Being Me

Today you can write about anything, in whatever genre or form, but your post must mention a dark night, your fridge, and tears (of joy or sadness; your call).

A night is never dark when a fridge is full. 😉

I go and look through a window many times when the sun sets. I like doing that. It is quiet. It’s peaceful. It holds a promise that in a few hours sun will rise again.

Oh, the tears? They come and go, cleaning a soul. I don’t hold them in, I don’t force them out. And when left to be, they have their own tide. 😉

2014 Perseid’s Meteor Shower

Ok, tell me, how it was? 😀


I was so angry!!!! I still am, but not as I was 11, 12 and 13th of August.

My yearly event that I get excited about and care for was ruined.

Ruined by the nature, like a joke.

Big moon.


I wrote about it… Bigger than average full moon and 30% brighter.

We went to place without any street light, rural area. We could see nothing! Or, should I say, we saw everything! The moonlight was so strong only few stars were visible on the night sky. 😦

I thought, ok, maybe… Just maybe better luck in next days. But…no! Rain and clouds. So many clouds, bunch of them, covered the sky and didn’t even consider to move.

Hmmmmmm… Next year?



I am so happy I saw at least one accidentally while I was trying to see ISS days before that. 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge | Reflection and Perspective Mashup


For This week’s challenge Reflection I also had an entry created for the challenge Perspective, so lets have fun!

I had a lot of fun with perspective theme. they should have made it monthly 😦
Week passed too fast. Was it last week? Or week before that?
I don’t know, I was busy with…you know, life. 😀 And Iva’s ABC… I mean, that was super important. 😉

Aaaaaanyhow. I managed to do what I wanted today. So, join me!

See the photo above? Beach, shell… Nice, right?

Except it’s not! Haha!
It is this:


Ok… Moving on… More fun awaits. 😀

Fun little gathering of teddy bears and stuffed animals? Yeah, they look so fluffy… (Do not count how many fluffy animals I own, and no, they are not only mine.)



We have an intruder!

Big teddy, making its camouflage with smaller animals... ;)
Big teddy, making its camouflage with smaller animals… 😉

Ok, you are probably getting good at this. So lets spice it up a bit.
Awwww… So nice. The sea at night and boats are in the harbour. Lucky me for being there.



I was not!


It is a postcard!
It is a postcard!

And what is in the featured photo?
I’m gonna let you guess… And then post the answer. Because that’s how I roll. 😎