What happens when a homeless man accidentally gets in a music video shooting?

I find this so inspirational and beautiful… It doesn’t matter if you believe in something higher than you, God or universe, this is so touching and unbelivable that I had to make a post about it even though I reblogged it few days ago. Even the man filming the behind scene can’t believe it. He is saying: “Can you hear him?” 🙂

The power of positive human connection and music. ❤


Hello! :mrgreen:

What is “ljubav”? It is a word in croatian for love 😉 Looooveee ♥ ♥ ♥, the thing that makes the world go around. 😀

The word itself is hard to pronounce for strangers, so I’m just going to put it HERE so you can hear how we say love and HERE how we say “I love you”. 😉

As you can see there is a pattern in my posts this week – it is love. I don’t know why now or how, but I have the need to share with you some of my thoughts about love and inspiring videos. And as you can probably guess, I am in love. 🙂 And what is really amazing is that I don’t get jelaous on other peoples love, I just think of my love and feel all soft and warm and tingly inside… 😀

I wanted to share this beautiful song with you, no matter if you are religious, or if you believe in some sort of higher power, universe, nature… Anything. It is ok if you’re an atheist also. I just want to spread the message of self-love this song has for me. Because I firmly believe that that is the place we all need to start to truly love someone else. And if you have problem with loving yourself, accepting yourself like I did, the thought of that someone – God, the universe – is loving you simply because you exist, is awesome. 😉

I love you my little stars… ☺

Disclaimer: I do not own the song or the video.