Soul remedy

I am honest here on my blog so much. Brutally I think. I do not censor myself, but because I want and tend to focus on overcoming problems rather than “bitching” about them, the tone of my blog is loving. 🙂

In real life I wish I can say more of what I really think, specially on social networks, but I don’t. The reason is simple. I think they (people who I don’t know from the social network) do not deserve my honest opinion and I am dragging myself into a fight with no real knifes. Virtual fights for me are like that, just draining energy and not really resolving anything. Also, I have this sentence I learned somewhere along the way in college with me in many situations. It says: Make your words soft, because you just might have to eat them one day. I think you get the analogy. 🙂 With people in my life I am honest most of the time. The time I am withdrawing from telling them something is when I KNOW my words won’t come through.

On another topic, for some unknown reason, my mind is enjoying in USA country music these days (?). Do not ask, I have no idea… I hardy ever listen to it, just because I am not exposed to it like I am to mainstream pop. But, today I have a song (or two) stuck in my head that are just beautiful.

First one is from Sam Hunt – Take your time. I absolutely love the song and the message and the video. Just… He loves her so much that he doesn’t necessarily want to be with her, but rather for her to be happy.

Second one is something opposite. Summer light flirt/love brings out for me thinking about butterflies in my stomach, summer warm skin and short dresses, looks when the words are not needed because you know…and he knows. 🙂 Also, I know Blake from The Voice USA (I think) so this is cool, watching him “do his thing”.

The last one is also amazing. Girl crush is nothing you think when you hear the title, but reminded me how much homosexuality is still a taboo in this genre of music. Still, beautiful song.

In the light of all of this, I leave you to enjoy and browse more if you please. 🙂

It is all green here (trees and grass) and warm, and I love it. After a period of three weeks of some difficult time for me concerning my health and a lot (like 99%) of it spent in bed I am feeling better and I am looking forward to going more outside, writing here, chilling…  Probably inspiring also, because when you have ups&downs you learn. You constantly learn actually. And it is hard to stay patient and not be frustrated with things not going “as you planned”. It is normal, but I TRY to keep that negativity of frustration and bitterness as further as I can, simply because it does nothing for me. I just feel angry. Me being angry does not change the situation, just changes my mood. And keeps me in that twilight zone of feeling helpless and focusing on the negative. So, I let myself feel what I feel but I try and not let these feeling spiral into a circle that does not help me, at all. I hope you understand what I am saying, because I know everyone goes through something they wish would just pass, or pass by them. But it doesn’t. So, hold your chin up my champions. 😉

Love you ❤

This is my answer

Daily Post had really negative prompt today. let me bring it here:

“You wake up one day and realize you’re ten years older than you were the previous night. Beyond the initial shock, how does this development change your life plans?”

Terrible, right?

Not just because of the fact we missed an important part of our life, like being in a coma… But, also because it is supposed that we had it all planned out and this somehow messed that up. And the second is the more important part? No! Life is to be lived, not to be structured and planned.

We all plan, that is normal. If you don’t plan, you won’t have goals, dreams… But in the end, all we can do and it is so WONDERFUL when we do it, is to live!

I have been greatly inspired to write this because my cousin sent me this today. I DEEPLY RECOMMEND to watch it. Be skeptical, it’s ok. Be scared, we all are. Try to watch it. Maybe you understand it. Maybe you understand what is important in your life, and what not. What makes you happy and what not.

Maybe you see how important and beautiful and so ignored one thing is – to really love yourself. To accept yourself. To forgive yourself. ❤

War in Croatia – I got provoked to write

I was in my happy place but then I stumbled upon the blog I will not provide more promotion since it already has much more than its quality, in my humble Croatian opinion.


I am not a member of any party, the fact I can’t tell for sure for the writer of this blog. How can someone who lives in another part of the world find out the truth when what he/she is reading is biased opinion on the matter carefully put into a lot of actual facts? So that only a person who IS Croatian and has experienced, read, heard and learned about the War in Croatia that lasted from 1991-1995. can tell?

War is no fun. It is terrible, it leaves scars, it leaves devastations for years and years and years and the suffering continues through people who lost someone, through people who lost themselves. It is a matter that needs to be treated very carefully. Because of its high emotions I can honestly say that we can make a bits and pieces of it. WE CAN NOT MAKE A WHOLE PUZZLE BECAUSE EVERYONE HAS THEIR OWN TRUTH.

The blog itself devastated me so much for one reason. Not for the information provided, because, I say again, most of them are on spot. It devastated me because it treats Croatia and Croatians as victims. I refuse to be a victim. My friends, my family, my neighbours refuse to be called victims! Croatia did suffer because of Serbian aggression and that need to be written in the history, but people need to move on. They need to get on with their lives. They need to be happy. They need to see positivity. That must be provided.

And with constantly bringing up war it is just harder. It is not helping anyone. As in many countries in war right now, people need to heal as much as they need the peace. When the peace comes, what does it mean if there is NO PEACE INSIDE?

I needed to write this. I have been fighting this “informations” all my life. My close friend has a father who was in the front lines, my college colleague lost her father in war. My sisters godmother and now my godchild have been evicted from their home and their house was doomed to be burnt to the ground as the others, but thankfully the fire didn’t catch. We visited when they moved back years later and we were eating next to a huge black hole in the center of a house. My cousins were literary running from the grenades. I was lucky to be in the “safe” place so I had to run for shelter and listen to the sirens and bombarding “only” few times. My sister was so small that we had to bring her in warm blanket to shelter so she wouldn’t get cold and cry. I was there! I know what I’m talking about. I am living here, I feel on my skin every decision my government makes, I am shocked by the dimension of never-ending corruption and nepotism…

But I also see people around me have become smarter. They no longer “buy” what is being sold to them. I am so proud! Smart people, smart young people around me recognising the situation and building their lives as being themselves, not “the generation who was in the war”. That is harder for our parents, they know much more. But, they too are starting to let it go. There is a saying; “Don’t forget?” How could you possibly fucking forget it?!!

Healing is needed. No hate. I do not hate Serbian people. I dislike the ones that were the aggressor, as I do for any side in the world. I hate violence! Maybe if I lost someone in the war, I would feel differently. But I see my friends. I see people around me. No one needs to rub their wounds. The wounds need to heal.