Review of vacuum storage bag – as promised.

So… You know those vacuum bags that are sold practically everywhere? I bought one, as I said at one of the recent posts. I was very curious and had some summer clothes I want to store to make more room in my closet. And my bag has arrived this week. And my bag is a piece of crap. For what it supposed to be. Actually it is a piece of plastic bag, nothing more. “Yaaay”. I’m so glad I bought only one to try this concept… 😕

I don’t know is it the problem in the way I bought it, or the seller, or they all suck? I bought it on e-bay among hundreds of bags just like this one, so do they all suck? If you have bought one please tell me your experience.

Mine looks great – except it looks different than the one they put on the picture:




But when I put my clothes inside and vacuum out the air, it only takes few minutes to be exactly like it was before. I could literally watch the air coming back in. From where? – I haven’t got the slightest idea because everything is firmly sealed. So, yeah, you could say I’m disappointed.

Well, had to try. 😀