Thirsty for love.

(Picture people rushing in a crowded street)

She is in denial.

Running running running.

No silence. Please.

Can’t stand to think about it.


(Picture engraved black letters on a tombstone overgrown with weed)

Self hate.

So strong.

Engraved. Accepted. 



(Picture an old well.)

Sadness as its own purpose.


It physically hurts.

She is confused.

Thirsty for love.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Three Perfect Shots.”

That was three shots, but I have the fourth.

(Picture woman standing in light, light goes from inside her and outside, it surrounds her.)

The wall has collapsed.

And she liberated herself.

She found a well.

She is not as thirsty anymore. ❤

Weekly Photo Challenge – Habit :)

Weekly Photo Challenge - Habit :)

I am a bit late with this one, but as they say better late than… Well they say a lot of things. 😉

Photographing sunsets has really became a habit of mine, a really enjoyed and instinct one. When ever the sky is somewhat clear and I see the sun tossing the light in the kitchen (which means it is close to going down the horizon) I jump and grab my camera. EVERY TIME. 🙂


The second habit, also a positive and sometimes annoying one is my cat. Feeding her, taking care of her, playing with her. This is her spot where she is the closest to the kitchen as she can be, because she is not allowed in. So she keeps guard, watch what we are doing and constantly begging for food when someone is eating. She has to be the inspector and is always on alert. I think you can see that very well on the third photo. :mrgreen:

Enjoy life as much as you can… Go outside for walks as much as you can because… “The winter is coming.” 🙂