….let us all unite!

It’s good from once in a while to listen to this again. It is so brilliant.

I love to share advice and stuff that helped me and that inspire me…that is actually the constant flow in this blog of mine, whatever I write about. I love to share positive thoughts, initiatives and creating a life you actually love to live. I said a couple of times that I aspire to inspire. That is true.

I wish you an awesome day. πŸ™‚

Absolute Beauty!

I just HAD to write something to today’s Prompt! I had had had to πŸ™‚

We’ve all heard that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Do you agree? Is all beauty contingent on a subjective point of view?

I have been thinking today how all of you are so beautiful in my mind. For most of you I don’t know how you look, what color are your eyes, how much do you weight… I know you by your kind comments, sparkling personality, creative spirit and encouraging nature. AND THAT IS BEAUTIFUL TO ME. ❀

I see you as Supermodels in my head. Like the person other people see as beautiful is not that special to me if she/he doesn’t have the spirit, the soul, the kindness, the humanity.

I feel that so much beauty is hidden from this world because of fear. Fear of facing rejection from who we are. Fear of being mocked. But the most powerful fear is the one in which we don’t accept ourselves and don’t love ourselves. But even if we do, being reject from others still hurts… Despite that, show it!

Just show it! When we show our self, the person we really are, when we share our dreams on a plate to the world what happens is that most of the time world is left speechless. Moved.

Beauty of a dream, beauty of a talent and beauty of strength is so inspirational. So perfect. It is the essence of us and I can’t help but remember the poem I wrote about a pearl inside each of us… Click;Β Pearl in the Shell ❀


I have a gallery for you… Watch it with this music in the background πŸ˜‰ JOHN LEGEND – ALL OF ME

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I am so sorry I don’t know the source of every photo here, it’s Google but I don’t have the exact. Beauty is everywhere. πŸ™‚

I woke up… human.


I am not a morning person, nope. πŸ™‚ I have been visiting Daily Prompt a lot lately because I want to write more often. Many things happening in my life and in my country had a negative impact on me and when fears and worry take over my mind there is no space for inspiration, creativity… I have noticed that in the last year. And Β have been using the tools I have to express myself, if it is a suggestion on what to write about – ok then. πŸ™‚

So, today the theme is “Being a Saint” of anything. My first thought was – NO. No, I don’t want to be a saint, because I have dealt and still dealing like many of us with so much expectations that it is so liberating just admitting to be human. Yes, I am human and I feel awesome about it.

But, if I would have to be a Saint of something (the thought is so strange for me every time I write it) I think I would be a Saint of self-love and acceptance, so people would not worship me and pray to me, but rather I would be the one to help them to turn to themselves and heal their troubles on their own. To love themselves. To accept themselves.


I have read about the concept of “What do I first notice when looking at the photos of me?” and I have to be honest here. My mind goes straight to the things that I consider flaws. By which standard? I don’t know… Just, this looks weird, that is too big, that just looking wrong…. And so on… But now I am aware of it. And my conscious mind comes to the rescue. No. I refuse to bring myself down. I look at everything I like, I remember how I felt when the photo was taken, I look at myself as a dear person, a person I love. I am still being objective, but not hurtful. I look how I pull my outfit great and how beautiful I am… Stupid thing, anyway, to scrutinize our photos by standards we didn’t sign up for.

This video is called: “At what age do girls stop mugging in front of a camera” and it speaks for itself. It is from upworthy.com, my source of lot of good stuff. πŸ™‚

Perspective – The power of eye behind the camera | Weekly Photo Challenge


The photo that came into my mind with the “Perspective” was the above. This is the most powerful example of what we as an amateur photographers, professional photographers and photojournalists decide to focus on can give completely different story.

Images are powerful. Some of them get stuck in our heads forever. There is a reason why we say that something what has been seen can not be unseen. When we take our cameras, we hold the destiny of a photo. How it will be seen, how it will be perceived, what story will it tell.

War is war. There is no words necessary to explain why war photojournalist and reporters have the most difficult job. They are risking their lives and their emotions are high and with that they FAIL the basic rule or journalism – OBJECTIVITY.

There is no objectivity in war, in suffering, in pain. There is no objectivity in horror. And yet, the people behind their cameras and papers are our soldiers of perspective. They bring the story. They shape the public opinion. Photojournalists, journalists, reporters, editors, media owners and finally, media in general is our “man in the front”. And that man is scared. That man is terrified. That man is seeing things we don’t want to see. That man has to bow down to his editor. He does not know how will his (hers) photos end up in public. He is probably not aware of the agenda that goes on far away from fear. The perspective of the editors, the media, the government (any government) want to show. Want to nurture. Want to spread in order to form a public opinion. In order to validate the need of war. The need of war?

I can see the full picture here above. If I would want you to think that the proclaimed “enemy” has no mercy I crop. If I would want to show you how merciful is “our” side, I crop. Why is the enemy and our side in quotations? Because there is no difference between human and human. Just their agenda.


This is an entry for Weekly Photo Challenge – Perspective. I did play with it myself and will publish my own photos, this was a point I wanted to highlight alone.

Disclaimer: I have found the photo on various sites and end up using the one fromΒ merlinuward.com

Happiness happiness joy joy

Hapiness hapiness joy joy

Today was “the most depressive day in the year”. Well, if it was that will be freakin awesome.

But I want to rant about something else. I cannot help to see a lot of “happiness” theme going on… On WordPress, on social networks, in the news… In conversations about New Year. I was chatting the other day about New Year’s resolutions and stated that it is a bullshit if you ask me. Everything I wanted 6 days ago, I still want! Everything I’m hoping to become, the direction I’m hoping to go…. nope, none of that changed in a day. πŸ˜€

Beside that I wanted to say a word or hundred about this obsession with happiness.

Yes, it’s really great to strive to happiness I don’t deny that. But you can’t be happy all the time, it’s not possible, it’s not a task, damn it, it’s not HUMAN!

What is wrong with being sad, angry, scared, neutral, intrigued, bored…….etc…? If you were to be happy all the time, how would you know you’re happy? You know you are happy because once you were sad, you know you feel good because you felt bad. How that songs goes “…it’s ok not to be ok…”

I want to stop idealizing happiness in my life. Striving to it – ok. But I am a human not a robot, to programme my feelings. And frankly, I wouldn’t even like it if I could.

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I borrowed the photo from a blog mcwhispers.wordpress.comΒ πŸ˜‰