Okidoki Artichoky

Can you pronounce the title?

(okey-doukey arti-choky)

I say this quite often. πŸ˜€ Maaaaybe, just maybe I’ll film myself saying it, huh?…. Yesterday was kinda awesome, because I dared and opened YouTube editor for the first time. WHOA! πŸ˜‰Β Played with it some time, and all I can say is that – I WANT MORE!

I want to learn editing so bad…. Has anything stop you lately from doing what you want to do?Β If it did, I get you. I get you real bad. Past three years was/are something I need to wrap my head around in a way that I can learn and respect the balance of my wishes and limitations at the moment. A moment of three years I guess?

I remember hearing this song when you could hear cool music only by listening to radio with a tape ready to record something you like. Or buy audio tapes. I got goosebumps when I heard this song for the first time, I remember that exact moment and situation. I was about 12 and I was laying down in bed I was sharing with my sister in an old small house. I starred at the ceiling and this song gave me hope. I felt I could see the sun he was waiting. Β Music does that to me… It can switch my mind towards the good feelz. What do you do to overcome something traumatic for you? What helps you? I honestly want to know… πŸ™‚

My baby blog has been neglected for some time and I can not tell you how much I am grateful right now. I CAN WRITE!!! So freaking awesome… ❀


Now there are “few” things stopping me from going in GO mode, and I respect that. I am just so extremely glad I am not in a hospital anymore and that I finally can watch at computer screen without getting a migraine five minutes after. Yay!Β I have also ignored social media and let me just tell you how liberated I feel being away from Facebook for 99% of my time. It really changed my priorities and got me off of that “check out FB” routine all the way. Life is better with as less facebooking as possible. Is facebooking a word? Well, now it is πŸ˜€ I super duper ignored other social networks that are available too. I was really on with my offline mode – party coz I just couldn’t go online physically and mentally, before you think I have that strong will power hahaha…


  • PHOTOGRAPHY IF YOU ARE INTO IT – the feedback is much encouraged πŸ™‚

I sincerely hope we get to chatting real soon, I missed you! ❀

Keep your chin up! Love ya

Thirsty for love.

(Picture people rushing in a crowded street)

She is in denial.

Running running running.

No silence. Please.

Can’t stand to think about it.


(Picture engraved black letters on a tombstone overgrown with weed)

Self hate.

So strong.

Engraved. Accepted.Β 



(Picture an old well.)

Sadness as its own purpose.


It physically hurts.

She is confused.

Thirsty for love.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Three Perfect Shots.”

That was three shots, but I have the fourth.

(Picture woman standing in light, light goes from inside her and outside, it surrounds her.)

The wall has collapsed.

And she liberated herself.

She found a well.

She is not as thirsty anymore. ❀

Sunny Sunday :)

Greetings fellow bloggers!


I’m enjoying in my drink, soaking up the sun on the balcony… But, it’s not just any drink – it’s aronia berries. Frozen since that is all I got, but still great. To check out just how awesome aronia is, google the health effects it has. It is ah-mazing. πŸ™‚


I blend berries with some concentrated juice, water and that’s it. Have a great day!


Listen to your heart,
When it’s calling for you
Listen to your heart.
There’s nothing else you can do…

I don’t know where you going and I don’t know why
But listen to your heart…


Hey! This song is in my head since I woke up. Listen to yourself, if you do you will always get an honest answer. That is probably the reason we don’t listen but rather ignore, because there are some answers we don’t wanna hear.

Stay well, hi from semi-cloudy but still warm capital. ❀


Nature is my medicine


I have this WP app on my phone almost since I opened my blog and it has been awesome to write my drafts when I’m not around computer, but in the last weeks my mobile became the only screen I can look at. I am getting more into it to see what I can do… It is not the same of course, I can’t post some of the stuff that I had in mind, and I can’t put my logo on the photos, or tags and categories – I think, but it’ll make my blog blues dissapear πŸ™‚

Remember how I was sad about summer not being sunny and warm? We are having some late warm and sunny weather here and it is beautiful, I am really enjoying in it hehe, even if it’s from my bed.

