desired item.

If you saw me in he last two months and it was sunny, the chances are, I had this baby on my head. 😉

p.s. Do you see the resemblance? Summer in The City  Hehe, I have the exact sunglasses also.


Catch of The Month | June ?


I have ordered this two skirts way back, but they were delivered in June… I can call this “Getting ready for the summer”, even though it is raining outside and I am sitting here with long sleeves on.

Let’s just go with it…


Ok, I will do a little bit of reviewing this skirts, since you really don’t know whatcha buying until it gets here.
I am positively surprised with the short one with heart pattern, because I have won it on an auction and I think it was 5 dollars, something close. I had no idea (because it is not specified in the description) that the skirt has shorts under layer. You can imagine my face when I put it on for the first time haha… 😀

For the green one, I knew I wanted something green, on the scale to emerald shade and I got my eye on this one. Costed about 10 dollars – pretty much the most expensive thing I have bought on e-Bay in 4 years I am there. It is good, but I did a lot of calculating and decided that I will order n L size they had. I am an UK M or medium size, but having always been S or small it is hard for me to make that mental shift. I love my M, but Asian measures are extra small. The shirt fits me excellent, but I wanted something more loose… I think I will make some remakes. 🙂


You can see my obsession with emerald shade of green this summer even on the nail-polish. I love it. It was about 2 dollars.

You can even see on Polyvore my current mind-set… Where is the purple hair? Coming soon… 🙂


Summer in the City

Summer in the City

Darling belted dress
$115 –


Gold plated necklace

Ray-Ban wayfarer glasses

H m hat
$14 –

Illamasqua shimmer nail polish
$19 –

Photo wall art

Catch of the month | March

Catch of the month | March

I really didn’t feel like doing this today. I’m in a bad mood for a fucking good reason. Hope everything sorts out.

But. It is the last day of March so here it fucking goes.

I’ve wanted this type of shorts/skirt dark blue with dots (stars) since last year, and I finally found it. Second-hand. I paid 25 kunas for it (4,50 $) but it is to big so I will have to do a little re-do with a sewing machine. No problem.
The shirt is sleeveless and I loooove the material. That was less than a dollar in a sale in textile house.

Pattern up-close

Sorry for all the “fuckings”, I can’t be in a good mood all the time.

Catch of the month | February


Yes, I am aware that it is 13th of March. 😛 February is such a short month anyway…

Fine. I forgot about it. Happy? 🙂

But I did bought this in February. In da textile house – the one that has brutal discounts every 5 or 6 weeks. So, that means that I spent 10 kunas on items on the photo (5 kuna each). That is a little bit less than 2 dollars. Pretty good, eh?

I love the grey lately… Not 50 Shades of it ( haven’t read the book – not planning to :D), but the grey grey… This skirt/tunic had me rigth away, the material is so light and elegant, so beautiful to wear. Very silky on the touch. Ok, now I will have to look at the material because I feel silly explaining like this. 😉 The scarf is actually a big piece of fabric folded and sewed together. Love the print, love the idea. I might try it on my own.

I can see myself in this already. My mind is telling me to go all grey with grey leggings, but I’ll see… This is probably the only reason I will get over the fact that we had a week of snow this year ( A WEEK!!) and enjoy in upcoming spring, because I will be able to wear pieces like this.

Stay well!

***The Oscars 2014 Recap***

This is for all of you that haven’t watch The Oscars last night (well it was early morning here)

I had decided to watch them because we had in Croatia stream and follow up TV show with live stream from L.A. on one of the national televisions. Yaay! 😀

So, here we go. Recap.

Everything you need to know and memorable moments from The Oscars:

Jeniffer Lawrence fell… AGAIN. 😀


And Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t won any Oscars…AGAIN 😦


Jared Leto was fashionably showing that he did not lose his eyebrows during the movie shooting and won an Oscar:


I got to see how crazy it is there, literary everyone is screaming at the Red Carpet. No picture there. Imagine screaming.

Ellen was the host (and the reason why I had firmly decided to put toothpicks in my eyes and stay awake 😉 ) :


U2 performed “Ordinary love” from movie dedicated to Nelson Mandela, but did not won an Oscar. The theme I’m obbssesed with from animated movie Frozen “Let it go” did.

Idina Menzel performs “Let it go”, Photo from

Ellen brought some pizzas on The Oscars:

And Harrison Ford needed a napkin 😀 From

And made a selfie which crashed down Twitter and became the most retweeted post in history. In the first hour 1,7 milion people retweet it. Second most retweeted post is from Barack Obama, when he became the president for second time. Well, Barack, you can not compete with Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Ellen DeGeneres, Jared Leto, Brad Pitt, Chaninng Tatum, Lupita N’yongo (winner of the Oscar for the best cupporting actress), Angelina Jolie and Bradley Cooper in one photo! 🙂


For the most important awards, the Oscar for the best film went to “12 years a Slave” (which I have yet to see), Matthew MacConahey won the Oscar for the best actor, Cate Blanchet won the Oscar for the best actress, and the overall winner is the movie “Gravity” with 7 (seven!) Oscars, including the one for best director.

From /

For the fashion side, I must admit I was dissapointed. I get it, they have a dress code, but… Those are some rich people over there and no one can tell me they can’t find beautiful dresses! Honestly, the one that impressed me the most was Pink, when she was performing “Somewhere over the rainbow” for 75years of “Wizard of Oz”:


And of course, this gown:


Hahahahahahah, she never fails to make me laugh.