A surprise

It was very close to midnight.

It was about 360th night.

All the lights from streets and stores

Shun inside her crystal globes

It was cold and festive like year before,

A smell so dear inside her core…

Sausages, cabbage, cookies and all the delicious bunch.

This year same as always, the question,

Why did she ate that MUCH?

And as she walked away from the feast,

Leaving decorated city and all his hungry beasts,

Everyone in the tram noticed something

She stay silent, she has not confessed

A crime was not to be avoided

She run outside, didn’t own her part

She escaped from admitting a fart.



I have a problem with posting a tag under my post which says “funny” or “humorous”. I do find myself funny, I just… I don’t know. I have jokes and I carry sarcasm and irony in my sleeves. (You don’t want to know where I carry them at summer)
But… I can’t label myself funny. I can tag my post “amazing” or “beautiful” or “inspiring” but not “funny”. The truth is that I think you don’t get to label yourself funny, others do. That is why comedians don’t tell jokes to a mirror, they do it in front of an audience.

Speaking of comedians, I think that how you say something is as much important as what do you have to say. How they carry their body, gesture, mimic, laugh, how they talk is a part of a whole, making their comedy funny. (or not) Oh, and I love Ellen. I have a true feeling of love for a person I do not know. There is a legend that you can’t watch just one Ellen video. I’m starting to believe that is true. 🙂 To prove that I have a little something for you… 😉

Also there is a problem of different language. At first I think I wrote like a Customer Service on E-bay: “I made this. Thank you. You good people.” Ok, not the last one. I knew English as much as i do now, more than a half-year later, so why? I don’t know… It was all so new… and awkward… And I went for safe. I wrote. Plain. Sentences. Add to all that a problem of expressions. We say in Croatia for example; “His axe fell into honey” when someone gets really lucky, but that doesn’t mean anything at all in English. And vice versa. I still feel I can’t say what I want because of my lack of knowledge for slang, everyday speech or idioms.
But I got more and more comfortable with writing in English and with blogging in general, so I can now show more of my true self. 😀


p.s. I don’t know if it is correct to write: english or English

p.p.s. I realised few days ago I was using the wrong tense of a word choose on blog. I meant chose. In past tense. But, that is in so many of my posts… Ah.


Update: I fell for my own trap and watched Ellen stand-up comedy for two hours yesterday. Damn you Ellen!! I’m kidding. I love you. ❤