I have so much ideas to share with you, from my ponderings, photographs I made, interior design DIY’s, even fashion stuff and ootd (“outfit of the day”), projects that require more energy and are waiting for me in my folders… Oh yes, I have made a peach pie that I can’t wait to share recipe for, and something I won’t give away because it was so new for me… Now you can see why I can’t wait to be back and editing, but I will take all the time I need and explore this app more. πŸ˜‰


I am getting all your comments-love and it makes me smile seeing all those dear names πŸ™‚

Shut down the noise

Never before was I aware how much noise affects me than now. It has a really big impact of how I feel and on my health. I get distracted and stressed out, now I notice it and I know from what it is. DP; Overload Alert

Block the noise

Shush it down

Turn off the TV

Nothing smart is never on

Shush them all up

They speak just to hear their voices

Silence the traffic

If you can’t block it

The music will stop it

Put on the earphones

Even on mute

Life is better

When I shush the noise.

Walking my own talk

There is a phrase in English; “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going”.

I have never fully understood this. Does this means when it gets harder in life then the change is possible? Or when it becomes hard, that is what matters? First one I kinda get, but second is just straight up bullshit. It is not valuable just because it is hard. I don’t know who taught us that! It is a lesson for us, and valuable experience for future, but hard is just hard.

I’m not feeling so good, but you know what, I am proud of my journey. The fact that I can look in the monitor now and write this, or even to care to write this – is enormous. And indicator that the things are really getting better… Yes!

I was between two photos I wanted to share with you, but this quote from Paulo Coelho just got me.

Relax and enjoy as much as you can. ❀


Only Sixteen

While I was growing up, being told that you are “childish” was an insult in my family. So I was doing my best to grow up as soon as possible, to prove that I am all grown up and not a child in any way. Achieve, don’t feel.

I was sixteen when I was diagnosed with a health disorder. I won’t say what is it, but it isn’t eating one.

I was sixteen when my life broke into pieces. When everything I knew, was no longer.

I was sixteen when I felt completely confused and extremely scared.

I didn’t know… what now?

I didn’t realise that the medical confirmation was not made that day, but days and days before.


That the things I’ve gone through and the life I was living could not be healthy.

I wanted to be “normal” so bad when I was sixteen. But we all do.

I was sixteen and feeling sad.

I was sixteen and though that my life has gone into wrong direction. That it “was not supposed to be like this”.

I was sixteen when I asked for the first time: “Why me, God?”

Little did I know that life does not discriminate.


Sixteen was ten years ago.

A lot has changed.

Love has come.

To stay.

And kick out the fears away.

p.s. Leave a heart in comments as a support, it would mean a lot. πŸ™‚

“Smoking kid”

This campaign is brought to my attention since it has become viral. I only wish that I found out about these things earlier so I can do something by sharing information. Because, what good is it if I share something that is already shared?

Nevertheless, I want to share this, even if you have seen it. Anti-smoking campaign everyone should see. I think smoking has become most acceptable addiction in society and there lies the real danger. Teens try to “be cool” and “social”, adults use it for stress relief and socializing. Cigarettes are harmful and they leave devastating consequences, so why does one start smoking? Lets not sugarcoat it, a person CAN feel left out and anti-social if she or he doesn’t smoke in any stages in her/his life in any environment. And that is what really sucks. They feel lonely because they do not share the same addiction.

Cigarettes are awful. Everyone knows that. Many people are aware of what are they putting inside of their bodies and what are they doing to their loved ones and yet, they keep doing it. Why?

My grandmother passed away from lung cancer, she was an active smoker for as long as I can remember, and while we were visiting her one day at care center my father, who also smokes, said: “I never want to end my life like this.” And yet, he continued. He did not stop. Why?

I have no answer to give to you. Maybe these kids will help people to stop smoking. I hope it will.

Disclaimer: I do not own the video, I took it from a YouTube channel Ogilvy Asia.

Water is the source of life, life itself. Like the air we breathe. We notice the importance of it only when it’s missing.

What we see as a problem, often isn’t even a bad situation compared to those truly in need. I fully support this campaign and this video is spot-on. I feel bad for not being able to help other than sending a donation in cash, which I don’t have. 😦 If you do, I encourage you to send, it will mean a world to someone. πŸ™‚

Video belongs to TheGiftOfWater YouTube channel.

This is their web site: http://www.giftofwater.org/